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Saga '02-'04 / Re: Best/Worst of 2003?
« on: January 4, 2004, 12:14 PM »
This thread deserves a little more attention. I'll try to spice things up with my Annual Muftak Awards for 2003.

Winners are highlighted.

Best Accessory 2003: A category I love, this year had a great new wrinkle with the inclusion of bases. This year's contenders are:

  • Clone Wars Yoda's hoverdisk
  • Mynock Hunt Chewie's Mynock
  • Carkoon Boba's flames
  • Wat Tambor's console
  • Obi Wan's Outlander Bar
Best Vehicle 2003: A category usually dominated by rehashes, this year there were quite a few brand-new standouts. The nominees are:

  • Anakin's Swoop Bike
  • TIE Bomber
  • Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
  • Hailfire Droid
  • A-Wing
Best Multipack 2003:A new category, as the deluxe line was dropped in favor of multipacks. I'm including all multipacks to heighten the competition:

  • Battle of Hoth giftset
  • Jedi Council I (Mace Windu , Oppo Rancissis and Even Piel)
  • Imperial Forces giftset
  • Clone Army Builders (any color)
  • Geonosian Warroom I (Poggle the Lesser, San Hill, and Count Dooku)
Best EU Figure 2003: another pet category of mine. With the Clone Wars, things really broke open here this year:

  • SP-4 & JN-66
  • Concept Stormtrooper
  • Durge
  • ARC Trooper
  • Asajj Ventress
Best Basic Figure--Resculpt: I break the Best Figure category down some to highlight the updated figures, as opposed to those we've never seen before. A very tough field this year:

  • Super Articulated Clone Trooper
  • Boba Fett--Pit of Carkoon
  • Hoth Han Solo
  • Droid Factory Chase Padme
  • Camp Ambush Tusken Radier
Best New Basic Figure: The prize of the Muftak Awards. This year's nominees are:

  • Aayla Secura
  • Ashla & Jempa
  • Bail Organa
  • Wat Tambor
  • Janus Greejatus
And there you have it!!

Toy Reviews / Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack
« on: December 12, 2003, 10:54 PM »
I bought this figure today, the only Hoth wave figure to be found at the store, and I have to say I'm pleased with this Luke. Here's the rundown of his vital stats:

Articulation: Waist, Hips, Ball Jointed-Shoulders, Neck (turns at shoulders and pivots at jawline)

I was very surprised to see the extra neck articulation (guess I missed it in the previews) The scarf pivots, too, so that's a little bit of "bonus" articulation as well. The neck looks a little bit goofy, but that's a trade-off I'm willing to accept for the extra posability. The shoulders are very well done--Hasbro is getting really good at these.

On the negative side, there really could've been some articulation on the wrists or forearms, there's plenty of leeway for it in the sculpt.

Accessories: Plastic-hilt lightsaber with removable blade, Goggles, Scarf (well, sort of), Ice Chunk Base.

The accessories are a bit of a grey area for me. The goggles looked nice in the package, but once I got 'em out it was too apparent they were just the Mechanic Chewie goggles in new colors, and therefore a little too large to look good anywhere near Luke's face. Still, it's a cool bonus and something they didn't have to give us at all.

The lightsaber looks real nice, as I pulled it out I couldn't help noticing a largish knob on the hilt, obviously put there to plug into Luke's belt in deactivated mode. Except...there's no hole on Luke's belt, or on Luke anywhere so far as I can see. Guess there was a miscommunication at the design phase.

The scarf isn't really an accessory, but it does pop out of his head (and leaves a large hole in Luke's head).

The ice chunk base is the standout accessory, I knew it was meant to attatch Luke to the Wampa's base, but it works just fine as a stand-alone--Luke's feet "clip" in rather than plug into pegs, so it gives a nice feeling of being sunk in the snow. Upside down, it looks like the "frozen into the ceiling" scene from the movie.

Sculpt: There's nothing here not to love. The neck is a bit off to accomodate the extra joint, otherwise there's nothing even to nitpick. The bulk of the outfit is conveyed beautifully at the belt area. He has a wonderfully detailed holster, and the face is dead-on, scarred in the sculpt even!The buttons and badges are right on, as is the wrist commlink. I can't praise this sculpt enough.

Paint: On top of the beautiful sculpt, the paint job is fantastic. The blood on the face is the first thing that jumped out at me, and though it looks like it could be easily screwed up, mine is flawless. The rank badges,  buttons, belt snaps, boot cinches, and wrist commlink are all clean and crisp. The lightsaber hilt is two-toned correctly, and the ice base has a light white applied over the translucent blue.

