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Modern Classifieds / Modern Prototypes For Sale/Trade
« on: October 11, 2011, 11:11 AM »
If you wish to trade please send me a message letting me know what you've got.
Main foci are tc-14, ep1 ctc v2, votc, potf2 ben, mockups and carded samples, fetts, unproduced

Most/all are "Or best offer". Please no low balling as most are marked very close to, at, or even below what I paid. I've been buying these for years and have many good sources and will provide COAs for items if you would like one and I'll try to give as much history and provenance of the item as I can.

I'm going through and trying to thin out my collection so please lmk if you're interested in anything.

Wattos Box first shots All complete with base. $350 Shipped OBO

McQuarrie Han First shot $80 shipped

Mail away OTC Emperor hologram first shot $225 shipped OBO

SDCC Smiling luke FEP paintsample w tracking marks $100 shipped obo

C3p0 hand painted first shot. No copyrights or pegholes w tracking marks$125 shipped obo

Saga 2 ATAT driver $90 shipped obo

Republic elite forces mockup with alt painted female mando (painted like picture on back of box shows (production is painted differently)
$350 shipped OBO

Unproduced Commtech V2 Mas Ameeda without chip in great shape $400 shipped obo

Evolutions Amidala in awesome green and pink colors cant remember if she has copyrights or pegholes but i dont think so $125 shipped obo

Anakin Force battlers hand made carboard mockup $125 shipped OBO

Green tag sample episode 1 sams 2 pack Darth maul and battle droid - 60 shipped

Green tag sample luke gunner station - 40 shipped obo

plo koon no copyrights or dates - 55 shipped obo

geonosian warrior no copyrights or dates - 55 shipped obo

pink stormtrooper head - 30 shipped

Internet exclusive wedge with proto helmet and first shot base (missing gun) HFE and + tracking marks - 75 shipped obo

AOTC super articulated clone (has copyrights but no pegholes) - 40 shipped obo

Clone wars ARC trooper (2 right arms) - 35 shipped obo

Millenium minted coin luke run with mockup and 2 unpainted coins.  One in case. - 120 shipped obo

Gelgrub rider clone first shot with tracking marks 55 shipped obo
Wedge with helmet and ladders from target exclusive x wing - 80 shipped obo

POTF2 12 inch Luke - 100 shipped obo

HASBRO QA dept bagged!! final engineering pilot paintsamples [Short Jawa, Nadhar vebb, yoda, cad bane, ahsoka and aayla secura are SOLD]

(Commander Colt and riot trooper  are SOLD)

Mockup comic pack set on the left is available

1 of each available

All are for sale so lmk what you're interested in [CW C3p0 is SOLD]:

First shot Vintage collection Dengar/4-lom blaster rifles in non prod color on sprues with casting flash and markings on the stalks.  Light grey with silverish flakes in the plastic or dull grey. 
$25 each shipped obo

First shot blue lightsaber - havent checked who's saber this is a fs for $5 shipped obo

First shot green lightsaber - havent checked who's saber this is a fs for $5 shipped obo

First shot CW Aurra Sing blaster rifle in non production color $20 shipped obo

First shot CW clone trooper blaster in non production color $5 shipped  obo

CW Thi-Sen First shot w non sonic welded face and waist.  Complete with all accessories.  A hard figure to find at retail.
70 shipped obo

CW clonetrooper commander gree.  White with green shoulder joints.  Complete with rifle, non sonic welded belt, and helmet.
55 shipped obo

VTAC/VOTC SA Snowtrooper.  molded in grey and white complete with skirt, helmet, backpack and blaster
85 shipped obo

Han Solo in endor gear first shot with tracking marks
$80 shipped

2009 Luke snowspeeder pilot w copyrights and pegholes.
75 shipped obo

2008 30ac first shot Jango Fett with 07 copyrights and pegholes Has all accessories except poncho
$90 shipped obo

2009 first shot Super Articulated Battle Droid Commander from geonosis showdown pack with 08 copyrights and pegholes
$45 shipped obo

I've got a 2010 Vintage Collection Dak Ralter first shot prototype for sale or trade - $45 shipped obo

Pm or email me at for wants or questions

Non-numbered Micro Machines club Mail away executor and darth vader exclusive in mockup box with bonus galoob contest giveaway winner mockup non addressed box of mini figures with contest winner letter
$45 shipped [SOLD]

Epic Force Leia tagged sample (someone was writing on something on the cardback as it left an impression of some numbers then was sealed to the card. - 45 shipped [SOLD]
tried to get a picture of the "94" written into the cardback there is another spot or 2 on the card with numbers listed

