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I would like to see four hour shifts. This means that you need to be at the booth during those times and no wondering off beyond bathroom breaks. Your free to bring food and water with you during your times. Please sign up here for each available time slot.

Thursday May 24 12:00pm - 4pm - Pendragon - if my plane arrives in time
Thursday May 24 4pm - 7pm - Pendragon

Friday May 25 10:00am - 1pm  - Pendragon
Friday May 25 1pm - 4pm
Friday May 25 4pm - 7pm

Saturday May 26 10:00am - 1pm jedistyle
Saturday May 26 1pm - 4pm -  Pendragon
Saturday May 26 4pm - 7pm - BrentS

Sunday May 27 10:00am - 1pm  jedistyle
Sunday May 27 1pm - 4pm - 
Sunday May 27 4pm - 7pm

Monday May 28 10:00am - 1pm
Monday May 28 1pm - 4pm

Come on guys! We need some more!

soory, for the switch, i had to change my time on sunday, the previous time i had picked is when the tatoo contest wil be held and i don't want to miss it. i've went ahead and signed up for 2 shifts though. i kow we have a great bunch of people here, so come on guys we need some more shifts filled.

well i wasn't expecting theft to be a problem and i can honestly say that i wouldn't have sent some of the customs i sent if i had kno whtis would be a possibility. i worked hard on my customs, they are each one of a kind and i'm happy to share them with the community, but i am not willing tho let them be stolen, especially when they ae being displayed for enjoyment or entertainment for starwars fans......

Photonovels and Movies / Re: =Just a test shot=
« on: May 11, 2007, 09:04 PM »
thanks for the feedabck, i'm still putting together some sets and dios for this.

-brisk, that is keller in the backround, but it was just a quickie scene i threw together. the actual PN won't have keller. sorry to lead you on. ::)

thanks deanna, i'm glad you enjoyed the update! :)


this guy was done for the yakfinities monthly custom challenge @ yakface. nothing to fancy, basicly a repaint with a cloak. i hope you enjoy it and as always feedback or suggestions are always appriciated. :)

=Narroyyo= Cantina Owner

Narroyyo is a well off Wookie. He left Kashyykk at a very young age as a traveler, seeking excitment and has had good fortune. He is a skilled Sabac player and a wise investor and hase even opened his own establishment called the "Mad Claw Cantina". It's a little on th eold side, not very glamerous or extravagant, but the "Mad Claw" is a favorite among upper class and low lifes alike. Narroyyo has his own security crew and 2 employees. Even with his secutrity crew, Narroyyo tends to settle disputs and fights in his Cantina his self, and this Wookie, like all others, is not to be taken lightly..........

luckily i will only be wanting my figures back, so that shouldn't be to much more than whne they were sent.

i really hope there isn't any "pilfaring" of this project by "fans". because i have to say that if anything that i'm planning on getting back is stolen i'm going to be very upset. this isn't somthing that was ever discussed about with this poject............ :-\

wow, thats double, bummer. i included more funds in my packaget han it cost me to ship it, but at that rate i still don't know if it's enough. let me know paul.

thanks for all your feedback and comments guys!

jedipurge - glad you like the reborn, i actually used that head because it fit the neck post with no mods and i didn't semyself using it on anything else in the near future. :) i do my lines on the armomr markings by mix of masking and eyeballing, it just depends on how flat or bumpy the surface is. thanks again.

deanna - thanks for you compliments. it's nice to hear from you. :)

jesse james -  yea, the reborn is from the outcast game, not quite game accurate, but i was happy with the way it turned out. thanks for your comments and i'm glad you enjoye dthe customs.

robo-quack - thanks for your comments man!


here's an update woth a couple of knuckle head that i recently finished. i hope you enjoy them and as always feel free to leave any commetns suggestions and feedback as it is always appriciated! :D

=Gindray Sor=

Gindray is a small time business sentient who deals in just about anything he can get his hands on from Weapons, Rare stones and Antiquties, to Lavish garments and ocassionaly even Spice. He is well respected and in contrast to most his competition and his trade, very honest & an overall good sentient. Most recently Gindary has been aiding a small group of Anti-Imperial fighters, known as the GLM, supplying them with the latest in weapon upgrades and supplies. Though it's risk to his business and his very life, Gindray has built a great friendship with some of the GLM members and has even become interested in thier cause.

=Zosh Rupolque=

A widley renoun mechanic Zosh has been employed by the former Republic, worked on Jeid craft, has recently helped with some designs for Upgrades to Imperial crafts and is currently doing some frelance work. His skill with a Hydro-Spanner is equaled only by his uncanny ability to find the problem just by listening and feeling the craft he is working on. Because of this unique talent Zosh uses only a small UB-73 scanning droid to evaluate the rest of the ship while he works and an 615-L assitant droid to do meanial tasks and fetch tools. He costs a bit more than your average space Mecahnic, but his quality and speed make him well worth the Credits......

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 10, 2007, 10:14 PM »
i recieved all my shirts and my sticker today as well. they are good quality. if you haven't bought one yet and are debating on color choice, the charcoal grey is very nice and the logo looks great on it....... :)

thanks for all you great comments and feedback everyone. again all the credit for the amazing imperial base goes to owen d, who made the entire thing, so i really am not positive about any of the specific parts that were used. he does some amazing work! :)

here's another small update, and i always enjoy hearing what you guys think so feel free to comment or leave feedback and suggestions... :)

=Imperial Clone Intellegence Field Operative=(Code Name: Red Arrow)

=Reborn Dark Jedi=

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 4, 2007, 07:17 PM »
i think stickers would be very cool to do. shirts seem a bit much especially with the small number we would have.

i forgot to mention the which shirts i ordered inmy earlier post:

1 cardnial red shirt
1 charcoal grey shirt
1 white shirt

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 3, 2007, 08:22 PM »
i just made an order of 3 t-shirts and a sticker, so i'll let you know when i get it and how the qulity is!

thanks alot for your feedback everyone.

jedipurge - the ithorian wasn't supposed to be an elder, thats just hi skin tone, mabey he's sun bleached from working in the market every day. :D

on the crew chief, for the most part, and especially with this particular sculpt, no i don't have much trouble with paint chipping. every now and then i'll have an elbow chip a bit, but shoulders and knees are usually very solid.

the rykoff jedi's belt is from CW kit fitso.

the mando's boots are from vader, good call. thanks again for you comments.

Hey, hope your all doing good. Here's my first Dio, hope you all enjoy it. It's been done for a bit, i just hadn't taken any good pics of it until now. So here it is..........

=Front Gate=

=R. side corner=

=R. side out of the wall, Squad on patrol=

=Full View R. side=

=R. side Inside wall=

=L. side corner=

=L. side out of wall & Vaders LZ=

=L. side Inside wall & Squad forming up to go on patrol=

=Generator & Engineering Room=

=Generals Office, with General getting repremanded by Vader & his shaddow trooper escort=

=Communications, Scanning & Operations Center=

=Sniper & Spoter Tower=

=Full Frontal of the entire Table Display=

-The entire Imperial Outpost structure, walls and gate(which really works by the way) are cuortesy of Owen D. , who is definetley a master at what he does and i belive he can make just about anything. He really does some out standing work! :D

* Can you Spot the Rebel Sniper in the Dio?

nice rant phurby! ;D

i'm cool with where ever, but the closer to the show the better.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 2, 2007, 09:56 PM »
yea, i'll grab one for me, my wife and mom. very cool idea, i had contemplated somthing like this also, well done E!

no problem, what sort of dimensions do we need?

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