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Will yours be? Mine will. I know that I'm gonna get alot of Custom stuff at Christmas as well as alot of money, but I'm going to be out of the house for a week after Christmas, and by the time I come back, schol'll start again. So the time I would have to make alot of customs is gone.  :'(

The Prequel Trilogy / Soundtrack Song ?
« on: November 29, 2005, 07:01 PM »
Is the song where Anakin marched on the Jedi Temple on any Star Wars soundtrack? I'm trying to find it on my computer's music player and I couldn't find it. Can anyone help? Just the song title will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, NoMercyJoe, I just can't get settled into the way you suggested. Some people can understand, and so can I.



The replacement sniper for the 305th Legion had his rifle raised on the entance of the AREG Command, as well as all other troops in the squad. Lieutenant Mathers was in front of all soldiers, telling them to not fire until you have a clear line of fire.


"What?" The Leader lowered his hood, his voice taking on a concerned tone. "Clones are positioned outside the base?"

"I'm afraid so, Leader," Vas continued. "They're waiting for us."
"It is settled then," Leader said. "Vas, call Mace from his quarters and tell him to get up here immediately."
"Yes, sir," Vas said, turning to one of the silver pillars, typing in numbers on a keypad.

Minutes later, we heard footsteps coming down the hall. The door opened, and in stepped a human, seemingly in his mid-20s, with black cloth robes, and his eyes rimmed with red and a long scar running down his eye. "What's going on. Master?" He said, his voice somewhat raspy.

"It seems that a squad of Clones have taken a position outside our building and are waiting for us."
Mace swore. "Where's our squad?"
"They left on a Wookie raid two days ago and we haven't heard from them again."
Mace swore again. "So it's only Vas, Lister, and I?"
"Correct. I'm sorry, Mace."
He turned toward me and outstreched his hand. "Mace Zamorin, merecenary for the AREG. Welcome to the organization."

"Thanks," I replied.
"Okay. I'm pretty sure that we can handle them," He said, walking over to a weapons locker and grabbing three weapons- a stolen clone blaster rifle for Vas and a large grenade launcher for himself. He handed the rifle to Vas and slung the launcher over his shoulder.
"Are we ready?" He asked, not really expecting an answer.
"Ready as I'll ever be," I replied.
"Let's go then."

We had a transport parked in front of the building, providing sufficient cover for us. It turned out that Mace knew how to use a lightsaber, and ignited it when we reaced the transport. He fired off a grenade in the air to alert them to our presence. The Clones turned and Mathers screamed at them to fire.

I began firing off bursts at them cathching one clone in the chest, taking him out. Mace scored a lucky shot- he shot a grenade under neath the UA vehicle, detonated it, and killed the pilot, another soldier, and wounding Agen Kolar severely. 
Lister was unperturbed. He still was firing his blaster repeatedly at the transport, but its strong armor held. I didn't notice that there was another sniper taking aim at me until I felt the armor-piercing round enter my left bicep.

I caught my balance on the tail of the transport, my arm bleeding profusely.

Mace looked over, noticing that I had stopped firing. "Lister, what's the ma-" He stopped short at the sight of my arm.

"You're hit," He said softly.
"Damn sniper," I said breathlessly. "Caught me in the arm."
"Okay. Get on the floor."
Mathers saw that I was hit and decided that was all he needed. "Retreat!" He yelled. The two troopers turned and fled. Shaak Ti was tended to Agen's wounds on the edge of the forest.

Mace decided that it would be risky to take me up back into the building because it might make my arm worse. He treated the GSW right on the ground there. Vas kept guard, making sure no more Clones would come back.

Mathers was disappointed in himself. He held his head in his hands, thinking about how horribly wrong the mission had gone.

The only good thing that had come out of it was that Lister had been shot, and hopefully had died as a result.

I hadn't been shot, and I am going to make sure that the 305th Legion would have nothing but hell. They were not going to get rid of me easily.

Hope you like it. LMK what you think, your resposes can only make these better. Thanks for looking.

Photonovels and Movies / TALES OF THE 305TH #3, PART 1- TWO BETRAYALS
« on: November 23, 2005, 06:33 PM »




The two guards were protecting the corporal's quarters.

Corporal Harland ordered me to see him in his office immediately; and he told me to come unarmed. I didn't like the way that sounded so I kept my sidearm in my holster. I walked past them nonchalantly and paused a few feet away from Corporal Harland. His back was facing out across his balcony overlooking a ravine."

"Corporal Harland," I started.
He spun around. "Ah, Sargeant Lister. A pleasure to see you."

