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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Milan's customs updated 2007-02-15
« on: February 16, 2007, 03:40 PM »
I love that Tradoshan.  Great smile on him.  Great idea too...why can't they be sith?  Never seen one before.

Great idea!!

So it's been a while...but I've gotten some time to do some customizing...and here's the fruits of my labor...

Alpha 22 'Kandosii'

Alpha 22 was in stasis until the downturn of the Clone wars. The Kaminoians felt he too was flawed because of his love for all things 'old'. He wanted to use older kit, older weaponry, older armor. It wasn't a flaw, 22 just felt more at home with tried and tested equipment. After being refused the armor request, he settled on carrying only a DC-12, a heavier more accurate version of the clones favorite blaster. When removed from stasis he was assigned the take on leadership of Theta squad after the assumed death of the current Captain, Enza. His gruff demeanor, and overly aggressive tactis clashed at first with the rest of the squad. He chastised them for the mando'a writing on their armor and requested they removed it feeling it tarnished the image of the GAR, the team refused, and that was the last he brought it up after he saw them in action. Alpha 22 lead the team on a raid deep within Sepratist held space, and succeeded in destroying a droid factory, and stopping yet another biological weapon, but at a cost to the team.

So he's obviously WIP,  I painted him my normal Apple Barrel Dutch Blue(a personal favorite), had to re-apply his chest piece, modded the pauldron, added the pack from it to his kama and gave his gun, DC-12, a quick wash of metallic silver. He's starting to look alive, but I'm still at a loss for helmet details, and I really HATE painting the kama, so that'll be last.

You all know the drill...question, comments, gripes...


niiice...ive never hear of the 713th before..did you come up with it yourself or is it in one of the novels?...paint sceme is veeeeery similar to the 802nd (my own clone legion)....i like this custom...though id have gone with a different pouldren (i highly doubt that is spelt right)...keep up the good work

The 713th and it's Commander are a tribute to my son Kellen Anakin, born July 13th.  I was trying to come up with a name for him and I though why not Kellen, he could be a pod mate of Keller.  I may be making additional troops to go with Kellen, but I'm not sure.  I went with the pauldron because I thought it would make him stand out more than other clones would.

Very cool. I like the combination of parts you got. That and the brick red for something other than a galactic marine is cool too. The Gen 1 Imp Commando also has a very good combo on parts. I like the grey on the helmet.

The Commando I made was a long time coming.  I had the GTG helmets, and just didn't know what I wanted to do with them, but then I found a blue royal guard and remembered the armor they had underneath the cloak.  THe DSG head fits wonderfully on the guard peg.I may give him an additional weapon, but probably not, as I believe I'm done with him for the time being.

My latest project is a Legacy era Jacen Solo.  I don't have much for head fodder, so I'm going to be going with a ROTS Obi-Wan head with the beard shaved off, it makes a big difference on the overall look.  I'll post some pics perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the great comments, it makes me continue on...


Cmd Kellen was assigned to lead the 713th division in the GAR.  A heavily armed unit, the 713th was unknown until the Republic became the first Galactic Empire.  The unit was one of the first to touch down on Jabiim being entrusted to pilot the prototype AT-AT's that were deployed there.  Commander Kellen was always one of the first of his troops to fire upon the enemy.  Hot headed, and trigger happy made Kellen loved and hated by his men.  His motto was, "go hard, go first."  And he lived by this.  He lost his left hand in a joint effort with Theta squad, accidently getting between Master K'ron and his quarry.  He shunned a robotic hand saying it would make him, "more like the enemy," that he wished to be.  Instead he replaced his hand with a vibroblade.  Kellen recived additional training after Geonosis under Alpha 17 to learn ARC techniques and style.

Kellen is made from:
Evo Clone body
Cody head and Helmet
Saga Sandtrooper Pauldron
#41 Belt with DSG holster and blaster added
Backpack is Scorch, modded heavily and a Comtech Stormie rifle.

Most of the painting was done by myself, I asked my wife to paint the straps on his feet and she did a lot of touch ups all around.

Questions, comments, know what to do...



Here is what will probably be the final stage of my Gen 1 Imp Commando.  I was going to paint the armor on the Royal Guard body, but decided to go with the blue paint scheme.  The helmet was a last minute decision as I didn't want to have the same ol solid look as the regular stormie helms do.  The photos are both with and without the additional armor.

The usual rules apply...comments, questions, gripes...yopu know the drill.


The paint looks a bit dull, though. I think Fordo needs a semi-gloss varnish on his armor.  :)

Yeah he should have shiny armor, but I'm partial to the matte look myself.  I got my holster and I'm waiting on his sidearm to come.  Soon he'll be finished.




