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Photonovels and Movies / "The Assanination"- a short Photostory
« on: January 7, 2008, 03:22 PM »

   Gren Thane couldn't believe his luck. He sat in the cover of a snowcovered tree, keeping alert and thinking that he couldn't possibly get even luckier.

Two figures stood and talked animatedly in a clearing about 5 yards in front of him. They were Del Maric and Idiian Thul, a Rebel leader and a confirmed former Jedi Knight.
    Gren breathed slowly. He had tracked Idiian after spotting him in a Coruscant bar late at night. He hit him with some Dust and tracked him over nearly half the galaxy, putitng him here on this small snow and forest planent in the Outer Colonies. This Jedi had a bounty of a little over 900,000 credits, paid for by the Empire. "This Jedi must not be very sensitive," he thought. "I've been following this dikut for two days and he hasn't picked up on it."
    He hadn't expected for this Rebel to be here too, and calling him up on his head-comp told he had a bounty of 800,000 credits. He was in a slight shock. As an Imperial IM (Independent Mercenary) he had a string of bad luck, only accumulating about 50,000 credits for a quick smuggler job. He had a wife and daughter to support, and getting these too would allow him to quit this life and get back to his family.
    "I'm not out of the woods yet," he quietly chuckled to himself. He activated his hearing assister and tried to listen to their conversation.

"So, you think you wanna join the Rebellion?" Maric barkend gruffly. "I'll tell you one thing, we ain't lookin' for Jedi, we're looking for soldiers. If you try to bring any of that funny Force stuff you'll be out of here faster than you can say 'bantha'. You got that?"

"Sir, I have shut myself out from the Force and packed away my blade. I wish to join you and your soldiers in fighting the force that brought the Jedi Order down," Thul said softly, but with an undercurrent of rage. "I will do anything to exact my revenge upon them."

"Well, that settles it then. I'm sure it'll be great to have you on board, Thul. It's getting pretty cold-let's get outta here."

"Let me take you back to base and I'll show ya around. Let's go."

This was his shot. Gren activated his targeting sensors on his head-comp and double-checked his Verp rifle.

He sighted them up, steadied his rifle, slowed his breathing, and fired two shots- one each into the base of their necks.

He moved up, checked to confirm the kills, and laughed. He couldn't wait to get back to his family and let them know they wouldn't have to work again.   

He knelt over their bodies, snapped two pictures of each of their bodies for a positive ID to receive his bounty.

He started to walk back in the direction he came. He was in a slight daze and had a smirk on his face. Life was going to be good again.

Well...there is is. This was mostly the result of just getting bored yesterday and wanting to take pics of the diorama I built and some custom figures. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Photonovels and Movies / Jedi:Target----Chapter 1
« on: November 20, 2006, 05:55 PM »
On the northern plains of the backwater planet of Nokoi Mindar, a fresh rain had fallen on the grassy region. A light mist had settled near the ground, and it was a dreary, gray day. Four ARC Troopers, led by Jedi Master Thaiman Arcain made their way across the land en route to a Speratist cell believed to be terrorizing the locals.


"Sir, how much farther? It's starting to get dark."

    Master Arcain replied without even looking back. "Our informant said our target is about 3 klicks north of our base camp. I think we might still have another kilometer to go, one a half tops."

    They were walking in a loose line, with Arcain on point and Captain Bowman on rear guard.

    Capt. Bowman called out from the back of the line. "Spar, I can't believe you LOST your Deece. You're lucky Retalid has an extra blaster pistol, or you would've been SOL."

    "I know, captain," Spar replied. The squad's field medic and radio man, Sgt. Spar wasn't especially good with a weapon, but he still could shoot relatively well.

    Sargeant Fallon spoke up. "You better not lose that one either, Spar, or Retalid's gonna have your head on a silver platter," he joked.
    "Yeah, what he said," Retalid added. "And I'm not even joking."

    "Quiet back there," Arcain said firmly. "We're getting closer to our target, and the last thing we need is a Sep picking up your useless conversations. I want no more irrelevant chatter from here on out."
    Suddenly Spar stopped, pressed a button on a pair of headphones, and put them on. The 3 men in front of him paid no notice and continued walking. However, Bowman did and walked up behind him.

