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--- Quote from: McMetal on January 11, 2013, 08:49 AM ---
I assume they are talking about syndication there, but it would be nice to imagine that the show might actually continue its run of new episodes post-Cartoon Network. I believe the contract is up after this season?

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I believe it says in the article that the Clone Wars has always been on a year to year contract with CN. I am still surprised we don't have word on season six one way or another by now. I would think they would have to be doing story boards and initial artwork at least by this point if it was a go. If not, would they not have leaked that by now? As hit and miss as some of the episodes are, I love the show and hope it stays on at least until Episode 7 arrives.

ABC still interested...


--- Quote from: Jeff on August  5, 2013, 01:11 PM ---ABC still interested...

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If Disney owns SW, and Disney owns ABC, WTF does anyone have to "negotiate" anything? Just get it done.

I run into this all the time at my company, we have to bid on contracts for companies WE ALREADY OWN. What's the point?

Jesse James:
Everybody has their own budgets and goals that must be met.  Even interdepartmental budgets within small companies can coexist with a bit of friction and negotiating.

After the SHIELD series underperforms, the interest will go away.


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