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TV-9D9 / Robot Chicken Star Wars
« on: June 12, 2007, 02:34 PM »
Not sure if this has been posted yet, or how many other people know about it but the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken will be doing a 30 minute Star Wars special this Sunday night (June 17) at 10 PM EST. Now they've done Star Wars related stuff in the past, but this special appears to be all new material (and some using Hasbro toys). They even got multiple SW personalities to provide voices for the special. So far they've announced that Ahmed Best, Mark Hammil, and Uncle George himself will be providing voices.

Looks to be awesome, and I can't wait for it.

You can find out more info (and watch clips) here.

For those of you who don't frequent Yakface, I've been rereleasing all of my old Photonovels from the Sith Revelations series I made back in 2005. About a month ago I decided to go back and finish the series, and shooting has just wrapped up. I've set a release date of May 4, 2007, which should provide major competition for Spider-Man 3.  :P

Until then, here are a few teaser shots that I've released:

For those of you who weren't around in 2005, you can check out what you've missed by clicking HERE. There you can find out about the series and find links to all of the previous chapters I've posted.

Star Wars Action Figures / Astromechs?
« on: March 5, 2007, 11:44 PM »
I was just wondering if any of you guys had tried boiling/popping any of the Hasbro Astromechs? The reason I ask is that the third "foot" on my TSC R4-K5 was put on backwards. I'm guessing that I could just boil/pop it to fix it, but I've never boiled/popped anything other than the "human" figures before. Just wondering if you guys had any advice/remedies for this. Thanks!

LEGO / These ARE The Droids You're Looking For
« on: February 17, 2007, 12:42 PM »

... aka Lego's version of the UGH.

Promo Poster

Apparently later in the year, Lego is going to insert 10,000 vac-metalized C-3PO minifigs into random SW Lego sets. And then there will be a random drawing where 5 people will win a 14k gold C-3PO figure.

14k gold figure

Sounds pretty cool. I hope I can find one, but I won't be disappointed if I don't get one.

Collections / Diddly's Collection
« on: December 28, 2006, 03:15 AM »
Earlier tonight I cleaned/reorganized my collection. I'm not 100% done, but I decided to take some pics of all of my stuff.

On top of my dresser (mix of Hasbro and Lego):

Top of my bookshelf (various Lego):

Some DVDs:

Bin under desk filled with older figures/figures I have no room for:

More underneath the desk, unopened items:

Extra figures on my desk. I still need to find a spot for them. Computer games can be seen:

More DVDs (Episodes I-III and Clone Wars series under the Homer head):

Top left of my desk:

Top roght of my desk:

JD Sports Forum! / NCAA Football 2006 - 2007
« on: August 28, 2006, 11:53 PM »
I didn't see a thread for the new year, which is beginning this week...

So who's rooting for who this season? I'm sticking with my beloved Texas Longhorns. We had the major loss of VY going pro, but we're training two good quarterbacks in Jevan Snead and Colt McCoy. Also returning are Jamaal Charles, who is a running powerhouse, along with Selvin Young, Limas Sweed, and Billy Pittman. Should be a good season!

Another big story going around the Big XII is Rhett Bomar getting kicked out of OU and settling in at Sam Houston State. Crazy stuff there.

Use this thread to discuss the season!

The Wookiee Arcade / Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:38 AM »
Teaser Trailer

Holy crap... this game looks insane! I've always wanted to play a SW game where you just use Force powers to unleash hell. Looking forward to this one very much...

Photonovels and Movies / Shadowstalker - Chapter One
« on: June 15, 2006, 01:05 AM »
About a year ago, I brought you a photonovel series called The Sith Revelations. Budget, real life, and a variety of other things interfered, however, and I quietly axed the project the weekend after Thanksgiving after the latest novel had been posted. One week later, I found a Utapau Shadow Trooper at Target. I had an idea for a Photonovel ever since I saw the prototype pics for the Trooper, but decided to hold off for a while. Now, I have decided to pick up the project and bring it to you. Here's a preview...

The Clone Wars are raging across the Galaxy. Jedi and their Clones fight Battle Droids on various planets. Luckily, I am not with them.

I am a specially trained Clone Trooper - like ARC Troopers, only a few of my kind exist. However, I am different than any other Clone. My work begins at sundown.