"You asked me to see you."
"Ah, yes. I'm sorry, but I have to do this."
My voice took on a cold, hard tone. "Do what?' I demanded.
"Clone Intelligence has deemed you a threat to the integrity of this fighting force. You must be terminated. I'm sorry, but this is the way it has to be." He turned and left.

I suddenly realized that the guards at the entrance had turned toward me and were ready to fire. I drew my sidearm and squeezed off two perfect shots into the clone's chests.

I left the building and got into a UA vehicle. I drove over to the AREG's base, thinking all the way that Harland had betrayed me. I was almost in shock. Then I realized that I was no longer in the Republic. I could do whatever I want. But in order to survive I couldn't just run off into the woods. I decided I was going to plead the AREG leader to join his fighting force. I arrived at the building, and, making sure there was no one guarding the entrance, took the stairs directly up to the leader's office.
I entered his quarters. He had tall silvery pillars on opposite corners of the space and he was sitting in one like it, his hood up over his head. I walked up to him and bowed deeply.

"Noble leader of this organization, I was betrayed by my fellow brothers," I said cautiously. "I would be honored to serve against the Republic in this Anti-Republic group."
His voice had a rough, gravelly tone.
"I will allow to join us, Lister. I sensed a disturbance in the Force, I knew it was when they betrayed you. I've had my eye on you also, you will become a powerful ally."
"Yes, Master." I stood up.

"Here is what you must do," He continued. "Go back to the Command, kill Harland and Rayders. It must be done. Don't hesitate, feel no remorse. They betrayed you, Terbo."
"How did you know my first name?"
"I know alot of things." he said plainly. "Back to the situation on hand. Return to Command, kill the leaders. Field Master Putame has constructed a new helmet for you, it will top off your uniform nicely." Vas Putame walked in with the helmet under his arm. They shook hands cordially.

"This is a perfect reproduction of your helmets, with a new face kama and jet black," Vas said, seemingly enjoying the lecture. He handed it to Lister.

"Go, Lister. Complete what must be done!"

"Yes, sir," I replied, feeling betrayal and darkness coursing through my veins.


Harland sat in his office. He didn't know that the guards hadn't dispatched Lister, and he didn't realize something was wrong until he felt the metal pistol shell that he knew belonged to Lister slam into his back, killing him.


Rayders looked at his communications display intently. He heard someone approach from his side.

"Rayders," a voice said. It was Lister's.
"Terbo! What has you here this late? Can't sleep?"
I raised my pistol, my hand shaking.

He was my only friend. I heard a small voice in my head echoing the Leader's words. "He betrayed you. Finish him!"
Rayders noticed what was happening. "What are you doing? What the-"
The metal slug hit him in the chest, shattering his chest armor. He drew a sharp intake of breath. Rayders fell to his knees, swayed, and fell facefirst onto the ground.

"The task is finished," I thought. I left the building and headed back to AREG Command.


I reentered the Leader's quarters. I turned toward him. "It is finsished," I said, my voice laced with sadness;anger. "The Republic Leadership has been terminated."

"Excellent," he breathed. "Now, all we have to do is-"
He was interrupted by Field Master Putame, rushing through the door, breathless. "What is it?" The leader said, concerned. "What's the matter?"
Putame caught his breath. "The clones!" He gasped. "They've broken through our ground defenses! They're raiding the building!"


I hope you like it. LMK what you think, and all comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading.


       A.R.E.G COMMAND

  "Darn," the leader growled, alone in his quarters.

 He knew that the Republic had captured Jack Worvet, their sniper, and he was an easy talker. He would spill the groups plans, who they are, where their base is, everything. He knew it was coming and despised it. Everything that he had worked hard at might crumble around his shoulders very soon.


      The POW extremist was suprisingly calm.

He knew he was going to die, and welcomed it. He was not going to allow himself die at the hands of his interrogator, though. He formulated a plan. There was a weapons locker in the corner of the room, but it needed a five-digit passcode. If his luck was running high, a Jedi would be his man.
His luck was running high.

"Ok, slime," the Jedi said. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way. I'd like it to be easy." "I will tell you everything you need to know," the extermist said unfalteringly. "Anything you want." The Jed smiled. "Excellent. Who are you?"
"Jack Worvet, AREG sniper."
"What is this whole AREG group?"
"We are the Anti-Republic Extemist Group."
"Why didn't you just join the CIS?"
"We do not condone fighting alongside machines."
"Why pick Kashykk?"
"For privacy. We didn't want anyone finding out, but unfortunately your Clone Intelligence is more alert than we thought."
" I see. But why-"
The extremist grabbed the Jedi's lightsaber hilt from his belt. In one fluid motion, we flipped it right side up, activated it, and held it inches away from the Jedi's neck.