    "Who's it from, Sargeant?" Bowman asked, careful to keep his voice low so as not to bother Arcain again.
    "The Supreme Chancellor, sir," Spar replied and lowered his voice to a mere whisper. "It was short and simple." He bent over close to Bowman.

    "The time has come, Commander Bowman. Execute Order 66." The Chancellor's voice had a much more sinister tone to it.
    " Fierfek," Bowan thought. "I really don't want to do this. Of all times, and of all places, why NOW?"
    He called out to Arcain, now considerably ahead of him.

    He turned around. "Yes?" he called out.
    "Some new tactical information was just relayed to us," he lied. "We've confirmed that there are 10 Seperatists located in the cell." "I have some additional target information for my troops."
    "Very well," Arcain replied. "I'll wait here."
    Spar, Retalid, and Fallon walked up to Bowman and formed a loose huddle around him.

    "What is it, Captain?" Fallon asked.

    Bowman sighed. He really didn't know how to say this. They had became attached to Arcain in their last 2 months of service. Their tour of duty was to expire in 3 weeks.
    "Men, I just recieved a urgent message from the Supreme Chancellor. Order 66 has just been activated. I trust that you all know what to do."
    The soldier's faces took on somber looks. They all knew what to do, and were slightly hesitant about it. Infantry clones would have carried it out without a thought, but they weren't infantry. They were ARCs, still bred to listen, but able to think more freely. However, orders were orders, and if their Captain was willing to carry it out, then so be it.

    They quietly drew their weapons and prepared to fire. "On my mark," Bowman whispered.
    Arcain felt a huge rupture in the Force. He sensed that thousands of his brothers and sisters were being cut down by those they had sworn to work alongside. He managed to whip around just as Bowman gave the order to fire.

    The Jedi Master parried their shots with ease.

    Arcain unleashed a Force push in Spar's direction, knocking Spar on his feet, dumbstruck.

    Realizing that if he continued to attempt to make a stand here, he will surely fall, Arcain launched himself into a graceful backflip and ran off into the heavy Nokoi Mindar foliage.

    Watching his new target escape into the high grass, Bowman barked an order to his squad.

    "Cease fire," he said, exhausted. "Shooting blindy into the woods will only waste ammo." "Fallon, go check on Spar."

    "Dumb Jedi," Spar said, lifting himself to his feet. "I never saw that coming."

    "I want you to radio in to Command, Sergeant." "Tell them we attempted to carry out Order 66, but our target escaped. Ask them what they want us to do."
    "Yes sir," Spar said. He activated his radio phones and walked away from the group.

    "Command, this is Sergeant Spar from Kilo Squad. Master Arcain has escaped in our attempt to carry out Order 66. We request advice on what to do." There was a pause as the radio technician asked the officer on the other end of his line.
    "You have orders to NOT return to base camp until you have confirmed to us that Arcain has been killed, Kilo Squad. We are requesting a holo vid of his body."
    "Yes, sir," Spar replied, killing the connection.

    Spar walked back to Bowman and relayed the information to him. "Command told us to not return until we can provide holo proof of his death."

    "Well, sir, what do we do?" Fallon asked.

    Bowman looked him straight in the eye. "What else is there to do?"

    "We listen to them."



Well, this was kind of a suprise. This idea popped into my head a couple days ago and I just had to go with it. I apologize for the lack of blaster effects. I don't have Photoshop and didn't want to risk looking cheesy with MS Paint.

I hope you like it. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Photonovels and Movies / CHAPTER 2- RESCUE
« on: July 1, 2006, 11:57 AM »

     F Squad's first mission on the forest planet of Nokoi Mindar is not going very well. With Athen wounded, and a heavy storm rolling in, the three Air Drop Shock Commandos bunker down for a long night, and await rescue in the morning.

Chapter 2

     Captain Ratay awoke slowly. It was very quiet, and suddenly there was a sound of movement behind him.

     Instinctively, Ratay grabbed for his rifle and quickly began to roll over...

     ...only to find Corporal Athen, who had only been wounded the night before, propped up in the dirt with a bandage cut from his kama wrapped around his wounded shoulder.
     "Well, I sure hope somebody got a fine night's sleep," Athen joked. "I thought you'd never wake up."

