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I just finished playing jedi academy. it was a really good game and I will probably try it again on a harder level. good graphics, good sound, good story, pretty much everything one could ask for. makes me wish I could design a game, though.
oh well I'll buy the next in the series whenever it comes out.

Jesse James:
If you have the PC version, and time/energy to figure out how, you can design your own levels, characters, weapons, storyline, cutscenes...  Pretty much everything.

I got the game for Christmas, and I enjoyed the gameplay. I beat it twice, once as a good Jedi, and the other time as a Sith. The only thing I didn't like about JA was the endings. They stunk! (IMO) Other than that, I highly reccomend buying the game.

I still haven't played this in quite some time, mainly because I'm playing KOTOR a second time (much better game than Jedi Academy).

I played Jedi Academy and it's a game 8-9 of 10. I prefer Jedi Outcast more.


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