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Netflix is starting to do original shows now. Maybe they would grab it?

It appears that Disney's acquisition of Star Wars and it's related properties may breathe some life into the dormant live action TV series.  No word in the article about how Rick McCallum's departure will affect the project, which he had been heading up for LFL.

Jesse James:
I read from someone in the know that McCallum's departure has had a major impact on the series moving forward.  It might now, actually be decent.  Till that point, all expectations had been somewhere between 21 Jump Street, and Family Ties just after the family had Andrew and Tina Yothers got older and wasn't really cute anymore.

It's never going to happen. I said that 8 years ago and have yet to suspect otherwise.

This was my favorite part of the EW article:

"Cartoon Network’s popular and innovative animated title The Clone Wars will likely shift to XD after its current deal expires."

See, it says right there it is still popular. Take that Bainbridge scholars, er...Hasbro!

I assume they are talking about syndication there, but it would be nice to imagine that the show might actually continue its run of new episodes post-Cartoon Network. I believe the contract is up after this season?


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