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Star Wars Action Figures / Paploo Redo
« on: July 8, 2010, 01:26 PM »
I love that Hasbro made a new version of Paploo, love it, love it! And for that I thank Hasbro every day!!! ;D
I still don't think they got my favorite ewok correct. For one, he is too short!

Here is my version of the new paploo with some added paint, feathers and a taller body.

Here is a comparison so you know what I mean.


Here are 2 of my favorites from the OT!

A lot of people wonder what a death squad commander would look like if they made it so this is my rendition of that.
I added a few embellishments of my own to him because he is really hard to see in the movie and who knows what was on Kenner's mind when they made him.
I removed the badge because in the card back and resource material, he does not have one. I'm sure he does not have big gloves on either but i decided to make mine kind of a hybrid.
I decided also to add a wire coming out of his headphones and it connects in one of the boxes on his belt, I also gave him a little antenna on his helmet since he is some sort of communication officer
Both headphone wires are removable along with the mouth wire.

The Tarkin is pretty straight forward: Needa body with added pieces to the badge, bare hands instead of gloves and the original head from the POTF2 figure only hallowed out to fit a ball and peg neck
and a brand new paint job.

I will be sending some straight repaints later on...
"A custom paint job goes along way if you want a more personalized look for your figs!"

Star Wars Action Figures / Customs by Peakob1
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:28 PM »
Hello Boyo's,
Just thought I would start by saying hello to all! I haven't had too many posts on the forms but totally love all the different topics. I will try to show some of my customs I have done over the years now that I got a nice new camera. There are many figures I have customized to my personal liking, I try to make my entire collection custom so it is personal to me. I have all kinds of re dos, repaints, kit bashed and total custom jobs. Please keep checking back for updates and new posts with new figures. Of course I would love to hear what everyone thinks of my work. I love doing customs and looking at all the awesome stuff that I have taken personal inspiration from on the web.

Here is a sample of what Hasbro will hopefully give us some day in way of a SA version of Hoth Luke. This is my second version of SA hoth Luke. I hope to make an ultimate version some day with a removable hood and a ball joint pelvis so he can sit a little better on the Taun Taun but this one does pretty well

This is my version of Degobah xwing Luke or so I call him.

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