Interesting things happen at night. Greedy politicians make deals with underworld gangsters, threatening what little peace and stability is left in the galaxy. They sit in the shadows of their offices, thinking they're alone.

But they don't know that I'm there with them. Listening to every word they say. They're about to die. All because of me.

I am a Shadow Trooper.

Expect a July release!

Hey Hasbro! / Knee Joints
« on: February 1, 2006, 12:21 AM »
Please Hasbro, we want knee joints back.

Your newest TSC figures have been very good, but lacking knee joints, which is upsetting to us collectors who like to play with pose our figures in various positions. I can live without ankle joints, and I don't care if we get standard joints (ala Saga Jedi Luke) instead of ball-jointed knees. I just want my figures to be able to sit, dangit!

Photonovels and Movies / TSR Part 6: The Power of Money
« on: November 25, 2005, 11:32 PM »
Well, it's finally here! After a month or so of delay, quite possibly the biggest chapter of TSR has arrived! Enjoy...


It is mid-morning on Trideeno. Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando, and Senator Forgs are eating breakfast in the dining room. Everyone is still shaken up from the explosion in Luke's room the previous night. Also suspicious is the disappearance of R2-D2, C-3PO, Admiral Elick, and Han Solo. Robilus and Sivart Dralco enter the dining room.
ROBILUS: Good morning, friends! I trust that everyone got a good night sleep, aside from the explosion?
CHEWIE: Rerrrraw!
LANDO: Yeah, Iíve had better nights myself.
SIVART: You feeling better, Luke?
LUKE: Actually, I am. Iím feeling much better, thanks to the Force.
LEIA: Mr. Dralco, I was wondering if youíve seen Han this morning? And our droids?

ROBILUS: I saw the droids on my way here. They said they would like to look around some more while we eat. As for Captain Solo, he must still be sleeping, as I havenít heard from him since last night. The same goes for Admiral Elick.
Leia gives Luke a strange look, showing her distrust for the Dralcos.
ROBILUS: Now, if you are all finished, we will be making our way to the Trideeno capitol building. President Talos has arranged for us to go on a special VIP tour, which is not available to the normal public. Princess, I shall inform Captain Solo of our whereabouts when he awakes.
Everyone gets up and walks out. Robilus catches Luke as he gets up from the table.
ROBILUS: Luke, I managed to find out that the Remnant paid off a maid to plant the bomb in your room. So far, we have been unsuccessful in getting the leaderís location, but the maid informed us that Admiral Margalit is running things. Hopefully that will aid you in your investigation.
LUKE: It will, thank you sir.

Inside the rotunda of the Trideeno capitol building, President Talos leads the group on their tour. The capitol rests on Capitol Hill, which overlooks a large city as well as a beautiful mountainside and ocean.

TALOS: And here we are, the main attraction, the rotunda. We have some beautiful sculptures up towards the top. You may be interested in them, Master Jedi, one is a depiction of the Sith War.
LUKE: Too bad I canít see it up close.
The group looks around at the beauty as Robilus pulls out a comlink.

ROBILUS: Yes. Ö Really? Ö Iím at the capitol right now, but I can get there as soon as possible. Ö Right. Iím on my way there now. Thanks for the heads up.
Robilus turns toward the group.
ROBILUS: Friends, Iím terribly sorry for all of this, but I have a client coming in from Bespin interested in my defense systems. Iím afraid that I must go meet with him for now. Sivart, Iíll need you to escort him. Again, my apologies, I will meet you all again later this afternoon.
Robilus and Sivart leave the rotunda as Luke walks up to Leia.

LUKE: I sense a disturbance in the Force.
LEIA: I do too. I think itís coming from the Dralcos. I donít trust them.
Suddenly, the rotunda darkens, as a large ship appears to have cut off the natural light. The ship is a Star Destroyer, which flies right over the dome.

Star Destroyers enter Trideeno's atmosphere and begin sending out troops for a hostile takeover. Inside the rotunda, Stormtroopers burst through the windows. Luke and Leia ignite their lightsabers, while Lando and Chewie pull out their blasters. However, President Talos and Tridia Forgs pull out blasters of their own as Admiral Margalit and Baron Samedi enter through an already broken window. Realizing that they are outnumbered, the New Republic heroes surrender their weapons.