     "How...How long was I out?" Ratay said groggily.   Ratay shook his head and popped some wake-up stims into his mouth in an attempt to bring himself fully alert.
     "Oh, about 8 hours, I think."
     "Wait, where's Corporal Kellar?"

     Athen leaned back and motioned to a group of trees behind him. "He went back there about 15 minutes ago." "Said he was going to check out some anomaly he picked up on his radar."
     "Well, I guess I should radio in to Command to request a Gunship before droids stat to wonder what happened to their sniper."

     Ratay began to punch in a sereis of commands on his wrist comlink and was about to put in the patch when Kellar emerged from the trees.

     "No need to put that patch in sir!" Kellar shouted from across the field. "I Think I found something that can get us outta here no problem!"
     Ratay stood up and then helped Athen stand.
     "How's your arm, Corporal?"
     "I can still move it, but it hurts like hell, Captain."
     "Understood. Well, let's go see what Kellar is so excited about."
     Ratay and Athen caught up with Kellar and followed him into a dense group of trees. There wasn't any groundcover here, and Ratay was suprised to find that it was considerably darker in this forest than it was out in the field.
     "It's just a little bit farther, Captain," Kellar said assuringly. "It' just in this clearing up ahead."
     Kellar walked up the huge metal monstrosity and leaned his arm up againsts it.

     "What the hell is this, Corporal?" Ratay demanded.
     "It seems that it's a prototype fighter, Captain. I heard that we were experimenting with new starfighters but I never thought they made any. I checked out the cockpit and its model number read ARC-150."

     "Will it fly? Command's about 15 clicks north of here." Ratay asked.
     "Well, it has some engine damage and a hit to the nose, but the engines do start. It couldn't of been here long, I just wonder why it's here. It also is lacking an astromech, so one of use would have to fly it manually. I'm not much of a pilot, but-"

     "I can fly it," Athen spoke up. "I had some pretty extensive pilot training back on Kamino, and I'm pretty confident that even with this arm I could still keep this bird up in the air."
     "Well, it's settled then. I'll go back out into the field to radio Command. Kellar, follow me. Athen you make any neccesray repairs and put this thing back down in the field."

     Ratay walked back into the field and radioed Command in. "This is F Squad to Command. Do you copy?"
     "Roger F Squad, this is Command. Ratay, is that you?" "You're coming pretty weak, change you signal frequency."
     Ratay made some adjustments to his wrist comlink. "That any clearer?"
     "Crystal. Are you ready for us to dispatch the Gunship?"
     "Negative, we have found a still operable fighter around here. The model reads ARC-150."
     "There's no way you'll make it back alone in some unarmed dilapidated fighter."
     "Well, is there any other birds in our vicinity?" Ratay asked, beginning to sound frustrated.
     "Actually, Master Koon is in the area. I'll radio him and tell him to escort your fighter back to base. Just send me your coordinates and I'll get it done."
     "Roger Command, cooridinates on their way. F Squad out." Ratay sent their cooridinates and terminated the link.


     Athen and Kellar were already in their seats in the ARC. "Man, when is Master Koon gonna get here? My arm's killing me."

     "Hey, just chill. I'm sure he's on his way, just be patient. The medics'll fix you up as soon as we get back." Kellar scanned the skies for any sign of the Jedi's starfighter.

     "There he is," Ratay said, pointing up into the azure sky at a green gray Starfighter coming in for a landing.

     The fighter put down smootly in the level plains of Nokoi Mindar. The canopy opend and suddenly a green skinned Kel Dor Jedi in full combat dress was leaning on his fighter.

     "Master Arador Koon at your service," the Jedi said jovially. "I understand you need an escort." The Jedi hopped out of his vehicle and made his way to the ARC.

     "Yes, sir, we were trapped here for the night and we found this fighter in the forest," Ratay spoke.
     "Well, it looks like they finally started making the new ARCS," Koon said thoughtfully. "It's about time," he added.
     "Sir, you know this ship?" Ratay said with a questioning tone.
     "Of couse, Captain. This is the new space figher and ground fighter for the Republic. It's still in the prototype phase, but I think that we'll see mass production soon. I never knew that we had some on Nokoi Mindar, though. I wonder why," Koon's voice trailed off.
     "Well, we might as well be going, then!" Koon walked back to his ship.

