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Joe Defender / Re: GI Joe Retaliation - The Toys!
« on: May 25, 2012, 02:20 PM »
Some thing is really wrong with Hasbro people!
This is either really good news or really bad news for Star wars collectors
I honestly think we have had such a hard time finding star wars figs because they wait till all there spring summer movies are out and then they start to let things go! I have seen this so many times with the first GI joe, Indiana jones, transformers etc etc. I think they should hold back the figures along with the movie because regardless of how well the film does GI joe toys will never do as well as star wars I wish they would just except this and put the star wars figs out!
There I said it!!!!

And let's hope they don't hike the price on star wars to try and compensate for the major failure!
And where isy GI joe renegades roadblock Hasbro?

Star Wars Action Figures / Paploo Redo
« on: July 8, 2010, 01:26 PM »
I love that Hasbro made a new version of Paploo, love it, love it! And for that I thank Hasbro every day!!! ;D
I still don't think they got my favorite ewok correct. For one, he is too short!

Here is my version of the new paploo with some added paint, feathers and a taller body.

Here is a comparison so you know what I mean.


Here are 2 of my favorites from the OT!

A lot of people wonder what a death squad commander would look like if they made it so this is my rendition of that.
I added a few embellishments of my own to him because he is really hard to see in the movie and who knows what was on Kenner's mind when they made him.
I removed the badge because in the card back and resource material, he does not have one. I'm sure he does not have big gloves on either but i decided to make mine kind of a hybrid.
I decided also to add a wire coming out of his headphones and it connects in one of the boxes on his belt, I also gave him a little antenna on his helmet since he is some sort of communication officer
Both headphone wires are removable along with the mouth wire.

The Tarkin is pretty straight forward: Needa body with added pieces to the badge, bare hands instead of gloves and the original head from the POTF2 figure only hallowed out to fit a ball and peg neck
and a brand new paint job.

I will be sending some straight repaints later on...
"A custom paint job goes along way if you want a more personalized look for your figs!"

For those waiting to see some new stuff. I will get some more today but in the mean time here are 2 versions of my clone wars style General Grievous
I'm glad we get to see more of him in the clone wars. Both are super articulated, the first has 22 points of articulation

I was tired of grev always falling over so i figured out what was making him fall? It's the toes of the feet, they are too thin. If you want your grev to stand better go buy your self a General Grievous Key chain
yep! that's right! not only did i use the feet of the key chain which has thicker toes, I also used the head, which is much bigger then the original.
I have not seen that key chain around much so if you have a chance to get the 2010 Grev he has a better head too.

version one action General with fully operational arms.

version 2 grev with super wrist articulation

He is just a bit shorter then the first VOTC version it doesn't look that bad
I just picked him up at my TRU. He is smaller though for sure!

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: June 30, 2010, 05:20 PM »
the store on Mississippi actually! they also had the new blue tank and Anakin's star fighter in blue also.
I felt the same way when the EU wave came thru my neck of the woods they stuck so close to the release date that they were super hard to find
they told me 5 times they never heard of exclusive items like that... go figure (no pun intended)  ;)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:42 PM »
Just picked up a C3PO and the twin pod cloud car at a TRU in Denver. Jun 30Th so a month early, Awesome!!!
I'm sure they had the rest earlier today but I didn't get there till noon. I passed on the Vader, Boba and 4-LOM
I even got the C3PO for 4.99 because i purchased 2 items

Lucky Day! check your TRU's people!  ;D

Star Wars Action Figures / Customs by Peakob1 Captain Fordo!
« on: June 28, 2010, 03:10 PM »
Hello again everyone, Here are my next set of customs
Out of the entire prequel stuff next to General Grievous, Captain Fordo is probably my favorite character of the prequels
I really hope we see him in the Clone Wars TV show. I am a Fordo nut!!!! you will not find a bigger fan of this guy!!!

I have 4 versions of this figure I want to show three of them now. The first 2 are Phase 1 and phase 2 from the first animated short cartoon's. Since that is the only place we see him I thought it would be cool to use Clone wars figures to make them...well parts, phase 2's helmet is a neo helmet from the TAC wave which is also a cool clone Too.

the third one i call my hybrid or "realistic version"

I thought the one from the hunt for Grev pack was way off but that's because i'm his biggest fan. of course all are SA. Whatchathink?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Peakob1
« on: June 28, 2010, 01:48 AM »
the thing about this was that is was super easy. This is after all is a kit bashed! meaning I hardly had to do and sculpting dremmeling etc...
what you need is a sage wampa attack Luke a legacy hoth trooper and just a few other pieces. The goggles are from the hoth trooper hood with just a thin piece of plastic glued to it, the only other real difficult part is gluing the actual cloth to the peg that goes in his head. The reason you want to do this by the way, is that you will still need a reason to move it to the up position when hanging upside down.
if you just glue a cloth to his head it will stay put and not really look right so you still need that point of articulation to make it look proper super glue does the trick.

So here goes complete list of fig stuff ( if you need a list of the tools to use feel free to ask, but mostly super glue a dremmle device and and an exacto blade.
1 hoth Luke wampa attack or sage 2 version or the one from the battle back with the wampa and taun taun from TRU)
1 legacy hoth rebel trooper
holster and gun from Luke endor
leg strap from niktu gunner legacy collection
llight saber Handel from ob1 power of the Jedi or you can, use the one that came with hoth Luke
cloth from OB1! TAC collection (make sure to cut a strip and fold it over)
extra pouches on his belt are also from the OB1 TAC figure, just cut them off with the exacto!
gloves legacy Luke snow speeder pilot.

Here is a picture of him prior to a paint job!!!  I only painted the belt, the white stripes on his boots and gave him eyebrows
please let me know how it goes! =)

Star Wars Action Figures / Customs by Peakob1
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:52 PM »
Here are 2 more I really like
the first is a echo base deck officer

one would only hope that we might get one of these some day.

Here is a pair of bespin guards to go alone with the rest of the new versions they made recently!

Star Wars Action Figures / Customs by Peakob1
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:28 PM »
Hello Boyo's,
Just thought I would start by saying hello to all! I haven't had too many posts on the forms but totally love all the different topics. I will try to show some of my customs I have done over the years now that I got a nice new camera. There are many figures I have customized to my personal liking, I try to make my entire collection custom so it is personal to me. I have all kinds of re dos, repaints, kit bashed and total custom jobs. Please keep checking back for updates and new posts with new figures. Of course I would love to hear what everyone thinks of my work. I love doing customs and looking at all the awesome stuff that I have taken personal inspiration from on the web.

Here is a sample of what Hasbro will hopefully give us some day in way of a SA version of Hoth Luke. This is my second version of SA hoth Luke. I hope to make an ultimate version some day with a removable hood and a ball joint pelvis so he can sit a little better on the Taun Taun but this one does pretty well

This is my version of Degobah xwing Luke or so I call him.

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