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The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: March 7, 2012, 04:03 PM »
I picked up some more DTF army builder figures today after reading that the few carry forwars may not get rereleased afterall on several sites. It seems there is some cases revsisions coming so I do think it's a good idea to get them if you see them. I picked up 1 of each of:

Ric Olie (x3 total)
Nabbo Pilot (x6 total)
Gungan (x6 total)
Destroyer Droid (x3 tota,l need one more)

Just a thought, I picked up the new Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan with light up sabers from the Movie Heroes collection. The headsculpts are great but their outfits are perfectly colored like the films. Obi-Wan has while pants and Qui-Gons outfit has a more egg while yellow tint just like the film. The current legacy Style Obi has grey pants and the Qui-Gon has robes that are too white. With all of the re-releases of these two why would Hasbro not update/improve the colors on them in at least on of the lines like DTF? I would have re-bought both of them in a heartbeat to upgrade!

While the MH light up guys are a little bulky they are pretty cool. The headsculpts appear like they will fit on the existing versions too. I cannot dig mine out yet but I will surly try....

Another aspect to all of this I find crazy is with all of the complaints and doom n gloom flying around the interent hrrrm the line in terms of detail, figure selection, articulation and overall breath has never been better. I think the toys themselves are at the top of their game, the majority of new vehicles have been stellar as are the figures. While more deco is needed on the vehicles especially (Think 2007 V-Wing and Rusty Droid Tank) it's hard to say that the new product itself is anything short of amazing.

We beat the hell out of Hasbro on the boards (They do deserve it sometimes) but we should give them some due credit and highlight the excellent job they have done on product execution. They managed to make a D-Rate losers like Dofine look awesome. They actually made you search for Ric Olie. Look how many much needed resculpts were knocked out this year alone. Just look at the last couple of years we got the ICMG, Yarna, Oola, Bom Vidam, BMF, BMF AT-AT, a new slave One, Taun-Tauns, Hoth Turrets, Hoth Radar Guns, Jabbaa w/ Throne etc. Hasbro delivered some amazing product in the last 4yrs alone. They set the bar so high it's no wonder why we all complain, we expect more after seeing what they can do.

All I know is I cannot wait to be resettled again in a new place to set my collection back up. I miss it, I always liked looking at it to see what I amassed on occassion. It sounds nerdy but when you have it all together it's just frigging awesome to behold! I just wanted to throw some positivity as I have zero intention of quitting the line. I love it despite it's issues. After 20 years of collecting SW figures it's a natural part of my routine and yes life. I intend to see it until the end but before that happens there are still alot of items I want to add to my collection.

Viva las Hasbro SW Figurines!!!!

Besides the lines internal problems one huge problem plaguing the entire toy industry right now is soaring costs to manufacture goods. Toys in general (and just about everything else) are becoming too expensive for the casual everyday purchase. They are no longer cheap commodities, they are becoming investments. $9 for a basic figure is the average price now in all lines, think about that. I been in the toy industry for 12 yrs I have never seen prices as high as they are now to manufacture them. I do not mind repacks and understand Hasbro's rounded out approach reusing old kid friendly tools (they are still tooling a lot of new stuff so I think some collectors go a little overboard with the repack complaints) However the choices can be so much better, no disagreement from me there. Even some minor deco changes on existing figures can bring in more collectors to purchase the Movie Heroes line that subsidizes the overall line. So many of the lines problems can be avoided and/or minimized with simple redecos and better case packs, that to me is the most frustrating aspect of all of this. I think the current team has been working on the brand too long, they need fresh eyes and a fresh approach on it. DD brought that once to the line and revived in it circa 2003. I think it's time to pass the torch to fresh blood.

Another overall factor that plagues the line in my opinion is the SW brand has been in our faces pretty strong for a few years straight now. If anything the brand overstayed/overplayed its welcome a bit as it feels a little stale to the average kid. Think about it, LF's big push to get kids back into SW was the TPM. Really? Everyone with a pulsating brain saw it was doomed before it began. Starting with the worst of the 6 films is not a winning strategy. No amount of 3D is going to make a crappy movie any better. Face it, TPM is boring, it's boring to the general audience and especially to kids sans a few scenes. FACT: Most people see it as a boring film, no amount of loving SW is going to change that. I have a hard time getting through it myself and I never got around to seeing it in theaters. (I still did not buy the Blue Ray sets yet either!) They stated that the other films were dependent on the 3D TPM's performance. I would not get my hopes up of AOTC and the other films being released in theaters. If it is expect an even more modest product offering for it. (I do think Hasbro did a great job with the TPM product offering I was very, very pleased with it. They just went a tad overboard like 99.)

