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30th Anniversary Collection / Re: All in Favor of KOTORs, Say I!
« on: August 19, 2007, 03:51 PM »
Never played it, can't get behind it.


Man, Anthony, you are really missing out. It really is a good story line and the game play is fun. Filling in some of the earlier history of our beloved Saga is cool too, IMO.

I've seen it played. My good buddy played both. I almost picked up II the other day, but decided I better play the first instead. I just have to track down a cheep copy for x-box. :P

I'm sure I'll love it if I get to play it though. That's what happened with Republic Commando.

KOTOR is much different than Republic Commando and much longer with a more indepth store line. Republic Commando was an okay game, but could have been much better with a better story and longer. It just sucks when you can win a game within about 3 hours. Anyway KOTOR is not like that. I have one game that I have going for 50+ hours now, but I like to play out all the side quests and go through all the options. The other cool thing is when the story line changes when you are light side vs dark side. You can win the game fast on the dark side though, if you just wanted to get though it and it can been done in about 3-4 day not played all day long.

roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: KOTOR Figures Thread
« on: August 18, 2007, 11:14 AM »
I think any figure in KOTOR would sell well, even from the second one too. One reason I say that is many are of Sith or Jedi type characters and even if someone doesn't know who they are they would make great background filler or something like that. All others that are not Sith or Jedi have a very Star Wars feel to them and if they stick to the game over the comic when making figures there are still some really cool characters, droids, and aliens to be had.

One figure I would love to have which would be a customizers dream figure on how I would like to see them made is a Raven (player character) from KOTOR and Jedi Outcast (player charactor) KOTOR2. A must to have a male and female with all the different head choices, light and dark versions, and some different body choices too. For the Revan (player character) in KOTOR you need the character classes (Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel) to choose from and of course the Jedi/Sith attire. Possibilities are numbering, but could be made into a reasonable set, if broke down. Add some different weapons and accessories to round them out and this figure would increase anyones fodder box.

Anyway, I would suggest to any Star Wars fan to play the KOTOR games. Very fun and they have a great store line that can fit into any diehard PT or OT fan. Takes some time to complete the game, but all worth it.
roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 30AC Variations and Errors
« on: August 15, 2007, 05:16 PM »
Does this pertain to SAGA Legends figure too? If so, I have a Battle Droid 2-pack first version with the OOM-9 type droid without the yellow dot on the chest. I have only found one like that so far, so I think it’s an error over a variation. I’ll work on pictures and would like to know if anyone else found one like that.
roron corobb

Feedback / Re: Robo-Quack's feedback
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:10 PM »
Robo-Quack is a great guy. We exchanged some items as he was passing thought back from his vacation. Great trader with great communication and a young rising customiser. One of the smoothest transaction I have done. I would highly recommend trading with him to anyone. I would deal with him any time in the future. Thanks again Robo-Quack.
roron corobb

Modern Trading / Re: JD 30AC Coin Trading Thread
« on: August 4, 2007, 07:04 PM »
I'm looking for a Europe Celebration Coin – Euro Celebration exclusive

I have many coins to offer. Let me know which ones you are needing, or I would trade stuff from my trade list. If that doesn't work I can always pay cash. Thanks

roron corobb

I couldn't even come up with five figures I would like to see repack/repaint of. There are too many I want redone over see something again. Maybe some kitbash figure would be cool, but again is this a Legends wave so that is out.

I find it crazy to see some many picking POTF2 figures :o. There is not one POTF2 figure I would like to see back on the shelves. Even the Darktrooper is crossing the line, but I want ot get one to customize. Not a total loss, but I can't see getting any more than one. Some of the Star Tours Droids would be cool to see again. Many custom fodder there, so I would welcome them. I don't know my collection has changed so much over the past couple years. If they were doing this back in 2004 I might have something different to say, but as it stands now I'm not liking this Legends line very much. I have only bought 4 figures in this line so far and I can't see many more that I would like to have. See the Legends 501st Trooper today and it's the AT-TE Gunner body still. I though this one was going to be the 41 style body, oh well just another I can skip on along with many others.

roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: So whos liking all the EU stuff?
« on: August 2, 2007, 02:32 AM »
I think I would agree with most on the black thing and the freedom of Hasbro figures. I would hate to see Star Wars turn into what the GI Joe line did in the 90s. That was too much for me with everything being neon-rainbow colored everything including accessories ::).

