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Justin McCareins - WR
Nice pick this late :)

Thanks. Ended up altering my pick for this round due to the surprise of still seeing him there.

Justin McCareins - WR

Mark Campbell - TE

I'll be away from the comp until tomorrow night in all likelyhood. I have sent my next 2 rounds of picks to Brent so things shouldn't slow down on account of me.

Josh Brown - K

Santana Moss - WR

Joey Harrington - QB

Marin Wants Antwaan Randle El (spelling?), WR.

Damn, I was hoping he'd slip by to my next pick.

Mewelde Moore - RB

Damn, and here I was all ready to go with my next pick (barring Mosnab not taking him next). I'll be checking back periodically thruout the evening to see if it's to me yet.

Eddie Kennison - WR

Larry Johnson would never have made it to your next pick Zod. That's who I was wanting to take with my next selection. Now it's back to the drawing board.  ::)

Kerry Collins - QB

I'll be gone until morning so Dressel has my next pick, as well as a potential trade for the next round, depending on how things play out by my next pick.

Kevin Barlow - RB

Morgbug takes DeShaun Foster - RB

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Gas Prices
« on: August 12, 2005, 12:47 PM »

Without getting political, "our representative government" is hellbent on not raising the minimum wage, but they readily vote themselves raises whenever the moment suits them.   

Actually, didn't minimum wage just increase to $6.15 like this month? That's a buck an hour raise. Now if they'd just give everyone a buck an hour raise, things would be a little easier.

Gas for me was $2.55 yesterday. I remember when it sucked ass just paying $2 a gallon. How I long for those days now.  :-\

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