Overall: I like this figure, I like him a lot. I would be happy if Hasbro slightly retooled the face to eliminate the scars and release a "clean" version somewhere down the road. It's a solid, well done piece.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: BAIL ORGANA WAVE = A+ rating!
« on: November 25, 2003, 05:58 AM »
I've seen this wave a few times, I was searching madly for Concept Troopers, so of course I saw most of them around except for that. I picked up the Dignitary and (eventually) three Troopers. I'm pretty happy with my purchases--the Concept Stormies are about as good as I'd hoped.

I came very close numerous times to picking up Bail--he just seems so "key" to the saga even if he hasn't done much yet, plus the Obi-Wan hologram looked very nice. None of the other figures moved me much.

Is the Obi-Wan really that good of a figure, or is this just a case of lowered expectations after Acklay, Pilot, and CC Obi? Maybe the few that I saw had really bad paint applications, but he looked just as "off" as the previous Ep 2 versions to me, so I never considered picking him up...interesting...

Thanks everyone.

Corran, the images are indeed on a circular piece of posterboard connected to a knob that turns. My original idea was to use a push-pin thru the front of the console, just above the screen itself to both hold the wheel together and act as the knob, but during construction I found out the friction was causing the push-pin to become separated from the circular piece every time, it would come loose after a few turns and stop working.

After a bit of tinkering, I came up with an alternate mechanism--there is now a much larger knob connected to the back of the wheel, firmly glued into place. The angled section of the computer fits flush to the angled back corner, and the knob connected to the back of the computer sticks out a hole in the outer wall of the playset. The "pin" that holds the wheel in place (and that you can see in the lower part of this picture: )

is now made from an earring I found at the dollar store that looked vaguely like the controls on the computer. I attatched the other earring to the computer too, to make this one look less funky.

No plans on making the elevators work, though I did figure out a way they could be made to work and retain the ability to come apart level by level (if, say, Hasbro were to devise a real toy based on the design.) For my taste, the tubes were too shallow to try sticking figures in them and making opening doors.

This thing is holding together like a rock--each level simply sits on top of the one below it, but they're so wide it's pretty easy to pick it up by the base and carry it like an enormous birthday cake. The next level should be interesting in that regard, because I'm splitting it down the middle and building it as two dioramas that fit together. The column that will hold the Tractor Beam controls will sit atop the seam, essentially making level four a three-piece construction.

Lastly, here are some pictures that show the entire diorama as it stands now:

It's about half the height of the finished project now, to give you a better idea of the scale of wha I'm shooting for. Level 4, which is already well underway, contains Tarkin's control room (with more changing screen images) and a hallway with a closing blast door. Look for more pictures soon!!

Next we have the main hallway outside the Hangar Bay itself:

this is the other side of the Command Office doorway, which actually connects out into the hall:

and the elevator hub:

I originally designed this level to have a guardrail around the large open area in the hallway, but it got way too cluttered looking so I removed it.

At long last, here's a look at level three, starting with the Command Office:

(I made the Han and Luke storimes as well!)

Door closed...

...amd open.

Also, there's a knob built in that turns to allow the image on the main computer screen to change...

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hall of Fame assortment
« on: November 6, 2003, 09:39 AM »
I am a bit torn about the idea of the HOF series. I love the idea of a 12-different figure casepack, it's the sort of thing I've been insistent about (come fall every year, Hasbro should bundle the year's offerings into a couple 12 figure cases and sell through till Christmas. It would work.) Here the idea is hindered by the fact that none of these figures were ever hard to find. Commtech Stormies can still be bought by the four-pack at the old Fan Club Website, and the Wizards mall stores blew them out for  insanely cheap prices. I'm betting the R2 will be the initial SAGA version (EFX Rehash).

At retail, it's a double edged sword also. This is the perfect case for Hasbro to sell to a drug store/grocery store chain with no space. I'm sure these figures will sell in those places--imagine two pegs filled with the variety of this case.

I just fear WalMart, Target, and TRU placing orders for these in lieu of genuine new figures, and the glut that would follow.

Will I buy them? No.

The Original Trilogy / Re: EP 7,8 and 9 still a possibility?
« on: October 23, 2003, 09:42 AM »
I think at this point I'd have to agree that Episodes 7-9 would feel like a tacked-on sequel in the vein of Jaws 2 or Alien 3. There just aren't the loose ends as of ROTJ--the story will need to generate a new antagonist as well as new heroes, and at that point I feel like it's not a continuation, but something else, milking the cash cow or something.

As it stands, the two trilogies do tell the story of Anakin Skywalker, period. If there are going to be more movies, I'd prefer them to be titled something stand-alone rather than be Episode Whatever.

The original Star Wars story is done, but they could tell another.

