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30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Target TFU Battle Rancor
« on: January 3, 2008, 04:23 PM »
Yep... and Hasbro's will include a Felucian Warrior/Rider as well.  ;)

That would be really cool to see some new aliens, but were did the Rancor originate from? It would be cooler to see a Felucian Warrior on a Ackley over the Rancor. Anyway, I'll welcome any cool looking aliens.
roron corobb

Groan. Somebody watched LOTR too many times when designing EU stuff.  Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be  ::)

If you don't remember this was done before LOTR in the PS game Star Wars Demolition in 2000 with Rancor Keeper riding a Rancor :P. I do understand what you are saying though ;).
roron corobb

Anyone else think the Hawkbat Clone's weathering is cartoony looking?

Yes, I think the cartoon figure from the cartoon does look cartoony.   ;)

But that is the problem, it's not a cartoon version of the Clonetrooper. The weathering of the figure pictured on the card back looks real over what the final version has. I don't know, there is just no shading to what they did. Would have looked better on the cartoon version over the movie version IMO. It just bugs me some I guess.
roron corobb

Anyone else think the Hawkbat Clone's weathering is cartoony looking? I know they were in the Clone Wars cartoon, but they paint reminds me of the older POTF2 figures weathering paint jobs. One of the hardest figures to find in the wave. I would Say Holo Vader is number one as I didn't find him at all. Runner up to than two would be R2-B1 and the 7th Clone. I would have really liked to see something a little more with the figures, as all the others this year had much in the way of accessories and extras. The Naboo Guard would have been better if he had a different head sculpt than the yellow version.

Anyway I would have to agree with Pax being the best of the wave. It's funny that you can find him in numbers, as with I see Naboo Guard and Vanguard Trooper as pegwarmers.
roron corobb

I'm happy that this wave will follow wave 8: AOTC. That way it might be easier for me to find some of those figures before they are all gone. Jango, Destroyer Droid, and the Mc Rebel Trooper will be hard to find anyway, but now I don't have to worry so much are to never seeing them. This wave I know will be plentiful everywhere.
roron corobb

Modern Trading / Re: Trade List of roron corobb *New 11/10 Update*
« on: November 10, 2007, 03:31 PM »
11/10 bump. Thanks for looking.
roron corobb

I'll take the Han off someone that is getting this set for some of the other stuff ;). I'm not into anything other than the Han.

The POTF2 figures are a drag and that Chewie is too. Really I think this set is over priced compaired to the Hoth set. If I find this on clearance for a good price I 'm might pick one up other than that it's a pass for me.
roron corobb

Yes, I think you guys are right on the 7th legion clone, but I would have preferred the 41 style. I fell you Chewie, as the helmet does look to large and in most cases distorted in the package. I like the mid torso articulation over the removable helmet. I don't think Hasbro could improve the 41 any more than where it is now. Itís one of the best figures done.
roron corobb

What body is that 7th legion Clone? It isn't the 41 style. It looks like a Quick draw to some degree.

R2-B1 is cool and I'm glad there it the power harness. Also glad to see the cannon for the Vanguard. These few have a little more to offer than the first ones shown. Wish the Vader was more articulate, but is cool in a way.
roron corobb

The lack of accessories in this wave most likely stems from the fact that Hasbro lost money on all of the spectacular pack-ins we received druing the first part of the year!


I thought that too, but it's hard to stomack these at the price when we have been getting so many great figures this year. This wave is going to make the last wave that much harded to get, as you are going to see a dam up of these everywhere. I really hate when Hasbro offers repaints/repacks with nothing special. I hope I'm wrong on this as the last wave has many figures I'm looking forward too. I'll be getting at least one of each, as many others mainly for the coin, but I can see then on pegs until first quarter 2008.
roron corobb

I really can't understand what you or anyone would complain about the Custom Alliance. Dan is a great guy. Yes, he might not have time to update your page everytime you submit a custom, but does he charge you ($) for you to post pictures? No, it doesn't cost anything, so really you should have nothing to complain about and take some of these other suggestions the members came up with. Find a free picture host for you to make your own updates and just be happy Dan likes the hobbie as much as he does and provides us with a way to show case our work all together (when he has time ;)).
roron corobb

This wave seems to be a little light in the accessories department. The troopers I can understand, but would have been nice to see Pak with something extra. Maybe some tools or a box of some sort. They even left off the holster that Greedo came with. I wonder if R2-B1 will have the charging unit that the E1 figure came with? I hope these are test shots of the figures and not final. There is much to be changed on them IMO. Over all they look good, just hope for more when I see them on selves.
roron corobb

What is with all the hype on the Clone Troopers. I don't see it, as they are the only figures I see in bulk in my area, Clone Troopers phase 1 & 2. I got what I wanted and there are still too many to count.

I guess I'll save on this wave, because there are no aliens, as that was all I wanted. Would have been nice to see a droid even. Zev might be worth picking up for fodder, but I can't stomach any more Clone right now. I could care less if there were rainbow bright Troopers, I don't really need any more for a long, long time. Fun & odd thing is the OT Stormtrooper/troopers sell better IMO. They are only on the selves for a little bit before they are gone, so why didn't any of them win?

roron corobb

If Tripper doesn't mind me stepping in, I know where the helmet's from.  It's a little-known fodder source, one I've used for years actually. ;)  The visor's movable if he didn't glue it down or onto a different head.  Very cool.  I actually use those figures "as-is" myself as they're already sci-fi figures.

I won't give away his surprise, just thought I'd tease a little.  They're great pieces.  Great customs too, as always stormtripper!

That doesn't help me at all Jesse :P ;D.
roron corobb


I was wondering about parts on this guy. I notice the shin guards from Clone Wars Saesee Tiin, body of Firespeeder Pilot, and pike from SOTE Imperial Guard Luke, but what is that helmet from or what parts did you us to make it. Also what is on the torso? Or am I seeing things? Thanks

roron corobb

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