SAMEDI: Republic scum. Youíre outnumbered. Put down your weapons.
LUKE: TridiaÖ how could you?
FORGS: Your powers betray you, Jedi. You should have seen this coming. I was always a bit quiet, wouldnít you think? Iím surprised you didnít suspect anything sooner.
LANDO: I had a feeling you were leading the Remnant, Samedi.
LEIA: And Talos, I suspected he was up to something all along.
TALOS: Then your Jedi powers arenít as sharp as Skywalkerís are, though that isnít saying much. Skywalker here is about half the Jedi his father was, before Darth Vader killed him.
LUKE: And youíre about half the politician Count Dooku was, before Darth Vader killed him.

The Republic leaders are marched out of the rotunda.
LEIA: Itís okay Chewie. No harm will come to us.
MARGALIT: And Skywalker, brush up on your history. Your father killed Count Dooku, not Darth Vader.
LUKE: Well Iíll remember that next time.
The troops take the prisoners outside, where a Trideeno Starfighter escorts them from above.
SAMEDI: Oh Iíve been waiting a long time for this. Iíve wanted my revenge on the Jedi ever since they ruined my figure.
LANDO: Itís not their fault you canít afford a robotic hand.

The Remnant forces have pushed the Republic leaders down into a tourist extension inside of Capitol Hill, which overlooks the city.

SAMEDI: SILENCE. It was on an excavation to Dantooine, just after the emergence of the Empire. A team of Imperial scientists and I were searching for a Sith holocron, thought to have been hidden there by the Jedi. Well a Jedi in hiding attacked us. He cut my chin, stabbed out my eye, and cut off my hand. Because Dantooine is so remote, we could only attach a hook. Now itís MY turn to disfigure you.
LANDO: If youíre done sobbing, Iím gonna do this.

Lando tackles the two troops holding the weapons. They toss the lightsabers, which are caught by Luke and Leia, respectively. They ignite them and strike down the two tackled troops, who are still on the ground. Lando and Chewie retrieve their weapons and a firefight ensues. The Remnant troops lose a troop while running for cover, as Luke and Leia block fire away from Lando and Chewie.

The Trideeno starfighter flies from overhead and makes an approach at the group, firing. Luke tries to deflect them, but they hit right in front of him, and the group falls. Luke quickly springs up and jumps on the starfighter as it turns away from the walkway. The pilot sees him and boosts, causing Luke to lose balance. He is able to grab on to a vent with one hand. The starfighter begins to speed around the city.

Meanwhile, Samedi, Margalit, and the troops force Leia, Lando, and Chewie into a corner. Both sides try to find cover as Chewie shoots down a Stormtrooper.

Outside of Dralcoís mansion, an old Trade Federation MTT loads Han, Admiral Elick, C-3PO, and R2-D2 in the back. Commander Quaas is in charge of the troops. A skiff carrying the Dralcos lands near the MTT. The Dralcos get off and walk over to Quaas.

QUAAS: Robilus Dralco. It is an honor to finally meet you in person. Iím sorry about this invasion, perhaps you should have activated your all powerful planetary shield?
ROBILUS: You pathetic excuse for a life form. If the shield is activated, nothing can enter or exit the atmosphere. I wanted the Remnant to invade, just to rid us of these pesky Republic leaders here.
QUAAS: Us? Youíre an independent businessman. You arenít part of the Remnant.
ROBILUS: Youíre lucky Iím in a good mood today, or youíd be killed in an instant, Commander. Do you know who I am?
QUAAS: Ö Robilus Dralco?

ROBILUS: Wrong. Who did Baron Samedi say had access to these prisoners?
QUAAS: Just himself, me, Admiral Margalit, and Lord Darth Sinis.
ROBILUS: Then step aside. And inform the fleet that Darth Sinis is now in control of the Remnant.
The Dralcos board the MTT as Quaas remains baffled by the Sithís revelation.


Customizing Tips and Tricks / Fixing Bent Items
« on: November 8, 2005, 05:45 PM »
So my Kamino Escape Jango had some pressure put on him, and now his jetpack missile (the short one that doesn't launch) got a little bent. I'd really like to fix this, but I want to know if there's an easy way to do it besides putting pressure on the opposite side.

Has anybody successfully straightened out any bent accessories like this?

Modern Classifieds / Have Figs, Need Figs!
« on: September 24, 2005, 12:58 PM »
Here are my latest wants. I can either send checks or use PayPal.

And here's my feedback:

More will be edited in later...