That said, I get the need to make a modest TPM statement to support the release but what the hell is Hasbro thinking doing the MTT as the next BMF? It's a boring non hero vehicle and it has a $139.99 price tag. Look how poorly the attack shuttle did and that was only $80. (They do not even move at $39.99!) Who is making the choices on the BMF's lately. Most collectors know this is going to be a slow seller, why cant Hasbro see this? In my experienced opinion this item is doomed to fail and endangers future big vehicles like the Sailbarge Deathstar or Tantive. I am indifferent to the MTT but I will buy one to continue my support in hopes of getting the vehicles I really want. I can no longer support the redecoed PT vehicles like the Yoda Tank and CW starfighters, I do not have the room or interest in them. If it's an OT vehicle no questions I will buy it.

I do not think the line is going anywhere but I expect some disturbances as it works through the bugs. interest downturn and the tough retail environment. I do not think the BP's are anything to worry about, I think the new ones are a test. Anyone that has young kids know that SW figures do not play well as they are too intricate and fall apart.  These new BP's are defiantly kid friendly and if it brings more kids back I can support it as they pay for the obscure collector focused stuff.

The sky is not falling and while I like and appreciate STAN's posts they are not always accurate. I rather hear directly from Hasbro that Vintage is going on hiatus and the real state of the brands performance is dismal before I panic.

I have mixed feeling on these but I mayl buy them both. I like the Vader's pose and the fact that he does not have soft goods, He may look pretty good in a dio. I think the Luke is neat for the true vinty nostaligia factor and the uber yellow hair. The Fett is just stupid big and is a give away. The TPM set would be bought for heads only but I have to see them in person and gauge the likeness/fit otherwise it's a pass.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Star Trek
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:57 PM »
Oh ****.

I missed this news, I thought it was only Kre-O stuff. They finally caught on that Star Trek figures done on a level of SW quality will open up a wormhole in the wallets of their SW figure fanbase. If they are produced on the same level as SW figures there is no possible way to resist this. (Insert Resistance is Futile joke here)

Playmates made it so easy to pass on their last product outing, you can still find them at Wal-Mart and Big Lots.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:49 PM »
Fisto truly is one of best figures made, I only wish they went the the longer King Greyskull loincloth. I heard he went pretty quick, I wanted to pick up another one and Photog since I only have the standard sub but I forgot the sale date. I will pick Photog up at a show or when I see a deal. and one Fisto is enough I decided how to display him.

Sir Laserlot is one step above Spector which is not saying much. He looks/reminds me of those cheap REMCO He-Man knock offs that you could only find at Woolworth's. What horrible vanity pet projects they turned out to be. Toyguru consistently shows himself to be the typical Mattel Marketing d-bag (I worked there for 5yrs, they mass produce them....) who shows how little he knows of MOTU. He is on record saying Flying Fist HM cam before Thunder Punch HM and does not know what appeals to the core fanbase. I hope Spector rots like no tomorrow. Photog made nostalgic sense and the Horsemen designed something that looked like it belonged to MOTU with Draego-Man. (I will surly get him!) the rest are nothing more than wasted tooling. I would have rather seen the tooling go to new Stratos monkey feet or a Alcala styled Power Sword.

I do like the snake-Men 2pk and everything else shown. I can live without the Griffon but it's not as painful as buying the Star Sisters. After Frosta there is not a single POP character I want, they went way to heavy on POP.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: February 24, 2012, 05:42 PM »
Picked up the following at Wal-Mart all for $4.00 each:
x1 Blue Ray Luke
x1 Blue Ray Leia
x1 Blue Ray Lando
x1 Blue Ray Cracken
x1 Blue Ray Mon Cal
x1 TPM Naboo Guard
x2 Endor Rebels (They were the key to my $4.00 mega haul!)