     "Just trail behind me, it's a short flight back to base," Koon said, and jumped back into his cockpit.

     Ratay jumped into the rear gunner postition in the ARC and took a long look at the area that almost claimed his squad's life. He was glad to be going back to Command, where meter thick anti-artillery armor stood between him and the Speratists.

     He closed his hatch door. "Okay, we're all ready to go," he said.

     "Roger that, Captain," Athen said from the pilot's seat." "Kellar?"

     "I'm a-okay, Athen. Let's just get the hell out of here!"

     The ARC hovered off the field for a few seconds, and quickly followed the Jedi's starfighter into the sky.


Well, I tried to make it longer, and most of the shots were taken vertically to help with consistency. I hope you like it. LMK what you think, all comments are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Photonovels and Movies / CHAPTER 1- AMBUSH
« on: June 29, 2006, 02:47 PM »

Soon after the transition to Phase 2 armor in the Clone Wars, the Air Drop Shock Commandos were transferred to the small forest planet of Nokoi Mindar, specifically the Jaderona Region, a thick, wet mass of jungle and plains strangely occupied by the notorious CIS. Command sent out teams of three to scout out the region before the full-fledged ground assault and to collect data on enemy positions. One such squad was F Squad, consisting of Captain Ratay, and Corporals Athen and Keller.

Chapter 1


       F Squad was strung out in a loose skirmish line, with Kellar brining up the rear guard and Capt. Ratay on point. The planet's sun was starting to set, and the foliage was still damp after a light shower.

       "Darnit, Captain, why are we out here? I haven't picked up a target on the tracker since we left the dropship," Kellar pouted, looking around the dense foliage with a DC held loosely in his gauntlets.

       "Do you ever stop complaining, Corporal?" Ratay countered. "We're out here, for the tenth time," he added, "to scout out this region for supposed CIS activity."

       "Specifically,"he continued, motioning to a larger cluster of trees, "to check out that group of vegetation about a klick south." Athen grumbled, and pulled his boot out of a puddle of mud.

       "I've got movement 100 yards to the south," Kellar said calmly, spinning around to face the direction the target had come from. "It has no heat signature, so it could be a dr-"

       There was a crack of a blaster bolt, and Athen was suddenly down in the mud with a hole punched through his right shoulder.

       Kellar rushed over to the corporal to administer first aid while Ratay searched for the droid who fired the shot. "Gotcha," Ratay said quietly, and pulled the trigger, eleminating the sniper droid camped out in a bush.

       Kellar walked up to Ratay. "Captain, Corporal Athen is hit pretty hard. He's unconcious right now, which isn't a good sign. The best thing that I could do is pump some bacta into him and bunker down for the night until a Gunship can come pick us up in the morning. He won't survive the trek back to Command. I would radio in for a Gunship now, but there's a pretty bad storm rolling in, and they wouldn't send out a bird in those conditions."
       "Okay," Ratay agreed. "Let's cover him up and put down for the night." "Are you sure there won't be any more droids tonight?" Kellar asked. "I dont have any more signatures on my tracker, but you never k-"
       "CIS never follow the conventional sniper rules," Ratay interrupted. "They always travel alone, and if we cover ourselves, we'll blend in pretty well with the night. I wouldn't worry."

       Kellar covered Athen up with some loose foliage and laid him down in a small ditch.

       Ratay sat back on a small hill and looked on thoughtfully. His first mission on Nokoi Mindar was not going well. One of his squad members was fatally wounded, and now they had to spend a night in droid infested unfamiliar territory.

       Kellar finished up taking care of Athen and decided to try to sleep as well. He laid down, covered himself with loose groundcover, and switched off his comlink.

The Captain rolled over and decided to do the same, and slowly fell into a fitful sleep.


Well, I hope you like it. I don't have a working title yet, so please leave suggestions. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Have you guys ever...
« on: June 10, 2006, 10:07 PM »
Had a full day solely for customizing? Where no one bothered you and you had pretty much the whole day just to relax and customize?

I think I just had one of those days today. All I did today was go to a grad party, and go to the grocery store. The rest of the day I just worked on customs.

