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thanks a bunch everyone. i really appricaite the support and feedback!

it's been a while since i updated here, so heres an update! as always any comments, suggestins or feedback are greatly welcome and appriciated! :D


=Imperial Commando Cpt. Cody, IC-349=

After the formation of the Empire the Clone Army was reorganized and put under direct command of Non-Clone Imperial Officers. With no need of the specialized Clone Commanders they were reassigned to other commands and detachments. Commander Cody, former Commander of the 212th regiment, volenteered to lead a sqaud of new Imperial Commandos consisting of almost all Non-Clones, since most of the Republic Commandos where lost in the CloneWars. Though many of the Non-Clone Troopers dislike Clones, Cody's squad quickly found that his combat experience made him an outstanding teacher and leader, despite the fact that he was grown in a jar. The sqaud is now one of the top Special Ops unit's in the Imperial Arsenal and Cody is highly regarded and respected by both Officers and Troopers alike.....

=Imperial Commando Sgt. Vach, IC-250=

Originaly an officer aboard a Battle Cruiser during the CloneWars, Sgt. Vach was quick to volenteer for the most gruling training and assignments. This quickly lead him to volenteer for Commando training after the formation of the Empire. Vach is a hard edged, grity soldier that actually enjoys a good fire fight. He's as hard on his Troopers as he is on the enemy, which is on of the reasoans his squad is one of the top Special Ops unit's the Empire has. He didn't much care for Clones, but has learned alot from his Squad Leader Cpt. Cody and has a great respect for him after seeinghim prove his worth time and time again in battle. Vach follows Cody's orders without hesitation and is the driving force of the squad on every mission.....

=Imperial Commando Cpl. Sagen, IC-113=

Sagen is a loner. He prefers to work alone, which is why he volenteered to leave the regular Stormtrooper ranks and join the Imperial Commandos. He is a dead-eye shot and serves as the teams sniper. Sagen can cover his team from seemingly impossible distances with percision accuracy. Despite his disgruntal attitude, Sagen great respects both Cody and Vach and never questions thier missions or orders. Weather it be on a mountain top with a high powered blaster rifle or raiding a complex full of enemie's, Sagen is definetley one of the most dangerous men in the squad and the Empire.......

=Imperial Commando Cpl. Olonj, IC-310=

Olonj is an electronics and explosives genius. He can take any junk heap and turn it into a device that can turn the tide of a battle. He serves as the squads communications man and explosives expert. Olonj carries a high powered commo pack that allows him to call for reinforcments or airstrikes from any where no matter how deep in a complex or jungle the sqaud might be. He is a quick thinker and a tough trooper who ecxelled in Stormtrooper trainging and was offered the oppurtunity to try out for the Imperial Commandos. He has learned alot from his sqaud mates and be the saving member of the sqaud on more than one mission. Olonj contribution to the teams is invalubale..........

=Imperial Commando Kilo Sqaud=

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: master brisk's customs
« on: July 13, 2007, 08:16 PM »
nice looking imp officers. what did you use for the collar armor?

thanks for the comments and support! :)

here's a little update. this is another thats been finished nd sitting onthe shelf for a bit. as always i appriciate any comments, suggestions or feedback. :)

=Korto Vos= Under Cover Jedi Quinlan Vos

(i tried to get as accurate as possible with his armor and what not. i know the boots aren't accurate, but the vos legs as im sure you know don't have articulations, so i just went with these.)

i wouldn't think it would be to big a problem. those are small figures and it's not like your going to dramaticly impact hasbro or anyone elses profits. it dosn't seem to much different than casting weapons and selling them like maurader or GTG. but i'm no lawyer. ;)

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Goofy Photocomic Preview from Finds
« on: June 15, 2007, 03:58 PM »
good preview finds and sounds like a good Pn as well. it's cool to see a PN that breaks away from the battle hardend style of starwars, i'm looking forward to seeing your story...... :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Yakface repaint!
« on: June 15, 2007, 03:54 PM »
great work man. that yak looks great, your drybrushing really is well done and so is your detail work on the shiny finger nails/eyes, you even did the blade on the vibro staff.

my only suggestion would be to hit the boots. they look way to plastic when compared to the awsome realism of the rest of the figure.

great work daigo bah, i enjoy seeing your work. :)

thanks for the feedback Paul & Deanna! i appriciate it.....

here's a small update with a couple droids that were in the last issue in my PN. as always any omments, feedback or suggestions are very welcome. :)

=U7-B3=(Astromech Droid)

=ASP-5=(Labor Droid)

i can ay that i was a bit confused too. i have actually waited to post comments on this chapter because i have read it 4 times, just to be sure i was in the flow of the plot.

your re-comments raz, did shed a little light, whihc i guess ids sort of cheating in the comment line. :D

1) youe effects are still great. your lightsaber effects are far supiroior to mine and i really enjoy seeing your efects and it shows me somthing that i hope to acomplish with mine.

2)i do find the fact that vader accepted joy as an acomplice kind of hard to swallow. vader was hel bent on killing or touturing all the jedi he came across, especially if he thought he coul dget info on obiwan or other jedi. this piece of the plot really has me looking to see joy have some really great and hard to achieve farce skill that the emperor or vader wil find useful.