Power of the Jedi / Re: 25th Anniversary Sets - Opened or Boxed?
« on: October 20, 2003, 12:12 AM »
Matt hit the nail on the head, the Vader/Kenobi scene and the Luke/Leia scene will have places in my Death Star.

I bought an extra (clearanced) Luke/Leia set just for the base last year and stuck a pair of stormtroopers on it to complement the real sets.

Right now I've got them all opened and lined up on a shelf, along with an open Silver R2 paired with TC-14 to commemorate the "silver" anniversary.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: As expected... PEGWARMERS!
« on: October 11, 2003, 07:25 AM »
I think a part of the strategy in releasing these figures was to intentionally make them pegwarmers. As someone mentioned above, this is the only case shipping these three figures, and the line is gonna be around through Christmas. Theoretically, Hasbro wants kids to be able to buy Anakins and Yodas (while collectors keep buying ARCs) all through the holidays. If so, the stores have gotta stock up now while they're available thorugh Hasbro.

It only follows logically, then, that Wave 2 will hit in slightly smaller numbers (since some Wave 1 will still be out there) and Wave 3 will be even smaller...but by that time the entire line ought to be available on the shelves at the same time, in more or less the same quantity.

If Hasbro refuses to ship figures at 1 per case (which I think is the best stategy, but what do I know?) then I like the "four of three" waves as long as there is no spillover to later cases. Most of POTJ shipped like that, and they cleaned up well (Until the Bespin Guard wave reshipped with Training Obi and Shmi.)

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and support. I'm glad this thing has been a hit within the community.

Matt, I spend about 10 hours a week working on it, give or take. I seem to be able to turn out a level a month so far, but I actually started the project in June, and spent a solid month planning things out level by level so that everything would fit just right. A lot of the work time now is spent on designing the decals, since this is my first opportunity at photoshop-type applications. The plan has always been to finish by December, and that looks like it'll happen.

I'm still looking for something to use as those wall sensors, I've got plenty of room to stick 'em, but I love those little cannons...

The console is built from a foamcore skeleton covered with black posterboard skin. Basically, the leg pieces are two pieces of foamcore joined face-to-face, the back one slightly taller than the front. A third wedge-shaped piece is placed on top at the angle made by the different heights. Then the posterboard covers the joints, with stickers and scavenged car model pieces to complete the look.

The next level to come will be the Docking Level, featuring the Command Office (above Leia's Cell) with an opening/closing door and rotating computer screens. The elevators continue up into the docking level also to give the illusion of a straight ride (though they are non-functional). A curving hallway joins the two sides, with the Docking Bay Doors (and a large decal of the Falcon in Hanar 2037) in the rear center.

I don't think I could build another Death Star, though. This one was all about seeing my wishlist of rooms and features come to life, someone else would want other things and <poof> the magic would be gone for me.

(Of course, if enough money were offered, I'd stop being an idealist real quick...)  ;)

Some Star Wars to Hobbit names for you all...

Luke Skywalker = Dimple Sandybanks
Han Solo = Posco Danderfluff
Chewbacca = Mungo Bolger
Leia Organa = Ruby Goldworthy of Michel Delving
Darth Vader = Mungo Burrows
Obi-Wan Kenobi = Berilac Deepdelver of Brockenborings
Anakin Skywalker = Popo Sandybanks
See Threepio = Podo Proudfoot
Artoo Detoo = Meriadoc Foxburr of Fair Downs
Boba Fett = Ponto Underhill of Frogmorton
Jabba the Hutt = Polo Bolger of Newbury
Yoda = Olo Overhill of Rushy

(brought to you by good ol' Sancho Peatfingers of Brockenborings)

The Original Trilogy / SE Greedo Scene: Was it just poor execution?
« on: October 1, 2003, 08:11 PM »
Imagine if you will, a scene from the "Ultimate" edition of ANH on DVD in 2006:

Greedo threatens Han, while Han silently pulls his blaster from the holster. Then, just as you instinctively cringe to watch the poorly edited "Greedo shooting first", your draw drops as an entirely new image plays out: Greedo shoots with precise aim, but Han rolls smoothly to the right, clears his blaster above the table, and burns a hole in Greedo's chest.

All of it clean and clear (the way George really wants it) redone on stage with Harrison Ford's face painstakingly mapped onto a double's head.

Would the scene be passable in your eyes then?

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Modular Death Star Dioramas
« on: September 30, 2003, 08:57 PM »
Lastly, here are some more "overall" images that show the diorama as it stands now:

To allow the cell door to still be able to open, I had to put an opening thorugh the side exterior wall of the diorama:

In addition, I made a part of this wall completely removable so that the Cell was accessible for play when the whole thing is put together:

The ceiling line for this level also gives you a rough design of what the third (Docking Bay) level's floorplan will look like.

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