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Jesse James:

Check it out folks...  Lotsa fun for everyone!

While I'm disappointed to see a game that may not have improvements on blaster/ranged weapons, I still think the game looks sweet.

The screen of the docked ship at a Tatooine-Esque spaceport is VERY nice work.

Take note that the Jedi are wearing "Hoth Rebel" uniforms while on that cold weather planet...  Pretty nice attention to detail.

I've checked out that site before, and I can hardly wait for that game to come out.  I really wish it was coming to PS2, but I guess I could handle it on my PC.

Jesse James:
I'm personally one to only do FPS's on PC...  That's my platform of choice for a few types of games (Strategy, FPS, Flight Sim)...  I do prefer consoles for racing and "arcade shooters" like Rogue Squadron's series though.

To me, the keyboard/mouse gives you and insane ammount of freedom and customizeability over what a console's controller offers for thhis type of game.  the need to have things come up at the touch of one button is great often times, especially in multi-play, so I think PC is the best route to go generally.

I like this one.  This is from online play:

I got this game a couple months ago for my Xbox, and I think it's a pretty good game.  It cannot be compared to KOTOR, because KOTOR blows this game away.  But, Jedi Academy is a very fun game to play.  I haven't played it for a while but it's worth picking up.  If you don't want to spend the $50 on it go rent it first.


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