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got my figures today. there where a couple small accessories missing, no big deal though, al lthe figures where accounted for and in good condition though. thanka a bunch paul....

thanks a bunch paul. i'll post when i reciev them and thanks again for being the master mind behind the project, you really did a great job! :)

yea, it really did come out great, especially since they where shorted on set up time. i was there on friday and today and i can say that there was easily douvble the amount of people at the table today. there really wasn't a moment when there wasn't at least 10 people checking it out and taking pics or video, but more often there was about 20 people around it and all of them have nothing but great things to say. during my shift at the table today, myself and ryan where interviewed by spike tv about the project, it's supposed to air sometime in the next week on , thats pretty cool, some really good exposure for the project. so far C4 has ben very cool and the UGP has done great!

Photonovels and Movies / =Shaddows Dawn #1= Predator & Prey
« on: May 19, 2007, 10:24 PM »
A Darktimes Story

      Dark Days grip the Galaxy. The once joyful cheers pf a victorius Republic have been silenced. Replaced by whispers and fears of the unknown, and a newly risen Empire.

     The Jedi, once great protectors and peace keepers of the Republic have been cast out as traitors, blammed for the CloneWars. Some Jedi have accepted the fall of the Order as the will of the force and broke all ties to the Jedi, seeking ordinary lives. Others have gone into exile, meditating on the darkness that now holds power, waiting for the time when the Jedi may rise again. Still others roam the galaxy, organizing Anti-Imperial groups, seeking away to strike back at the Empire and surplant the new Emperor, a Sith Lord.

     Rumors abound of the invasion of Kashyykk and the enslavment of the Wookies, the battles of New Plympto and the massacre of the Nosaurians. Common sentients live in fear. For others however, it is a time of prosparity and wealth. Boutny Hunters collect on Jedi fugitives, Rebel factions and anyone else the Empire deems dangerous to it's rule. Mercenaries and Henchmen hire on with wealthy Crime Lords and Business Sentients looking to protect thier assets. The spice and illegal weapons market is more than any Smuggler can handle.

     In the new Empire the innocent are made to suffer, the wicked flourish and ther are infinant possibilities for both good and evil.....


Planet Gendorn, on the busy City walk of Zariiu, many sentients carry on with normal lives.

But for some, daily life is full of paranoia, fear and violence.

Every step they take mabey thier last.....

The "Mad Claw" Lounge and Cantina, a favorite watering hole of Citizens, Bounty Hunters and every other walk of life in Zariiu.

Usually a place for Sentients to get a drink and ease thier troubles.

But one Sentient, a viscious deveronian Bounty Hunter named Travillar, has just one thing on his mind today.

Travillar eyes another customer as he makes his way to his informant, "I have appointment, you'd be smart to go get drink now".

The shady Quermian looks to Travillar and shows a bit of fake hospitality, "Good day fellow Sentient, what can i do for you? Are in need of directions?"

Travillar growls back "Only one thing I seek from you, information....."

The quermian cuts the pleasantries as he asks what the Deveronians business is, "I know who you are and what you seek. But my services are no small matter, are you sure your funded well enough to use them?"

Agitated, Travillar replies "More than enough for your kind, 10,000 creds will cover, yesss?"

"That should be sufficent." Says the Quermian.

Travillars eyes narrow, "Now tell me, where can I find Jedi?"

To Travillars twisted delight, the Quermian informant simply raises his hand and points to another patron in the Cantina.

Travillar approaches the young Aqualish which the Quermian pointed out cautiously, "You are new face here, yesss? Mabey then you can help me with problem...."

The Aqualish looks up, unflinching, "I am not familiar with this place, but i will help if i can."

"I am looking for someone that carries unique item."

"What item might that be?" the young Aqualish replies.

Travillars, lip twitches "Your laser sword......"

A sharp hum and the scent of burnt ozone is prevelant as the Lightsaber ignites about the same time that Travillar swings open his cloak to reveal his cybernetic arms brimming with fire power, " AAAAAHHHHHH!"

The young Aqualish jedi is no fool and quickly decides this is a fight he can't win with so many other Bounty Hunters and low-lifes present, who might capitalize on the situation.

With a blinding Force assisted leap, the Jedi flips clear of the Bounty Hunters line of fire.

In a fit of rage that his prey might escape, Travillar fires wildly trying to keep the Jedi in his sights. But the Jedi is far to quick and Travillar riddles the cieling and walls will blaster holes.

