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The Vintage Collection / TRU Exclusive Endor Big AT-AT
« on: November 15, 2012, 12:20 AM »
Mods: Didn't see a thread for this, so if there is one, I apologize

These are hitting TRUs I guess, as I saw cases of them on the top shelf at my local "rich part of town" TRU today. Price was $129.99. I still need a Big AT-AT but might just buy one of the Hoth ones since they're the same price and I'm not that into the muddy paintjob.

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Sent PMs not showing?
« on: November 4, 2012, 02:56 PM »
I'm currently in the middle of a few trades/figure sales and keep forgetting who I've PMed and what I've PMed them about but when I click on "Sent Messages" nothing shows up. Is this a glitch or am I too dumb to find where to view sent PMs? ???

« on: May 4, 2012, 05:29 PM »
Just ordered the big Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 model from LEGO's online store for the May the 4th promo... not shipping until the end of the month but this sucker is going to look great next to the big Yoda statue from 2002.

Jocasta's Reading Room / Crimson Empire III
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:53 AM »
Picked up the first issue today on my weekly comic book run. Not sure why exactly but I figured why not. It's pretty dull, too much political discussion. Not sure of the timeframe either... it says 13 years after Yavin and they mention Nom Anor but hint at a rebellion about to occur by some rowdies. Then at the end we see the Imperial Remnant with some ARC-170s and V-Wings and such. Very weird, but I'm not exactly an expert on post-ROTJ EU.

I guess I'll pick up the rest of the issues as they come out but this just reminds me why it's better to wait for Trade Paperbacks for Star Wars comics.

JD Sports Forum! / College Sports 2011-2012
« on: August 14, 2011, 04:07 PM »
Figured I'd start up a thread even though only a handful of us keep up with college sports.

So the football season is less than 3 weeks away, and the big story going on now is the possible addition of my alma mater Texas A&M to the Southeastern Conference. I don't think we jump, especially after what happened last year, but it's pretty funny watching ESPN report on A&M "running away due to greed and ego"... and then listening to them shilling Texas' new glorified Pay Per View network. Yep, no bias there.

Anyone else tuning in on September 3?

Star Wars Universe / Boba Fett: The Movie
« on: July 29, 2011, 03:40 AM »

That's right, apparently Johnston is in the process of trying to get George Lucas to make a feature length Star Wars film centered around everyone's favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Though his appearances in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are brief, the character has become one of the most recognizable and loved characters in the Star Wars universe and has since enjoyed plenty of attention in various books, comics and video games taking place in Lucas' galaxy far, far away. However, this is the first time that a film based around the infamous character has been discussed by higher powers in the industry. When asked if he would direct the film, Johnston said, "I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.

I personally hope this is an early/late April Fools joke and that there is no serious discussion of this horrible idea actually going on in San Francisco.

JD Sports Forum! / 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket
« on: March 13, 2011, 09:58 PM »
Figured I'd make one for the 2 or 3 others who might be interested in participating

Yahoo Group ID: 97466
Group Name: JediDefender
Password: berry

Carded/Loose Pics of Wedge

Headsculpt looks a lot better than the Target X-Wing set. Does he use the "average" Pilot body or the smaller Luke one?

JD Sports Forum! / JD College Football Bowl Pick 'Em 2010
« on: December 11, 2010, 07:31 PM »
I posted this in the college football thread but there are like 3 people who read it, and we could use more participants. Starts next Saturday (December 18).

Group ID: 7177
Password: berry

JD Sports Forum! / College Football 2009
« on: July 28, 2009, 04:17 AM »
It's that time of year again, and there are many questions that need to be answered, such as...

- Will Urban Meyer hang a hundred on Lane Kiffin?
- Will Bob Stoops win his first BCS bowl game in forever?
- Will Jim Tressel win his first BCS bowl game in forever?
- How many times will Lane Kiffin violate NCAA rules?
- Will Charlie Weis finally be fired?
- Will Mack Brown finally brush his teeth?

National Championship prediction:

Florida 42, Texas 24

Modern Trading / WTT: Silver U-3PO parts for Champagne Parts
« on: July 2, 2009, 09:58 PM »
All have been accounted for

The Legacy Collection / TLC "Geonosis Assault" Battle Pack
« on: February 16, 2009, 12:09 PM »
I didn't see a thread on this but felt it deserved one... feel free to mod/lock/whatever if need be.

So we're finally getting a scaled turret gun for the Gunship... I personally think this is a great idea for a Battle Pack. The Evolutions Clone Pilots were awesome, and the extras that we know we'll all have can easily be converted to regular Clones. That gun looks amazing, hopefully it fits well with the Gunship!

Modern Classifieds / Diddly's For Sale List
« on: December 27, 2008, 05:07 PM »
First time I've ever done one of these things... I'm usually buying and not selling but the time has come to get rid of some stuff taking up too much space.

(very small amount of purchasing) Feedback can be found here.