I currently have the following figures available for sale/trade. Trade would be prefered, but I'm willing to sell too.

HAVE (All are carded; assume non-mint condition. If you're picky, PM me and I can send photos of the cardbacks in question)

- TVC #51 Barriss Offee (2012 variant)
- TVC #56 Kithaba (brown bandana variant)
- TVC #56 Kithaba (brown bandana variant)
- TVC #57 Dr. Evazan (pink scar) pending
- TVC #57 Dr. Evazan (no scar) pending
- TVC #75 Qui-Gon Jinn
- TVC #86 Darth Maul
- TVC #86 Darth Maul
- TVC #87 Luke Skywalker (Blu-Ray)
- TVC #90 Colonel McCracken
- TVC #91 Mon Calamari A-Wing Pilot
- The Avengers Hawkeye (movie)

WANT (would prefer carded; I open and collect the cardbacks so condition doesn't matter)

- TVC #94 Imperial Navy Commander priority
- TVC #98 Grand Moff Tarkin priority pending
- TVC #99 Nikto Skiff Guard priority pending
- TVC #56 Kithaba (red bandana variant)
- K-Mart Exclusive AT-ST Pilots 2-Pack
- K-Mart Exclusive Ewoks 2-Pack
- TVC #23 Luke Skywalker
- TVC #21 Gamorrean Guard

PM me if interested!

Photonovels and Movies / TSR #5 - The Mysteries of Trideeno
« on: September 11, 2005, 01:42 AM »

After the explosion, Leia, Lando, Chewie, and Han emerge from their rooms. They gather around Luke's door, but are unable to open it. Robilus and Sivart also make their way to Luke's door.
LEIA: Itís locked!
ROBILUS: By the Force! What happened?
HAN: Iím not sure. I heard an explosion come from inside.
LANDO: And I was getting some well deserved sleep tooÖ
ROBILUS: Sivart, get a key!
Sivart searches his pockets for a key. After several seconds of frantic searching, he finds one and successfully opens the door. Inside Lukeís room, furniture is scattered, walls are burned black, and the window is almost completely blown out. Small flames burn in areas, and the room is covered in black smoke, which gradually flies out the open areas. With the smoke and no lights, it is extremely hard to see. They find Luke knocked out in the kitchen, far away from the bomb.

LEIA: Luke, Luke!
Chewie checks Luke's pulse.
CHEWIE: Rawww!
HAN: Chewie says heís alright, just unconscious.
LANDO: Letís get him out of this room. Mineís across the hall, we can take him there.
The group carries Luke into Landoís room. Lando pulls out a small cot and Chewie places Luke on top of it. Luke regains consciousness and starts coughing.

LUKE: *cough* My head. What happened?
ROBILUS: There was an explosion in your room. It appears as if your bed was rigged with a bomb. How it got there, I don't know. Sivart, round up all of the droids and chambermaids for questioning. Luke, do you recall what happened?
LUKE: I was getting a drink of blue milk when I was pushed toward the counter by a giant gush of wind that came from the bedroom. That must have been the explosion. I must have hit my head on the cabinet. I feel like Iíve been struck by Force Lightning.

ROBILUS: At least youíre alright. Unfortunately there are no other rooms available on this level. Weíll have to get you a new room downstairs.
HAN: No, donít do that. I owe Luke a favor from a while back. Iíll give up my room for him.
ROBILUS: Oh? AhÖ wellÖ uhÖ how veryÖ kind of you, Captain Solo. Please follow me, Iíll show you to your new room.
LANDO: Chewie, letís help Luke into Hanís room.
CHEWIE: Rerrr! Raaa wooorrrr!

Lando and Chewie help Luke out as Leia kisses Han.
LEIA: Be careful, Han. I sense a disturbance in the Force.
HAN: You Jedi are always sensing something. Iím just staying for the rest of the night, Iíll be fine. Besides, what could happen?

Han and Leia kiss again then split up. Han follows Dralco downstairs to his new room.
ROBILUS: Here it is, Captain. Enjoy.

After Han walks in, the door closes and clicks. Robilus hears a large thump and turns toward the door. He goes to the door and is about to knock, but decides not to. He walks back to his room.

Outside of Hoth, where the Remnant fleet is scheduled to meet, Baron Samedi gazes outside the bridge of the Star Destroyer Imperius, Baron Samedi is staring out the view window. His sightseeing is broken up by Admiral Margalit.