 "The spooks over in Intelligence don't want you to be in danger anymore. Your duties are now patrolling the forest perimeter around the base. I'm sorry, Sargeant."

"What?! That's so stupid!" I said. "Why?" "I don't know," Commander Rayders shook his head sadly. "I didn't agree with it either, but orders are orders." "Yes sir," I saluted half-heartedly and walked into the forest to carry out my crazy orders.


The Jedi drew in a sharp intake of breath. "No," He whispered. "Please, don't!"

"I don't want to," he said, lying. "I really don't." "Now," he continued, "Open up that weapons locker over there. No funny business if you value your life." The Jedi slowly walked the weapons locker and opened it.

"Back away," he said firmly. He took out a DC-17 and a pistol. "These should suffice."


    I walked through the wilderness, fuming about what Intelligence did to me.

 "I'm a sniper!" I thought. "Why?" I walked into a swamp absentmindedly, still thinking about it. I suddenly became face to face with another downed ARC.

"Hmm," I thought. "What brought this one down." I was still thinking about it when heavy breathing caused me to turn around.

I became face to face with a hideous monster. Rotten breath, leathery skin and filthy teeth almost made me retch. It also had a hand-made leather bandolier. I immediately raised my rifle and squeezed off two bursts from it into the chest of the beast, with dismal results. It just got mad.

Before I could react, it brought down one of its mighty claws on me, catching me in the chest and knocking the wind out of me.

I didn't look back. I rolled off the hull and sprinted off into the cover of the trees, running in the general direction of Command.


     "Thank you for your service," Jack Worvet said cheerfully. "But you really thought I would spill all of my organization's secrets?" Jack delivered a deadly slash across the chest to the Jedi.


    Command was soon in sight. I started running a little faster when I saw it was in fire. Walking in, I saw that the Comms room was in flames, and raised my rifle to my chest. Walking into the foyer, I saw that we had a serious situation on hand. I walked up to the Intelligence leader, Corporal Harland. "What the heck is going on here?" I demanded.

"POW managed to kill our Jedi commander and take Commander Rayders hostage." "I was waiting for you to show up to take him out."
"Ok," I replied. "I have a plan. I'll shoot his hand so he'll drop the gun. As soon as I do that, you and your clones load into him." "Agreed," Corporal Harland said. I moved into position, took aim and fired. As soon as he got hit, he yelled and dropped his pistol. Commander Rayders scrambeled to get back to take cover.

The clones followed the plan to the letter. They lit up the rebel, his body shaking as he went down.

This time, he was down for good.

Commander Rayders, Corporal Harland, and I were discussing the situation after he was taken care of.

"He killed the Jedi, taking all of the information down with him," Corporal Harland informed. "But luckily, there was a security device in the room." "We have all of it recorded."
"Good," I replied. I then told them about my experience in the forest, and about the beast that attacked me. I showed them the scractes on my armor. They were concerned. "Let's ask Gerthag, our Wookie translator," Rayders suggested.
We spoke to him. He recognized what we were talking about, and he said that it terrorized their village when he was a child. The local population called it Wefdas.

I still didn't realize what it was, but I hoped to God I wouldn't see it again.


    Their leader sensed that Jack had died. He was careless.

What he didn't know was that we knew where he was. Looking at the security recordings, Jack said that their headquarters were in that abandoned building he had held me at gunpoint in. I wasn't suprised. That's why he was there. I smiled. Now we can show the AREG what the Republic does to traitors.


I hope you like it. Any comments/suggestions appreciated.


  'After that fiasco 3 days earlier, we continued pressing on into the Kashykk wilderness. We came across a dirt road, and it followed into an un-discovered mining village. We went back to Command and gathered an expedition team. Commander Rayders said I was to lead it.

Upon arrival, I radioed in to Command and told them that my squad had located the vilage and we were requesting reinforcements.

10 minutes later, Commander Rayders and 2 frontliners had shown up. "Take your rifle up on top of that building and keep an eye on the area. I'll sweep the village." I saluted and left to carry out my orders.

Commander Rayders turned to his grunts. "Search the area. Leave no building unchecked. Make sure there are no hostiles."

He walked over the Urban Assault Vehicle and gave orders to the driver. "Refuel and report back to base. Keep contact between us and come pick us up when we radio in."