And you know what? I got a LOT done!
-Finished Gunnery Sargeant Aros
-Tweaked Captain Ratay
-Redid Dark Jedi Sora Bulq
-Planned, Assembled, and Painted Aros' partner
-Got ahead on a couple WIPs

All in all, a pretty productive day.  :)

What I've Done Today :)

Watto's Junk Yard / The Halo 3 & Halo 3: ODST Thread
« on: May 9, 2006, 05:02 PM »'s officially confirmed for a 2007 release. There's a trailer up at Bungie's web site under the article titled "Halo 3". I have to say I'm pretty escited by this, looks like the MA5B assault rifle is back as well.

Saga Collection '06 / 4/30 Target Reset
« on: April 30, 2006, 08:49 PM »
I've heard several reports that Target was supposed to reset today with Skirmish in Senate, Greivous, rereleased vehicles, and VTSC. Mine has with everything stated above. Just a little heads up to all of you who haven't been at Target for a while.

Star Wars Action Figures / Rhen Var Commander ?
« on: April 11, 2006, 04:43 PM »
During the Clone Wars, I understand there was a Battle of Rhen Var. Was there a set commander for this battle? Or was it just a battle and nothing more? I'm only asking because I'm in the process of making a Commander Sorenn during the CW, and I've outfitted him with snowy armor.

Saga Collection '06 / Heads Up- Catalog
« on: April 1, 2006, 04:15 PM »
Just a heads up to look in the HTS catalog if you get it- it has Waves 2 and 3 (Hoth and Geonosis) available- including Utapau Clones and Scorch. For those of you who don't get it but want the product number and the ordering info, just PM me and I'll give it to ya.

Hey everybody,

I have some WIPs that are almost complete but I need some input and suggestions. First we have a Clone Pilot-

Well, here he is, but I don't really have a story for him. Maybe it's a ground/air assault division that only fights in combat on ground, not space. Suggestions are open.

Second, he have a Anti-Riot Clone Commander. I have a story and am just waiting for a gun, but I need some help with weathering. He's too clean, but I don't really know the right color to wash/drybrush him with. Once again, all suggestions/ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Lastly, we have a Badoo Corba Coruscant Division terrorist. I got CHEWIE's permission via PM because I just can't find any other group that fits into the story I have, which I'll post when they're complete. Any ideas to make him more Corba-like are much appreciated and any add-ons that you'd think look cool on him post it here or shoot me a PM.

I'm really leaning on user input on these, so help out if you can. Thanks for looking.

Newbies / Introducing my friend...... Darth Nuch
« on: January 23, 2006, 05:07 PM »
Here's a new user. Say hello to.....

Darth Nuch!

Give him a warm welcome.

Photonovels and Movies / SOLDIERS OF THE REPUBLIC- Ambush
« on: January 1, 2006, 01:39 PM »
Here's my new photonovel, Soldiers of the Republic. It follows the events in the 194th Strike Battalion. It's in third-person, most of the time, occasionally switching into the viewpoints of the soliders in 7th Squad.

The Hangar Bay in the Coruscant was a beehive of activity. The soldiers in 7th squad made themselves busy checking and rechecking the vehicles and equipment in the early hours of twilight. General Koon was briefing Commander Barker and his 2nd-in, Sargeant Kazim, on the mission on hand.

"Why are we on this god-forsaken piece of dirt they call a planet, General?" Kazim asked.
"We're searching for a Seperatist sympathizer named Mace Fusca. We've tracked him to his compound on the outskirts of a planetside village. He's been giving money and supplies to the Seperatist forces while encouraging the actions of the Republic in turn. He's also given valuable Intelligence to the Seperatist leaders. This man is a double-timer," Plo Koon said.
        "He's a traitor," Barker said, his voice taking on a cold hard tone. "He needs to be eliminated."
       Kazim nodded his head. "Exactly," Master Koon said. "You will take 7th squad down to the surface, infiltrate his compound, and capture him alive."
"What of his accomplices? Surely he must have some security," Barker inquired.
"Only two that we know of," Koon said. "He has a Wookie bodyguard named Balcom who has had a previous criminal record. The other one is an unknown species. His name is Tulgrat, that's all we know." Plo Koon left to brief the Council.
Barker turned to me, putting on his helmet.

"We will go together. I'll be point, you'll be rear guard." Kazim nodded. "I have to say though, sir, I don't like the sound of this one. Mr. Fusca sounds like a dangerous man."
"I know, I know."
"But what....."


