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You forgot about the part about dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria!

Yeah, your right. My personal hysteria for this series is alreadysetting in... ;)

Oh man, this is going to be very messy if they are being released in a few days. Panic, scalpers and frantic forum outrage could be coming. Difficult the future is to see, always in motion...

I was referencing my concern over the future of BMF's. I am not overly worried about smaller vehicles like the much needed Speederbike. even Mid size I am getting concerned with they have been rotting on pegs like no tomorrow.

That was one of the worst ST references...

In regards to the Avengers I will be interested to see how the Hellicarrier performs at retail.

I have to agree with others that is the worst year for finding figures at retail and for the overall state of the brand since 2003. I been buying by the case since 2006, I have always been an advocate for that instead of searching stores as historically you come up empty handed but I get the thrill of the hunt position of some collectors. I was always able to buy my army builders and doubles at retail at some point. Case packs were perfect back in the day with 2 per case now it's iffy. I adapted by selling or sometimes returning the unopened case extras for army builders or other figures that I wanted. I was always able to find something I wanted at retail. Now, I cant even find much on the pegs, even Denger is disappearing.  Right now, I am not going to attempt to waste my time/gas to army build the Navy Commander since he is one per case and not yet on the radar of re-release yet. That's 19 figure sales Hasbro has lost from me until they fulfill demand. (Tunghori where are you?) It's such a sad state of affairs right now and it is concerning me for the lines future. (This time I really am concerned, I see the line scaling back big time.). I want another x18 of VC 501's but not sure I will find them. When the Shocktrooper hits it will be the same. I want to buy stuff but can't, it's just crazy. I am also not paying $14 a figure to army build from the etailers. Sorry but I am at a point now that I can wait until a better deal comes along like $4.95 for VC BD's.

Target like almost all box stores have truly become irrelevant when it comes to SW collecting, they do not even cross my mind to even look there. I only check the toy aisles when I go there to get household items. I was always backwards prior, check the toy aisle first then get the household stuff. WM is the only retail game in town and that is not saying much. Other brands outside of SW look the same too - dismal. The economy is still in really bad shape still so this compounds the problem as stores are reluctant to relaod whne they have stock on hand. I can't blame them when they are sitting on top of unmoving product.

The saddest part of all of this is that VC is the best line of figures in the line's history. I am really concerned about the MTT's impact on the line going forward. This one has mark down written all over it. The regular vehicles are struggling at $25-$30, a $130 Pez dispenser from the worst SW film is really going to have a hard time selling. I don't care how much you like it this is the Republic Attack Shuttle on Steroids.

I just want a ESB Slave one and Sailbarge befiore the lights are out on BMF's.

I hope these also come as whole sets per droid ore else this is going to be one of the hardest lines to complete. I love that DF is coming back in some capicty. If it comes back in the line I hope we get the cancelled R-3P0 molded in the Saga colors instead of the crappy BP version. It would also be great to see 8D8 done in BAD since the legs and arms are already toolded.

So many possibilities...

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:47 AM »
If I were the Hasbro Product Manager and the cost panned out I would have broke the two case breakdowns for the Evazan waves like this:

1x VC86 Ep I Darth Maul (Final Battle)
1x VC58 Ep III Aayle Secura
1x VC59 EU Nom Anor
1x VC56 Ep VI Kithaba (Barada)
1x VC57 Ep IV Dr. Cornelius Evazan
1x VC51 Ep II Bariss Offee Ponda Baba
1x VC50 Ep V Bespin Han
1x VC53 Ep IV Bom Vindin Echo Base Trooper
1x VC54 EU ARC Trooper Commander
1x VC55 Ep VI Logray Bastilla
1x VC21 Ep VI Gamorrean Guard
1x VC52 Ep IV Rebel Fleet Trooper

1x Qui-Gon Jinn (Phantom Menace) Ponda Baba
1x Darth Maul
1x Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker
1x Darth Vader (Episode IV)
1x Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
1x VC87 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Origin)
1x VC58 Aayla Secura
1x VC59 Nom Anor
1x VC60 501st Clone Trooper
1x VC56 Kithaba (Barada)
1x VC57 Dr. Cornelius Evazan
1x VC28 Wedge Antilles

