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I picked up a Red Banada Kithaba for $11 and the Naboo Duel BP (For the heads) for $23 on eBay.
Like everyone else I have to echo that retail really sucks. I had business trips to CA and IA in the last week. I hit several stores and came up empty handed in other states.

I have to agree that he is a mixed bag for sure. Here is hoping for a Target Vint 3pk with a grey version....

A Target I went to had tons of the Vinty 3pks for $6.83. A killer deal and worth picking up some for the deco upgrade. They had 5 different sets on hand: the Denger, ANH Obi, Hoth Leia, Vader and Bossk sets. I picked up the Denger set as they painted him much better. I was able to compare with a single carded Denger that's been rotting there forever, big difference.

I also found the legacy BAD Owen and Beru at WM for $4.50 each and a VC45 Clone for $4.00. Packages were smashed but could not pass them up.

It would be great if they assort the Speederbikes if Target is getting them.
A revised Endor Leia with Speederbike and a Scouttrooper with Speederbike. Since both figures are on Vint cards already they make the most sense to me to do. This should be in the deluxe box like the CW vehicles/figures, It would be nice to see more OT offerings in that series. Screw the Vint package on this all it does is inflate the price and give you less value. It might actually help that segment sell instead of rotting like they are now.

Pete this is great! After seeing your pics i do not feel the need to get every one as some are too close to exisitng Astros. But man i really want some of those combos. Once those new heads hit I may change my mind for collecting every part.

It would have been cooler if it came with a squashed Ewok patty.

Figures with this would have mde it a must have. I have 3 WM ones and 2 Hoth ones (which are so flimsy compared to the WM one.)

I may get one but I will be selling the two hoth ones to make room.

I grabbed the Evazan, Kithaba & Aayla figures along with a "corrected" Barriss and a Bespin Han for Captain Piet....

Hey Pete, can I ask what's corrected on Bariss? I did not hear of this.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2012 "Vintage" Collection Wave 13
« on: May 16, 2012, 03:57 PM »
Overall I like the Hoth Luke a lot for whatever reason I do not have an issues with the shoulders. I agree on the collar, it's an easy fix. I glued it down on mine and have had no issues. My biggest dissappointment with the figure is the head scarf/googles and small neck socket that does not allow any natural fit with other luke heads. I wanted to have a hatless version like in the promo pics.

The INC is a really great figure and a travesty at the same time that he is only one per case and not slated to reship yet. I want many more....

I agree with DA that the CW Anakin was the best figure of the wave. They really delivered a figure that should have been realistic from the get go. Better late than never.

thanks Pete for the time you took to share the info. Just looking at your picutres gives me an early idea of what I need to hunt for. I like some of the combos alot some look like droids we already have which tells me I may not want every single part.

At some point a master picture/combo list is really needed for this line.

Thanks for all of the updates Pete.

I am shocked these did not pop up on eBay yet as I have been looking. I hope some etailors or Disney themselves can help out collecting these. This will be a long haul to collect the series but eventually I can see these showing up at Toy shows and comic cons at jacked up prices.

The lack of OT ships of any sort on the shelves for such a long spell is still surprising me.

Ships in general are struggling more than the figures, they really collect dust. The Naboo fighter is going to be very hard to find me thinks.

Agreed on OT ships. I am ready for another 2 Snowspeeder repaints, a new Skiff and the ESB Slave 1.


I want all of these but the new domes first and foremost. This is such a cluster to collect, I think a new website will be needed just to keep track of all of the parts to track down to complete the set or series. A photo archive for this will be really fun...

Adam Pawlus has a good article estimating how much it would most likley cost to complete...$1k.

Seems more managle to collect and acquire. We need a checklist to complete this. This is going to be expensivley painful but fun....

I found a Aayla at WM yestereday and the rest were gone. I was hoping to find more 501's and was surprised this one was left behind. so WM is getting new stuff in...

Ah man, how is any average collector going to get all of these? eBay will be the only avenue, hopefully some sellers will sell complete lots, I just fear the price. They look great!

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