I picked up the new lost scene wave at Wal-Mart today for a lost price scan. I got the whole wave plus a TPM BD and Naboo Guard for $4.00 each thanks to my two clearance Endor Rebels. Since the Blue Ray guys did not scan he adjusted everything to $4.00 a pop! Here is a proof pic:

1. Captain Tarpels
2. Eoth Koth
3. Ada Gallia
4. Senator Palps
5. Panaka
6. Theed Guard
7. Saesee Tiin
8. Depa Bilbobaggins
9. Watto
10. Even Piell

Discover the Force / Movie Heroes / Re: Movie Heroes Battle Packs
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:10 AM »
I think Hasbro has been watching Mattel too closely with their Green Lantern and Batman lines. Their 1/18th stuff was just as putrid as these.

I echo the wasted tooling comments here, that's 6 figure tools flushed (Since these are simpler sculpts figure 3 as the tooling for these are not intense.)They should have just repacked the 1999 Obi, Qui and Maul, outside of the head sculpts they appear to have been better executed. If the new head sculpts are swappable that might be the only grace but then you are left with the bodies which cannot even be used for customs.
I would have loved a bloodied Luke and would have bought the set for him alone. And what the hell is up with the size of Bigga Fett? The one time I wanted repacks with slight mods and they churn this out.

I agree with the sense that they were truly going for a Vintage feel as an experiment with these....

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: The Future of the Clone Wars Toy Line?
« on: February 21, 2012, 04:31 PM »
Flash forward to now and I'm still open to realistic...  No hard data to prove I'm in the majority other than the realistic line's been around for this many years, and has had huge collector support really.  That says something though, that collectors will probably buy realistic CW figures who otherwise were passing because they considered it wholely separate.  I was anything but alone in that feeling at the time.

Count me as being in this camp. I would have bought the entire line had they been realistic. Cad Bane with the Robot, Embo, Armored Savage, Cassius and x2 IG Droids are all I own in my massive collection because they pass for realistic enough. There were so many great characters I would love to have liked to own like Hondo but because they were cartoonish I passed.

That said, I am a bit perplexed that Armored Savage, Season 2 Ashoka are not in the current mixes. CW has seen some rare figures like Sidious, Even Piell and even Sae See Tiin see such limited release. Maybe just maybe if Hasbro stopped shipping the very 1st crappy Cad Bane and included more in demand figures sales would look a little better. Not saying it would cure the lines current problems but it could not hurt. The CW line lasted longer than I thought it was going to so I have to tip my hat to that.

Being with the SW line since the 95 rebirth I can say for certain, like death and taxes, the line always comes back to core mainline figures...that look realistic. Chubby, large, micro, stylized whatever it is one line that never dies is core 3 3/4inch movie style. Not saying it will never die but too many of us invested so heavy into it for so long that SW figures that are 1/18th scale should never deviate from realistic.

He will also look great with extra Endor or Fleet Trooper helmets. He looks like a good generic Trooper. I hope his neck post take a ques from the Naboo pilot. the Naboo pilot head/neck post fits perfectly with the Fleet Trooper and Hoth Trooper, no dremmel needed. I have not tested other heads on him yet but I hope the trend of easily swappable heads continues.

I cannot wait I have two cases on preorder from BBTS, I am looking forward to Lando the most. I will have to hunt for a couple more Lukes, Landos and Cracken for some other displays. The case pack here really is solid except for Qui-Gon who can easily be returned to the store. I hope the other waves follow suit and get released on time. I have yet to see the preorders for the next waves...

The Vintage Collection / Re: Toy Fair 2012
« on: February 20, 2012, 02:37 PM »
Like JJ I was bummed of no mail away mentioned. I thought the Proto Fett was the best one yet because it fits into the collection nicley and makes a cool generic Mando. I was hoping to see a a Sebastian Shaw Ghost Anakin be the next MA figure, that would truly hearken back to Kenner nostalgia. I have to say overall Hasbro has a great line on tap this year how anyone could be disappointed is beyond me. I do question the choice of the Droid Closet Tank but it's still neat that they made it. Seeing how the TPM flopped only makes the choice seem more like a "I told you so". I am still committing to buying one.

Like other debut figures I think Tarkin will look better in production. I hope they use a thicker cloth material like the Target Han Hoth, I think it would blend in a little better. I like how they tackled so many much needed re-sculpts in one year, it fills a lot of holes in my collection. I am hopeful we will see Yakface, Ree-Yees and Snaggletooth at SDCC. STAN said to expect them more or less so it must be true...

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