Epic force leia first shot on cardboard - 35 shipped [SOLD]

epic force han tagged sample no datestamp and mismatching flesh color for chest and head/neck- 40 shipped [SOLD]

30th Anniversary Collection / Wal-Mart "The Force Unleashed" Box Sets
« on: December 10, 2007, 02:48 PM » has a pic of 2 walmart exclusive 3packs

Modern Trading / H: Loose Animated Fett W: TAC coins i'm missing
« on: September 6, 2007, 01:02 PM »
Hello all,

I've got a spare loose animated fett mint and complete missing his coin I would like to trade for some of the TAC coins I don't have. I'd be willing to trade him for:
4 of the basic TAC coins from my list OR
choice of 1 coin from convention figs OR
a SDCC and indiana jones coin and 1 basic coin from my list OR
1 UGH coin
or a combination of the above choices so if you are interested pls shoot me a PM.

Here's the ones I'm missing:


Wave 1

Rebel honor guard
Luke yavin
pilot biggs

Wave 3

Wave 4
Luke jedi

Wave 5:


C4 mcdroids
C4 mcluke
CE mcdroids
CE mcluke
SDCC mc obiwan/yoda
SWS general grevious


Convention coins:
Indiana Jones

I'm looking to get a c4 coin as well as the 3 different unused cardbacks (or more if they hand out more than 3 differnt) that hasbro is handing out at their booth over the next few days.

Please let me know if you have any of these available.

30th Anniversary Collection / 30AC Variations and Errors
« on: March 14, 2007, 01:43 PM »
While I haven't found any error figures yet there is at least one variation out already.

The super battle droid originally came with a warning sticker on the front bubble and a warning sticker on the back of the card.  This was changed to a printed warning on the cardback but still had the bubble warning sticker and then was changed again to have printed warnings on both the insert and the cardback.

The lava miner also has a warning sticker on the bubble and cardback so this figure may be changed next.

Another thing to check would be the concept stormtroopers coin.  The original pics showed the bottom of the coin as reading "Concept" the figures showing up have the coin reading "McQuarie Concept".  So you might check and see how your concept stormy's coin reads.

Also just read about a clean and dirty shield variation on the concept stormy.

Modern Trading / Gorkoracing's wants and trade list (updated 2/23)
« on: January 11, 2007, 02:21 PM »
Updated 2/23
Looking for the titanium series 5 figures of darth maul and luke x-wing if anyone has a set please let me know.  I'm also looking for the series 4 3p0 and greivous as well but series 5 is of top priority!!

Also looking for Kubricks:
I've just started a kubrick collection so i'm interested in getting some more of these little guys. 
Looking for all but except: Greedo, luke jedi, tru 5pack with wicket, and series 7 (except the chase figures)

I'm also looking for error figures.  The odder the better.  Unpainted, missing accessories, packaged upside down or backwards figures or accessories, wrong cards, etc....

Looking for modern prototypes as well.

I have plenty to trade.  I've been collecting since early potf2 and have multiples of pretty much everything from 95-now all carded.  I've even got a good bit of loose vintage and even some carded vintage.  Also got some prototype stuff available.

You can see some pics of some of my stuff here:

Thanks in advance.

Modern Trading / WTT/WTB Errors
« on: July 7, 2006, 10:08 AM »
Like the title says I'm an error collector and am looking for errors of all kinds, preferably carded but I might be interested in some loose ones.  Things like miscards, missing accessories, upside down, unpainted parts, backwards accessories/legs/arms/etc.....

I've got tons of stuff to trade as i've got multiples of pretty much every figure from 95-now including variations.  I've even got a good bit of vintage loose and carded.   I'm willing to trade or buy the figure(s) from you but will be more inclined to trade a harder to find figure than how much i'd be willing to pay in cash.

Most of the pics of my collection are in the 8 pages here.  Most of the pics are only of the various variants, errors, and htf figs in my collection.

Modern Trading / WTT/WTB Errors
« on: March 8, 2006, 01:36 PM »
Like the title says I'm looking for error figures of all kinds.  The weirder the better.  I have tons to trade from vintage all the way to present.  If we cant work out a trade i'll gladly pay you for the item.

If you have any just respond here or shoot me a pm



Collections / Gorkoracing's Collection
« on: January 18, 2006, 11:46 AM »

Newbies / Gorkoracing chiming in
« on: January 17, 2006, 02:25 PM »
My first post over here.  Nice site so far.  I plan on sticking around.

I collect everything from vintage to now but I am really into errors and variations and now getting into the foreign stuff.

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