I've added some detail to Fordo's helmet, and finished some more painting here and there.  The only thing I'm unhappy with is the belt.  Fordo has only one pack on the left side, and I was unsure how(read- nervous to cut his belt and screw it up) I should go about patching it.  I'm waiting on a holster and for GTG to get a certain pistol back in stock that I want to use as his backup weapon.

The usual post rules apply...guestions, comments, gripes....



"Fordo preferred heavy weaponry to fancy tactics, and subtlety was never his strong point."

Here is the starts to Cpt Fordo, Courscant version.  After recieving one of Banth5's fantastic Neyo sculpts, I decided to go with Fordo instead of the former. 

The body is a #41 clone.
The pauldron is from a Bacara
The helmet and strap come from Banthas kit. 
The Jaig eyes were painted by Mrs. Steady-hand, my wife.

He's still a WIP as I'm waiting on a holster and still looking for the perfect sidearm for him...I can't decide.  I need to touch up some paint on him, and add some here and there.

Comments, questions, gripes...send them to me.



I fixed your image tags for you.  - Ryan

Gripes? Man, that's the cleanest custom I've seen! What are the casts made up of?

I'm not exactly sure what they cast their stuff with at Good to Go Customs.  But their stuff is top niotch.  I have a bunch of stuff that I haven't even used yet, and not sure what I'll be doing with it.  But the more fodder the better, right?  Thanks for the comments.  I might get to painting him tonight, but I'm not sure.  If not it'll be tomorrow or so.  I'm thinking of painting his helmet black, with red eyes.  Thoughts on that? 

Thanks again


In the early years of the empire, the military knew that their troops were easily replaceable, so their first generation Commandos were lightly armored, for two reasons.  The first that thye told the troops was for easier movement.  The second, that wasn't on the record, was to keep their budget down.  The first few commandos wore simple armor, sometimes with reinforced plates over top.  Later they adopted the stormtrooper armor as a whole.

A simple part swap of a custom.
Body is entirely a blue Imperial Guard
Head is a GTG DSG cast, surprisingly it fit near perfect on the neck post.
The helmet is a GTG commando cast with a GTG range finder addition.
The gun is from the POTF Endor trooper, I love this gun.
And the armor is obviously from a DSG.

A paint scheme is next, and I'm leaning towards black with charcoal highlights on the armor.  The head will be painted by Mrs Steady hand, my wife.

Question, comments, gripes...let me have them.


I've been picking up the Republic graphic novels one at a time and was very impressed with the character A'Sharad Hett, especially his interaction with Anakin.  I put together a quick, but effective customs of Hett.  The Main Torso is Saga Obi-Wan, the hands are VOTC Tusken Raider as are the lower legs and head, and the sabers are from two different Grevious figures.  My wife is going to be making a braid for him soon enough and my plan is to make interchangeable heads, so he can be masked and not.  My apologies for the second picture as it is a bit fuzzy.

Questions, comments, gripes...let me have them...



Star Wars Action Figures / Re: My Quinlan Vos Custom
« on: September 20, 2006, 11:44 PM »
That's a great lookin' Quinlan, Ben.  I too have one of those heads, though I don't think "m going to do anything with it.  I may post on the parts needed thread that it's available...but I'm not sure yet.  I think I'll hold off.  I like the usage of the Obi-Wan body...I've always like that figure, even as simple as it was.  Great paint job too...simple, yet effective.


How does that helmet work with the head? I it compatible or merely an accessory?

The Mando helmet fits quite well on the DSG head.  The head hole is a bit big for the Codt post so I added a bit of fun-tac on the inside andthe head sit perfectly.  He is in desperate need of a paint job, and I'm throwing ideas around in my head for a backstory.



I just finished reading the secon book in the Legacy of the Force series, Bloodlines.  I loved the Galactic Alliance Guard that was formed to "protect" Courscant.  The first custom here is my interpretation of what they look like.  They're described as having black fatigues with black armor, they do have a helmet, but it isn't described well, so I don't have one for him yet.

He's made from:
Death Star Gunner Body
Gardian Gloves
Saga Skiff Lando Holster with Gardian pistol
ROTS Pilot Obi-Wan head slightly modded
And a Good To Go Customs ARC Rifle.

This guy here has been a long time coming.  I've had about 4 different pairs of arms on him and none looked right to me...these still kinda don't.

Made from:
Kamino Escape Jango torso
Cmd Cody arms
Saga2 Boba Fett legs, belt modded with Clone Troop belt parts
The head is a mixof the Cody neck post(suprisingly easy to get off) and the new Death Star Gunner head

Like I said, he's been around for a while, but I'm finally happy with what I've done to him.

Comments, questions, gripes...send them my way...


Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: NExt Customiser Challenge
« on: September 13, 2006, 09:50 AM »
I'm Up For It. How About
A. Mandalorians
B. Smugglers
C. Specialized Troopers(Snipers Etc.)


I like the Mando and Specialized troop idea...


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