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JD Sports Forum! / Re: Jedidefender Fantasy Baseball 2010
« on: March 15, 2010, 02:30 PM »
I'm in.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:48 PM »
It's 10:45 CST and I'm already getting the "High traffic" message.  Great.  :)

EDIT:  Well I'll be damned - in and out in 45 seconds.  At first the flocked Moss Man disappeared from the 3/15 product page, but then it showed back up.  Got it and Stratos added, got checked out...all before 11:00 according to my computer's clock.  :D


Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: March 11, 2010, 03:12 PM »
How does the 2-pack He-Man differ from the ones they've offered on Mattycollector?  I never got the standard release or the reissue, so if I can find the 2-pack at retail it might be worth it for me.  I just want to make sure it's the same figure and includes the same accessories.


The Bullpen / Re: Section Name
« on: March 9, 2010, 09:40 AM »
I'd go with Danger Room or House of M. 

The Bullpen / Re: Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: March 1, 2010, 12:46 PM »
They put out a boatload at the TRU I went to today.  I'm guessing 20 pegs crammed full of basic figures.  I'm pretty impressed...there are some nice looking figures in these lots.  And it's nice to see the drop from $8.xx for MU figures down to $6.99 for these. 


Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: March 1, 2010, 12:42 PM »
Such violence.   ;D

That's ridiculous about the 2-packs going for so much.  I was hoping to see them at TRU today just to see what the big deal would be, but they had nothing.  They moved the DC stuff two aisles down from the rest of the comic stuff (well, Marvel stuff at this point), and only had a few Classics and some clearance Dark Knight and Infinite Heroes stuff.  Nothing new.

BTW, if anyone's interested -I'm giving away a Battle Cat on my site.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Captain America (Movie & Sequels)
« on: February 28, 2010, 11:53 PM »
I will wait to pass judgment on Krasinski.  To me he seems like a horrible fit...but Downey Jr. and Ledger didn't seem like good fits for Iron Man and The Joker to me either and I was *way* off on that.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2010: What Are You Collecting?
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:00 PM »
Mostly just statues and busts at this point fo rme.  I'm pretty heavy into the Cover Girls of / Women of / Heroes of the DCU from DC Direct.  Also doing the occasional Bowen or Sideshow piece for Marvel.

I have found myself infatuated with Hot Toys 12" stuff lately, so I plan on adding more of those.  I plan on being pretty picky though - if I don't have a huge interest in the license I won't bother. 

Aside from that, probably just an occasionaly OT Star Wars bust or 12" and Sideshow's 12' G.I.Joe.


Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: February 19, 2010, 03:01 PM »
There's no way I'm doing a sub in 2011.  There are still plenty of good characters to be made but seeing some of the upcoming offerings (Mo-Lar, Optikk, Marzo) I have concerns about what I'll be comitting myself to next year.   Paying double shipping is ridiculous and if the sub-only figure next year is as lame as Wun-Dar I'll again have no interest in it.  I was thinking about just selling Wun-Dar but I might end up using it as a giveaway on my site. 


Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: February 16, 2010, 04:23 PM »
I used the code and it worked fine.  Only paid $4.15 for shipping on The Joker and Battle Cat.  Unfortunately that was negated by the Man At Arms incident.


Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: February 16, 2010, 12:35 PM »
OK, today was my first bad experience.  Got all the way through with Man At Arms, Battle Cat and The Joker and it told me I couldn't proceed because "something" was no longer available...but didn't tell me what.  I went back to the offer page and it said everything was still available.  The short of it - after several tries, lots of waiting for the server and trial and error I finally got Battle Cat and The Joker.  But that was after sitting on the final screen for over 20 minutes.

Even better - I decided to go back to the main page and saw that Man At Arms was still available.  :|  I thought what the hell, I'll try to order it again.  Sure enough it went through.  So even with the discount code I ended up paying a total of $12.85 shipping for all three items.  >:|


The Bullpen / Marvel Universe
« on: February 14, 2010, 10:53 PM »
What is that Galactus thing? Is it a game or a big ass figure in a box?

Big ass figure.  They showed it off at SDCC last year.  I want to say it's 19" tall...?

Other Toy Lines / Re: Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:24 PM »
Depending on the price point those may or may not be some of the worst shelf warmers of all time.  If they're cheap enough those that missed out on He-Man and Skeletor will no doubt snatch them up.  But I doubt anyone will buy them simply for Batman or Superman.

Regardless...what a dumb idea.


Zatanna and Humanite get a "hell yes" from me.  Otherwise...not really interested in the others.  They do look nice though.


Other Toy Lines / Re: Busts & Statues from non-Star Wars lines
« on: February 1, 2010, 02:20 PM »

Here's a review and gallery for anyone that's interested.

Love it...she definitely beats out Rogue as my favorite so far.


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