With the force as his allie, by the time his feet hit the floor, the Aqualish jedi is already heading out of the Cantina.


Travillar tears through the other Cantina patrons after his bounty, knocking over several innocent bystanders on his way.

Knowing full well he can't match the Jedi's speed, Travillar levels his blaster and takes precise aim.

He fires a fully charged blaster bolt into the Jedi's back.

Through the force, the Jedi feels the Blaster bolt coming, but there is little even a Jedi can do to deflect such a powerful blaster bolt from behind. The Aqualish drops to the Cantina floor as the blast tears through his right side.

As he heads for the downed Jedi, a seemingly unthreatening Quarren bystander blindsides the Deveronian Bounty Hunter and draws a blaster on the crowd of others that might take the Jedi bounty.

The Quarren waves his blaster at all the would-be Bounty hunters. "No one move, this Jedi is mine and I'm taking him, anyone follows, and my blaster barrell will be the last thing you ever see!"

A group of Iktochi mercenaries, blasters drawn, stare down the Quarren as he lifts the barely concious Jedi to his feet and Travillar struggles to climb to his hands and knees just in time to watch his bounty slip away.

The Quarren backs out of the Cantina slowly with the Jedi, leaving a scene of disaray and angry Bounty Hunters wondering where he will take the Jedi and if they could possibly head him off and collect the bounty thierselves.................

[size=18]=TO BE CONTINUED=[/size]

This is my first dio-story wiht effects, I a begginger with that. I also had some back and forths about how to do the dialog and tell the story. But I hope you enjoyed it and I could definetley use some feedback, suggestions and comments on what to improve, no matter how big or small they mey be. thanks!

here's the banner guys. i just got it this afternoon. the shipping time was a bit longer than i expected. hope you like it and feel free to let me know what you think. :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-Updated May 13th
« on: May 14, 2007, 04:41 PM »
good work DN. that scar on the right eye, looks really good. i have a hard time with getting scar to look natural instead of paint slapped across a face, you did an awsome job here. i also like this version of the backpack better. good work, nice update.

looks great diagobah. the astromechs are very well done. i really like the red nd white one. the label paper seems to be working very well.

your ishtibes looks really good, the belts definetley look better than hasbro's. i really like the head your repainted onthe blue one. it looks great, alot of depth and variation. great work!

thanks again deanna! :)

thanks for your guys feedback on my recent stuff. it's always greatly appriciated. here's a couple new ones and as usual feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome. thanks. :)


head-gijoe spyrtroops overkill
torso & waist-potc(forgot his name)
arms-otc lobot
hands-potj stormtrooper
legs-evo darth maul
helmet-rots nemodian warrior
weapons-various lines figures

=Mazer Tnikill=Mandolorian Warrior/Bounty Hunter

 Mazer is on of few Mandolorians left wandering the Galaxy. He takes security jobs and Bounty's here and there andhas even been know to smuggle from time to time. He prefers solitude from the general population, as he belives all other sentients are inferior to Mandolorians. Mazer follows rumors of other Mandolorians through out the Galaxy, though he reguards Boba Fett as an abomination and disrespect to  the great Jango Fett, trying to rebuild the Mandolorian civilization and honor and take back what is thiers by right. As every Mando, Mazer is an extremly dangerous man and all sentients are wise to steer clear of him.....

lower arms & hands-saga2 sandtrooper
rob-tac MC concept boba fett
jetpack-saga/aotc young boba fett
blaster-maurader cast

(thanks to tenike1 for the extra MCfett)

yea, no prolem. your definetley welcome to it as for as i go. glad you like it! ;)

yea, you are definetley welcome to take 2 shifts if you are able.

thats not cool. i'd hate for you to have to fill in all theose times. hopefully we can get a few more people to help out........

thaks for posting it paul.

keep in mund guys that that is a really blurry and grainy picture of it, at full scal(4 foot X 2 foot) it really looks great. it being done right now and i should have it mid next week. i'll post some of real life pics of it before i send it off to paul.

phurby, i was wondering if you or ryen would be covering down on any of the booth coverage. just trying to see how many more shifts we have to  fill and if i may have to possibly tkae another. thanks.

true, but in transit i insured my figures for $300.00. i know that i'm probably getting vexed over this for no reason and that there won't be alot of theft. i'm just dissapointed that this is somthing that we have to deal with after working so hard.......

i'd like to have all my figures back(and included the funds to ship them back, there's 20 of them), but the buildings/booths can be raffled/sold or trashed.

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