MARGALIT: Sir, we have an incoming transmission from Trideeno.
SAMEDI: Excellent. It must be our mole.

Samedi and Margalit walk to the middle of the bridge where a hologram of Trideeno President Stomah Talos appears.
SAMEDI: President Talos. It is a pleasure to speak with you. Is Skywalker dead?
TALOS: Unfortunately not. The microphones I placed in the rooms revealed that Skywalker wasnít near the bed when it exploded. He was only knocked out for a short time. Should I plant a bomb inside the capitol for the tour tomorrow?
SAMEDI: No, no more assassination attempts. Lord Sinis foresaw his survival and wants him alive. Unfortunately his plan to capture Skywalker failed, and we have Captain Solo instead. Weíll have to get Skywalker and Organa tomorrow, when theyíre together. Admiral, inform the fleet to prepare for the Trideeno invasion in exactly six hours. It will be morning on Trideeno then. President Talos, this plan requires you to lead the Republic leaders to a specific spot on the planet.
TALOS: I mentioned the capitol tour. It is hard to escape the rotunda if it is completely blocked off.
SAMEDI: Then we shall begin the invasion there. This had better work, Talos. Weíll only have one chance at this.

The hologram disappears and Samedi turns to Margalit.
SAMEDI: Commander Quaas?
Quaas runs up from the controls.
QUAAS: Yes, Baron Samedi?
SAMEDI: I want you to deal with the leaders weíve already captured. Keep them under your supervision at all times. I shall send you a shuttle to bring them back here after Admiral Margalit and I capture the Jedi.
QUAAS: Nothing will break through my defenses, Baron Samedi! I will not fail you!
SAMEDI: You had better not. That goes double for you, Admiral.
MARGALIT: Youíre making a mistake. Quaas has no experience with ground tactics. His strong point is naval battles. Please, let me keep guard over the prisoners!
SAMEDI: Quaas has shown great improvements. I have faith in his abilities. Do you dare to challenge my authority, Admiral?
MARGALIT: No, Baron.

Samedi walks off as Margalit shakes his head. Margalit looks at Quaas.
MARGALIT: Youíll find some way to screw up. Please, for the love of the Emperor, prove me wrong.
QUAAS: I will! You will be amazed by my abilities. Good luck in battle, Margalit.
Margalit walks off as Quaas gives him goofy smirk.

Photonovels and Movies / TSR #4 - Meeting Robilus Dralco
« on: September 9, 2005, 11:12 PM »

The Millennium Falcon lands inside Robilus Dralco's docking bay, located inside his giant mansion on Trideeno. Sivart Dralco leads the New Republic leaders into the lobby of the mansion.

HAN: Look at the size of this place! I never thought Iíd ever be in a place this elegant for Republic business.
CHEWIE: Raaar!
SIVART: If you wait here, Iíll get my father.

Sivart looks at the women and smiles.
SIVART: You are free to stay the night as well, if you desire.
Han puts his arm around Leia.
HAN: Sorry, this one's taken.
Sivart winks and walks off. The group faces each other and begins talking.
LEIA: That guy is a creep.
LUKE: Heís not a creep, he just comes off strong with women.

Luke looks up at the nearby stairwell, as does everyone else. Standing at the top is a man in his early sixties, with fading blonde hair. He wears a business suit, with a sweater over it, giving him a unique look. He holds an amazing staff in his right hand. He is the richest man in the galaxy. He is Robilus Dralco.

ROBILUS: Welcome to my home, friends of the New Republic. I am Robilus Dralco. Please excuse me for my lateness, I was finishing up a business transaction.
LUKE: Mr. Dralco, itís a pleasure to see you again.
ROBILUS: Is that little Luke Skywalker? My word, how youíve grown up! Please, introduce me to your friends.
LUKE: Well this is Han Solo, and his Wookiee partner Chewbacca. Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, Tridia Forgs, Senator for this planet, Admiral Dorovan Elick, and our droids C-3PO and R2-D2.
ROBILUS: It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Please follow me to the dining room, I have prepared a light meal for your arrival. It's our famous Trideeno soup, a treat you can only get here on Trideeno!