I was laying on top of a nearby building. Looking over the city, a curious thought came into my head. Why was this here? Kashykk had very little precious metals. I shook it out of my head. I had a mission to complete.

One disadvantage to being a sniper is that the world inside the scope is virtually all-consuming. I didn't know that there was an extermist sneaking up behind me until I felt the cold hard metal of a pistol prodding me in the neck.

I froze. I realized that I could die right here, right now. Luckily, this one had other plans. He ordered me to stand up and put my hands over my head. I obliged, not wanting to lose my life today.

He took me down the stairs of the abandoned building. He burst open the ground level doors with a gun to my head, and was soon met by three rifles pointed at him.

"DON'T SHOOT!" He yelled. "I'LL PULL THIS TRIGGER, I SWEAR TO GOD!" Commander Rayders had steely calm. "Easy, big guy," he coaxed. "Just take your hand off the trigger. We don't want that thing to go off." "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!" Clearly this guy was nuts. The driver, oblivious to what was going on, turned the corner, ready to leave. "I SAID STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" The rebel whipped around and shot the pilot in the head.

The extermist realized he had made a big mistake. He tried to stop me but I had alreadly turned around and had a punch going for him. It hit in the back of the head. Knocked him out cold.

"Excellent work, Sargeant. Let's go."  "But we can't just leave him here! He can tell us what the heck is going on! Where their base is at, everything!" I protested. The commander was silent for a second. '"You're right," Commander Rayders aggreed. "Put him in the car. I'll drive back."
While carrying him back, my mind was racing with questions. Why had he cornered me? Why was he the only one in the village? What was going on?

I suddenly realized that I was about to find out soon.


I hope you like it. Any comments are appreciated. Please leave me your thoughts-my previous one had only one response. Thanks for looking.

Photonovels and Movies / TALES OF THE 305TH- FIRST CONTACT
« on: November 14, 2005, 08:06 PM »

     "We were stationed at the most remote place on Kashykkk. It was a mudhole- endless hours of slugging through swamps and bogs in search of the seemingly non-existent 'Anti-Republic Extermist Group', who had been launching raids on the local Wookie villages. It was around 11:00 AM on the fifth day we were there when all hell broke loose. We were on an average patrol, setting up motion sensors around the perimeter of a seldom seen clearing in the Kashykkk wilderness. Agen Kolar was accompyaning us on this patrol: Ki-Adi was back at the command center. There were sudden reports from the woods surronding the clearing. Commander's recon vehicle just obliterated into nothing, the Commander immediately killed. I suddenly realized that we were going up against an enemy we could not see- they had too much natural cover. 

Another Jedi Knight was on the mission as his first in the field, sadly it would also be his last. I heard an inhuman screaming sound come from overhead. I detached myself from my sniper scope long enough to see one of our legion's ARCs go down about 50 yards in front of us. The shock wave nearly knocked over the HASV and the assault vehicle behind us. The pilot died on impact, but the navigations one managed to climb out, coughing from the smoke, and he took shelter under the downed ship's hull.

Agen Kolar desperately tried to rally the forces behind the vehicle barrier but to no avail.

The marksmen and I tried to defeat the rebels, but we could do nothing. We fired into the woods blindly.

The scout trooper in the assault vehicle's accelerated particle cannon fired wildy into the woods, and were rewarded with a loud explosion, but the shells coming from the woods didn't slow down.

The Jedi and another marksman broke forward of our barrier and tried to charge the woods. The Jedi was hit with a artillery shell in the chest and the clone was hit with a napalm grenade on the spot. It was horrifying.

We continued firing, but so did the AREG. After a while, the HASV got started up and we slowly stemmed the flow. Suddenly, the firing stopped. The rebels were calling a retreat, for now. Our commander, Jedi, and a marksman was dead, two of our vehicles destroyed, and the legion's morale shattered. It was terrible.

     Back at the command center, Commander Rayders and I had a debriefing of our own. 'It's a miracle we survived that encounter,' I said. 'The rebels had us pinned down.'

' I know. Let's just hope and pray that's not a foreshadowing of things to come.'

I'm still learing this photonovel thing. I hope you like it. Any Comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Newbies / Hello!
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Hey, I'm new to this site, been posting at GalacticHunter and Yodasnews, but moved here looking for higher thread traffic...yodasnews is really slow in the customs section. Yeah, just stopped to say hi.

Star Wars Action Figures / D_N's Customs- Updated December 1st?!!!?!
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