I would have loved some more Pondas for customs and I was only able to get 5 Echo Base troopers which one I am keeping carded. I would have like another 4 at least. Ponda and the Dr should ship together in the same case - period. He is one of the most recognizable SW characters. It really does not make sense with their over reshipments of EP1 figures. Just look at the 2012 Vintage Star Wars Wave 02 case breakdown:

1x VC75 Ep I Qui-Gon (Final Battle)
1x VC86 Ep I Darth Maul (Final Battle)
1x VC76 Ep I Obi-Wan (Final Battle)
1x VC78 Ep I Battle Droid
1x VC79 Ep I Darth Sidious
1x VC80 Ep 1 Anakin (Padawan)
1x VC83 Ep I Naboo Royal Guard

1x VC92 Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker
1x VC93 Ep IV Darth Vader
1x VC94 Ep IV Imperial Navy Commander
1x VC95 Ep V Luke (Hoth)
1x VC96 EU Darth Malgus

The Vintage Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2012 Discussion
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:39 AM »
I meant the 2005 Pablo Jill not Coleman. My bad for forgetting the forgettable background Jedi. The only Padme that mildly interests me is the Picnic one. I rather the update the Geo Battle or retool the torso of the evo one to look more aesthetically pleasing.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2012 Discussion
« on: March 21, 2012, 05:17 PM »
Maybe it's me but I am still happy with the 2004 version of Coleman. Don't get me wrong I think he would be sweet SA upgraded but I really want to see a new Plo and Saesee first. But it seems that a legless old dude and an old hag librarian are ruling the fan request lists. It's pretty funny when you think about it, out of the thousands of characters the spaced aged senior citizens are winning.

Coming in 2013:
Discover the EP2 Elderly #1: Cleigg Larrs with spring loaded hand shaking action and light up hover Lark with exciting Cleigg catch phrases!!!

Discover the EP2 Elderly #2:  Jocasta Nu with real rubbery skin and brittle bone breaking joint action!

The Vintage Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2012 Discussion
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:35 PM »
Yeah, AOTC doe not have much I want other than Jedi, it was tough. I went for Saesee, Luminara, Plo Koon and some others as I want them to have the Kit Fisto treatment. There are some other resculpts but there is nothing from that film that "I must have". I can think of TPM Jedi that I really want than AOTC and ROTS!

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2011 Hasbro Fans' Choice Poll
« on: March 21, 2012, 03:42 PM »
I can see that happeng, Mara was a metter of time, what a waste I was hoping for Guri or Dash. If some new regime did come in I can see them tossing the fan choice poll as they did Q&A's.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2012 Discussion
« on: March 21, 2012, 03:40 PM »
vote Sarissa Jeng for AOTC!

OK, but vote Dash Rendar when we get to EU. ;)

 1. Sae See Tiin
 2. Luminara Unduli
 3. Padma Pilot
 4. Typho Pilot
 5. Young Boba
 6. Trainee Clone resculpted (Red and Blue outfits)
 7. Sarissa Jeng
 8. Sephjet Josall
 9. Generic Jedi Arena Padawan (reuse TPM Jedi Anakin Body)
10. Hayde Gofai

I got two. Ugh, real bottom of the barrel. I am surprised Eoth Koth and Adi Gallia did not make the list.

And I'll gladly pay $40 for some awesome figures.  I would prefer to see the price go up than to see Hasbro start chintzing out on articulation, like what they are doing in their "childrens' lines" (i.e., The Clone Wars and Movie Heroes).

I actually agree with this sentiment.

Yeah, I do not remeber the last time this happened either. What's funny is that the images been around since TF so it's not like the cat did not leave the bag already. While it was no the package art it's not like most fans who scour the boards did not see these. I am thinking these are TRU exclusives.

I did not hear of the shake up but I will try and get some intel from a friendly source of mine.

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