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Freddy Garcia - SP

Yeah, he only gave me enough for 2 rounds though. But that's still good. We're able to make some nice progress this way. Definitely a good way to pass the time at work.  ;)

I'm going with Roy Halladay - SP

Dressel will take Francisco Cordero - RP

I will take Travis Hafner - 1B

I was eyeing Hafner this coming round.  Was hoping he'd slip through.  Nice pick.

Thanks. A bit of a last second decision actually but I'd had his name on my mind for a few rounds now and figured now was as good a time as any to pull the trigger.

And for the record, I do not have anymore of Dressel's picks now. He only gave me enough for 2 rounds so once it gets back to me again, we'll be done until Dressel gets on later this evening.

Dressel will take Francisco Cordero - RP

I will take Travis Hafner - 1B

I will take Carlos Lee - OF

Dressell will take Richie Sexson - 1B

Carlos Zambrano - SP

Well, I'm running out for about an hour and a half. If Broem makes a pick in that time, Dressel will be making my next pick. Hopefully.  ;)

We wouldn't get much farther anyway, I'm also out of picks from Dressel too. He only hooked me up with picks thru the 7th round for him.

I think Brent said he'd be back around 6pm, board time. So just a few more hours. He'll probably be shocked that we're back to him again already.

I guess we're on to Dressel's next pick, which is the last one I have of his right now...

Dressel takes Adam Dunn - OF

And then I will take Mark Loretta - 2B

Eric Chavez, 3B

 >:( Damnit, what's who I was wanting to pick up next.

I will then go with Hank Blaylock - 3B

And following that up, Dressel will take Bret Boone - 2B

Carl Pavano - SP

Actually, it's Zod's pick again.

Yep, he left them with me.

Brent will take - Jim Edmonds - OF and Marcus Giles - 2B

Yep, because I have Brent's 5th and 6th round picks, as well as Dressel's next pick, so we should be able to swing it back to Famine in a matter of minutes.

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