Mace Fusca stood in his office, listening to the conversation onboard the Republic Cruiser like it was in the room itself.

He knew that they were coming, and welcomed it. "Now I'll show the Republic," he said to himself. The inside Republic connections he obtained had been vital to his success. He paged Balcom and Tulgat to enter the room.  They entered and stood by his side, motionless.

     "Balcom, a sqaud of Republic soldiers will be entering our facility soon. Please give them a warm welcome. I want them alive. You may hurt them, but nothing fatal. Turgat, you follow him and pick up any stragglers." "Go."


Commander Barker turned to his men. "Status Check!" He shouted above the din of tools, machinery, and the gentle hum of the cruiser's engines. All work stopped. The pilot, Corporal Hastin, looked up from the DRA.

"All systems in working order, sir!" He saluted. "Excellent," Barker said in a throaty voice. "Take it planetside and clear us a landing zone next to the scum's compound. "Yes, sir," he said, lifting the speeder off the ground and into the clear night.
Lieutenant Qasto looked up from the ARC-170 he was reparing.

 "Sir, this girl's badly damaged, but she'll still fly," He said, his face covered in grime. "Then we won't take it," Barker said. Pvt. Weder turned to Kazim.

"The LPRV is in working order, sir," He said. "We won't need it, soldier," Kazim decided. "Thanks for checking its equipment, though."
Barker turned to his men.

"All right, listen up, ladies! We got a mission to accomplish! No screwing around. Grab your guns, be next to the Gunship in 10 minutes. I'm waiting for Hastin to give me the all-clear. Once we deploy it'll be pitch-black out there, so stay close."


The DRA swooped silently to the ground. Hastin got out, his face bathed in the blue glow from the DRA's controls.

He took a small DC-15 and swept the area outside Fusca's compound. It was clear.

He radioed in to Barker. "All clear, sir," he said.
The Commander came through, his voiced laced with static. "All right. I'm making my approach." He turned to the Gunship pilot. "No landing lights, nothing," he said. "Yes, sir," the pilot replied calmly.
Minutes later the squad was on the ground. Kazim walked up to Barker.

 "Sir, I strongly suggest that we move now. Catch them when it's still dark, suprise them."
"That sounds like our best bet," Barker whispered.
He took off his helmet and turned to his men.

"I want you four as a column. Kazim's in the back, I'm point. Not a word. Don't fire until I give the order. Be alert."
They entered the compound, their boots hitting the floor almost silently. It was dark inside, almost as dark as it was outside.

They moved swiftly, checking all the doors. There were also little side corridors that they passed by. That was their fatal mistake. No one noticed the gigantic Wookie rush torwards them until it rammed its shoulder in to the middle column, rendering 3 soldiers unconcious. Barker turned, too stunned about what was happening. He attempted to raise his rilfe to shoot the beast, but he was a second too late. The Wookie rammed his club into Barker's chest, shattering his ribs.

Pvt. Weder tried to fire at Balcom, but was kicked in the face.

Sargeant Kazim was the only one left standing. Too numb to fire, he backpedaled, only to run into Tulgrat and get knocked out cold.

Tulgrat surveyed the pile of soldiers lying in a heap on the cold corridor plating. "Master will be most pleased," he purred.

Tulgrat paged Mace. "Master, we have the scum."
"Excellent. Bring them to the interrogation room."
"As you wish."

Well, I hope you like it! LMK what you think, all comments are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Favorite Customs of the Year
« on: December 31, 2005, 09:24 PM »
Well, I saw this over at RS, and thought it was a good idea. You can make your own categories, and this isn't a contest of sorts, more like a "custom you really liked/thought was creative" thread. The only rules are that it had to be done this year. I have a couple entires, I'm going to search the people's threads and put some up.

Thanks for looking/participating


Customs Community and Group Projects / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:48 PM »
Just putting out Merry Christmas out there to all JD'ers out there.


Customs Community and Group Projects / He's back.....
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:16 PM »
That loser Greenday is back at RS. He just started a spam thread in the customs. The kid is such a loser. He's really giving a bad name to the teen collector. I'm 14 and I can actually say a full sentence, and not swear in it either. Right now I'm trying to help him with PMs, but it doesn't seem like it's working.

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