Everyone follows Robilus into the large dining room. Chefs bring out bowls of soup and quickly exit back into the kitchen. As everyone begins eating, a servant droid approaches Robilus.
DROID: Master Dralco, the President is here.
ROBILUS: Ah, wonderful. Sivart, please invite President Talos to join us.
Sivart gets up and walks out of the room with the droid.
THREEPIO: Master Luke, if itís alright with you, may Artoo and I look around the mansion? We wonít do anything harmful, weíll only look!
LUKE: Do you mind Robilus?
ROBILUS: Be my guest!

Outside of the dining room, Artoo hurries around a dark corner.
THREEPIO: Artoo-Detoo, wait for me!
THREEPIO: Artoo? Artoo? Where are you?

Suddenly an arm grabs Threepio from behind a hidden door.
THREEPIO: Oh my! Get your hands off Ė
Threepio is shut off and dragged away.

Back in the dining roomÖ
LUKE: Mr. Dralco, I must say that Trideeno is growing extremely fast. Iím very impressed. The Senate and Jedi Council may have to set up new offices over here for easy access to the Outer Rim.
ROBILUS: We would welcome it with open arms. Though I do hope the expansion ends. I preferred Trideeno more when I first settled here, back when it was just the sister planet of Naboo. Now they refer to it as ďthe Coruscant of the Outer Rim.Ē Although I must admit, Trideeno seems to be the perfect mix of business and relaxation.

At this time, everyone has finished their meals. Sivart and Trideeno President Stomah Talos enter the dining room.
SIVART: Everyone, this is Trideeno president Stomah Talos.
Talos bows.
TALOS: Sivart has informed me about everybody here. You all have quite the reputations. I must say that Iím extremely impressed.
ROBILUS: No need to pucker up, Stomah. Your accomplishments are still amazing compared to theirs. Now please, friends, follow me. Itís getting late. I shall show you to your rooms.

As everyone follows the Dralcos out of the dining room, an arm pulls Admiral Elick into another hidden door.

ROBILUS: These are the guest suites. Please make yourselves at home, Iíll see you all at breakfast. President Talos has offered to give you all a tour of our capitol building.
HAN: Politics, fun. Anyway, thanks for everything, sir. Iím sure Chewie is thankful for your gratitude also.
CHEWIE: Raaaaaaar!
LEIA: I agree. Thanks a lot, Mr. Dralco.
LANDO: Thanks Mr. Dralco. If itís possible, Iíd like to play a game of sabaac before we leave.
ROBILUS: Youíre all very welcome. Iíll see what I can do about that card game, General.
Everyone bows farewell and each guest enters a separate room. Luke, however, stops Robilus.

LUKE: Mr. Dralco, I have to be honest with you. The Republic has been having a lot of problems with the Remnant lately, as you probably already know. The reason we came here was to find out if you knew who was leading the Remnant. Youíre the only one I know who has those kinds of ties.
ROBILUS: Luke, Iím going to be honest too. Iím disappointed that thatís your only reason to visit me, heh heh heh! In all seriousness, I have no idea, but I can work on it tonight. If I pull the right strings, hopefully Iíll have an answer by morning.
LUKE: Thank you so much, sir. You have no idea how much help this is to the Republic. Oh, one last thing, have you seen Admiral Elick or the droids?
SIVART: Elick and Forgs both have rooms downstairs. And I lead the droids to a droid chamber earlier, where theyíll spend the night with all the other droids we have.
LUKE: Right. Thanks again, Mr. Dralco. I canít tell you enough how much I appreciate your help.
ROBILUS: It is not a problem, Luke. Now go, get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day.

Luke enters his room as the Dralcos and Talos leave. In the middle of the night, an explosion lights up the sky near the Dralco mansion. It came from the room of Luke Skywalker.

LEGO / TRU Exclusive Stories and Action Set
« on: September 3, 2005, 03:52 PM »


TRU Exclusive ROTS Collector's Set

Relive the adventure and excitement of Star Wars Episode III! A Toys"R"Us exclusive! As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, build the ARC-170 Starfighter with expanding wings and dropping "bombs," then pit it against the high-speed Droid Tri-fighter with its deadly buzz droid cargo. This action-packed collectors' set includes two vehicles, three Clone Trooper pilots, a special-edition poster and CD-ROM, and an additional LEGO Star Wars Mini-Model for you to build. The fate of the Republic is in your hands!


No new stuff equals a big pass for me. And at that price, I bet it will sit at TRU for a while.

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