3)i think the confusion of the body on the star fighter could have been avoided if you had shown the robe durandel threw down and the robe containing the body in th same shot, so that the reader knew there was 2.

4)i see what your saying about older people having been dirty in thier time and i can totaly see that for grandpa. but i still think that he could have shown more personal conflict in decideing to let him go.

5)the little robot efects on the neck and apendiges of cortez look awsome!

6)beieng as cortez is now basicly the equivalent of C3PO, but  a bit more independant and agile, the possibilty of him being reprogrammed and turned on durandel seems to be a factor now.

7)i'm definetley interested to see how joy plans to deal with durandel since he can't match him with the lightsaber.....

a veryu twisted and crazy chapter raz. definetley one of those stories you should read twice. good work and the next chapter will be anxiously awaited to add to this plot! :)

hey chewie, again great chapter, i'll go ahead and echo my comments from yak here. good work man!

man, i know i say this on every chapter, but that seriously has to be the best one yet! :D

i mean the original was good, but that one added so  much more suspense and anticipation, even though i already knew what the out come would be, great work!

-first off i have to say that what made this chapter one of the best, is the sceneary, back drops and props. the walls of th city they were fighting in were just outstanding! the battle damage and destroyed enviorment gave such good compliments to the custom figures. even standing alone the backround looks great.

-once again your blster effects look great especially the ones fromthe walker coming right toward the screen. the new PI software your using seems to be doing your PN's justice. is it an expansion set?

-as to be expected your customs are outstanding. from the troopers to the droid transport to the citizens, they all set into this story well.

-as before it was cool to see a movie jedi in action there, shaak ti. that custom still works well.

-the fact that rykrof has his own leigon now is just sick. and the light blue grey color you chose is definetley a great choice for clone armor markings. the fact that you mixed in small bits of new armor on the elite rykrof troops while standard troops are still in phase 1 armor is cool. it really adds to the fact that these are an elite battle hardened group, provided with the best equipment, like special forces in the real military...

-freelo is a clown and i can't belive rykrof dosn't just slap some sense and tact to him everynow and then! :lol:  he is definetley a great charecter that really adds to the diversityof rukroffs trusted crew. he has absolutley no tact when talking to alyssa enloe! :lol:

-kala mly's role in this chapter seems to be a bit more expanded from what i remeber of the original. that is a welcome addition. this is oneof my favortie charecters in your PN's and i'm looking forward to the next chapter when he is tempted by dooku.

-the desk scene's with rykrof's wife on the little computer screen is awsome. i can't belive how clear you made that pic on such a small area. great work! :)

-i liked the presence of a geonosian on the sep's side. that was cool.

overall a great chapter with lots of action and more charecter develpoment than the original. it definetley leaves you wanting more and i can't wait for the next one! :D

great work chewie! :)

that is a great gands woman. the fabric job looks very quality. i'm glad such a great figure was running my market stall! :)

what base body is under there?

awsome job finds! :)

great revamp & improvement on that old figure.

the repaint and leg extensions look great. much more realistic and modern. but waht really stands out to me is the skirt you made for her! :o wow, that thing is just amazing. i know you said you cut it up and added string, beads, paint etc. but it looks so life like and real, you really did an outstanding on it! great work.......

great story man. i commented on it at YAk, but i'll echo them here, as it seems to be slim on feedback latley, whihc is really ashame with some of the great work that is being done.

AAHHH!!!!! DUDE.......

man i can't belive it.....

-another great looking set and enviroment.

-your effects are definetley well done.

-a good use of the jedi master ben head sculpt on joyeuse, it was cool to see the introduction of another jedi, or so i thought......

-i don't see vader and the royal guard female getting along very well for to long, but i guess wellsee, either way it will be an interesting sub-story.

-so that seems to be book of sith teachings or somthig along those lines, huh? it sure engulfed that jedi in a hurry. very interesting.

-man i can't believe you killed cortez! he was a great charecter.  like a special forces guy running around in a combat zone. i fgured he would have lasted at least a while longer, if not the entire story. we even meet his father......such a bummer......

great chapter in your story, definetley a twisted one.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: =Shaddows Dawn #1= Predator & Prey
« on: June 7, 2007, 07:08 PM »
deanna - thanks alot for your comments. i hope you enjoyed the story and the effects. as i said it was my first shot at effects so thanks for your encouragement!

robo quack glad you liked the pics and customs. i had hoped people would enjoy the story too, so much of what you see in PN's is clones, clones, clones, i really wanted to try and breakaways from that era.

no offense taken on the grammar suggestion. if it is in the deveronians lines, i was trying to emphasize the lisp and poor ability to speak basic in that spicies. otherwise it's just me messing up! i'll dfinetley run a spell check next chapter.

thanks for your comments and suggestions! :)

thanks alot for all your great comments and suggestions everyone. i definetley appriciate it!
here is a small update. i figure it's time to use those imperial commando helmets i bought from GTG. so here's the first and as always you comments feedback and suggestion are appriciated.

=Imperial Commando Captain Argos=

(heres one to show the rifle holster on his assult pack)

wow, looks like there were alot of people wanted to take home a piece of the project........thats cool! ;)

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