Carded Stuff (make sure to ask about condition if you care, as it might not be MOC)

- TSC General Veers - $3
- 30AC Target Exclusive Order 66 Mace Windu & Galactic Marine - $4
- 30AC Comic Pack: Quinlan Vos and Vilmarh Grahrk - $7 PENDING
- ROTS Target Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper - $8
- Gentle Giant Zuckuss Mini-Bust - $10
- Star Tours Boarding Party Set - $35

Loose Stuff (complete unless otherwise noted)

- Darth Vader (from 30AC Target Exclusive Order 66 set w/ Commander Bow) - $1 PENDING
- Obi-Wan Kenobi (from ROTS/TSC Separation of the Twins set) - $1
- Padme Amidala (from Target Exclusive Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack) - $1
- C-3PO (from Target Exclusive Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack) - $1
- R2-D2 (from Target Exclusive Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack) - $1
- Yoda (from Target Exclusive Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack) - $1
- Emperor Palpatine (from Target Exclusive Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack) - $1
- Emperor Palpatine (from Target Exclusive Order 66 set w/ Commander Thire) - $1 - MISSING CLOAK
- Commander Cody (2006 The Saga Collection) - $1
- Darth Vader (Marvel Comic Pack) - $1
- Rebel Fleet Trooper (Marvel Comic Pack) - $1
- Stormtrooper (Marvel Comic Pack) - $1
- Chewbacca (Marvel Comic Pack) - $1
- Prince Xizor (from TLC Shadows of the Empire Comic Pack) - $3 PENDING
- Princess Leia (from TLC Shadows of the Empire Comic Pack) - $3
- A'Sharad Hett (from 30AC Comic Pack) - $3 PENDING
- Dark Woman (from 30AC Comic Pack) - $3 PENDING
- Chameleon Droid (regular) (from Target Exclusive Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack) - $5
- Chameleon Droid (clear) (from Target Exclusive Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack) - $5
- Senate Pod (from Target Exclusive Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack) - $6
- Jabba the Hutt (2003/04 SAGA Ultra Edition with rail, bowl and hookah pipe) - $6 - MISSING TONGUE AND FROG


- Star Wars: Attack of the Clones by R.A. Salvatore (Hardcover) - $3
- Star Wars: New Jedi Order - Vector Prime by R.A. Salvatore (paperback) - $2
- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks (paperback) - $1
- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by Patricia C. Wrede (paperback; children's version) - $1
- Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice - Deceptions by Jude Watson (paperback) - $1
- Star Wars Journals: Anakin Skywalker by Todd Strasser (paperback) - $1
- Star Wars Journals: Luke Skywalker by John Peel (paperback) - $1
- Star Wars Journals: Han Solo by Donna Tauscher (paperback) - $1
- Star Wars Journals: Princess Leia by Jude Watson (paperback) - $1


- Spider-Man: The Official Movie Adaptation - $2
- Simpsons Comics: Unchained - $2
- Simpsons Comics: Royale - $2
- Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #1 (from TLC Thrawn/Karrde Comic Pack) - $1
- Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire #5 (from TLC Xizor/Leia Comic Pack) - $1 (free with purchase of both Leia and Xizor)
- Star Wars: The Hunt for Aurra Sing (from 30AC Hett/Dark Woman Comic Pack) - $1 (free with purchase of both Hett and Dark Woman) PENDING

Be sure to ask about BAD parts, 30AC Coins, TSC Holographic Minifigures, and Indiana Jones Relics!

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Front Page News
« on: December 23, 2008, 09:51 PM »
I hate to be "that guy" but I feel it's come time to point out just how... lacking the front page news has been. I know the site has been having to deal with certain things like Jeff's departure but I think that the site could post at least a few updates a week. Other than prototype images and Q&A's being posted every few weeks , there's really nothing.

I think there are plenty of newsworthy items regarding non Hasbro lines that could be posted on the homepage, info on local cons taking place, not to mention interesting articles from the official SW site (they happen once a year but yeah). If we need to stoop really low we could even post updates from sponsors.

I don't know, I feel JD could offer a lot more than it is... if you guys need help, I (and I'm sure a bunch of other forum members) would be willing to give a hand.

The Legacy Collection / Will Droids become the new Clones?
« on: February 17, 2008, 02:48 PM »
So, I couldn't help but notice all of the droids that were shown off at Toy Fair. Now I'm a huge droid enthusiast who's been waiting a decade for new droids that aren't C-3PO and R2-D2. We're getting the new Droid Factory sets, and the Build-A-Figure will consist of Protocol and Astromech droids. Now this is all fine and dandy, but I can't help but think back to the early days of AOTC and ROTS when all we were getting was white Clones. Hasbro started to pump out the colored Clones based on ones in the film, and around 2006/2007 they started going overboard with the colors. Now it's to the point where it seems like Hasbro is just making up colors, slapping together a backstory for a Clone Squadron, and putting them on the shelves. I'm scared that this same thing is going to happen with the droids.

Now granted, there are probably hundreds of millions of droids in the galaxy, so it's believable that some color schemes could actually exist in the "real" SW world. I'm just worried that Hasbro is going to start offering us "Felucia Camoflauge Astromech Droid!" or "Imperial Shadow Protocol Droid!" instead of something we'd all like to buy. Same thing that happened with the Clones; I'd rather not see Hasbro oversaturate the market with droids, since they appear to be pretty popular with everyone.

Hopefully I'm not coming off as negative, since I'm pretty pumped for these new sets. This is just some food for thought.

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