I'm not a big EU fan. I only really get into the games and some games I would not care for figures from, but most of the stuff is okay. Would like to see more of a standard in the articuation, but above average they are cool with me. I really like the McQuarrie stuff, but would have to agree with Jesse on the 1 per case crap >:(. It just makes collection that much harder. There are already hard to find items in the TAC line, but with the way Hasbro is working this every wave has the panning for gold in a stream of rocks feel no matter where you go. Just think about how hard the last of this McQuarrie line is going to be to get :'(, with the peg warmers that are in the TAC line.

roron corobb

Yes, Bacara was bad, but Gree was just as bad just minus the articulation problems ::). Bacara will be done again, because he can be made with already existing parts. Plus would be a money saver for Hasbro too, so you can count on him making a come back. I for one would like them to redo him on the #41 clone body over the evo one. The #41 IMO is a better Clone and has more articulation. I have been putting off making a custom do to the ease of making one, so you can mark my words we will see another Bacara again. You just can't count on Hasbro to make it perfect when they do.

roron corobb

His arms almost look to be removable as they were planning ball-joint for them, but didn't have to time before the show. Similar to the 21st Century figures have going on. That would be cool to get an extra set of arms for this figure, but again I could be dreaming ::).

As for the ankles, it looks to me there is joints there, but again you can never tell until it's in hand.
roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 2008 Fan's Choice
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:36 PM »
Gawd, I just can't think of any figs I want to see rereleased again.

It's nice that hasbro is listening to us to this degree. But I too would rather have Willrow Hood or Yarna.

+1. Tired of getting to choose rehashes. Let's pick the new ones.

Agreed 110%. We need some new figures over all these repack/repaints.
roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Jabba's Band Scene Battle Pack
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:34 PM »
One good thing, is knowing Wal-mart these sets will most likely be around $20 each. Not bad for 5 aliens and would make for some good fodder. I don't know if I'll get the dancer set, but the other I will most likely pick up as I need two of the figures from that set for customs.
roron corobb

I always wonder who the biggest moron is, the one that comes up with these sets or the one that agrees to have them exclusive ::)?

I wouldn't be so quick to judge.  Obviously the 'exclusive' formula works, otherwise why would we see so many of them?

Only works for certain exclusives. Plus I am quick to judge as everyone and there bother is trying to get a cut of Star Wars profit without thinking if it will even sell. You see it in many of these new exclusives coming, which has a big number of members saying they are going to pass on them. Also I agree with what jedipurge said:

Yeah but usually they sit on the shelf collecting dust, unless they're at Target which will quickly be put on clearance.

If you count all of the exclusives you will find a small number of success ratio to the ones that flop. Plus I really only count the success of an exclusive if you can still sell it for what you paid for it or then some after the fact. Only a very small number fit into that. It seems like after Saga line during AOTC all exclusives started going down hill. POTF2 and most of POTJ are the best IMO as Hasbro didn't have anything better to repack or they were new.

roron corobb

I might get this if the price is not too high. I'm only interested in the creatures. The figures are sad ::). I wish Hasbro would wise up and stop repacking these sorry figures into the battle packs. There are so many better choices than what they come up with.

The saddest thing is that Hasbro doesn't loose anything from this type of crap. They get their money for the stuff, it's the retailer that looses out. And I can say if this is a high price point they will be collecting dust on the shelves. I always wonder who the biggest moron is, the one that comes up with these sets or the one that agrees to have them exclusive ::)?
roron corobb

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Jabba's Band Scene Battle Pack
« on: July 20, 2007, 05:43 PM »
I expect it to be a complete repack of 6-10 figures with only one or two completely new sculpts so that those of us with all the old figures are completely hosed.

That would be good out Hasbro for you. Plus I could see it happen.
roron corobb

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