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The Future of Star Wars Collecting?

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I'm curious to seewith Disney buying Lucasfilm, and announcing what everyone has been hoping fo EP 7,8,9...  will there be a sudden surge of collectors?

Will folk that "dropped out" get back into it again?
Will this bring on any newcomers? 

What about all the "Disney" collectors with $$$ in thier pockets...will any of those folks jump onto the SW band wagon now????? (I think not, but you never know Disney collectors are as nutty as we are)

Will current folks spend more on the hobby, now the the futurelooks intact?
Will anyone drop out because they don't like where this is headed?

If I had to guess I think we'll see a surge right now...then a steadyrise in the overall hobby...I would guess the normal trends would remain, but at a slightly higher level.  Overall I think it makes the hobby a little stronger.


Maybe this is a good sign for me.  Was planning on dumping most of my modern Hasbro collection so hoping this means the value will get a bump rather then taking a loss.

Now that it's confirmed that there will be no new product until the fall, what will you focus on?  I'm going to pick up some ebay things here and there that I have missed. And I'm going to be finally setting up my Star Wars room.  I am going to bill it as "The Smallest Star Wars Room on the East Coast."  It's stupid small.  I'm hoping to have it done for May 25, which will be the 35 Anniversary of SW!

Jesse James:
Lego's...  LOTR and Hobbit.

I may nab a SS figure or two.

I will get the Lego Planet sets too of course, love that sub-line that you can get into without feeling compelled to jump all-in on all Lego SW stuff.

I'm going to be putting some cash into my Jeep this year too, and some elbow grease.

Otherwise I plan on saving some extra...  unless Hasbro really impresses me at Toy Fair of course.  :-\  I'm not expecting that.

There's a few points where I've got some hope for Star Wars over the next few months.

-Class I Vehicles:  These have been something of a bright point for the line, even with the crappy distribution.  The new offerings are more interesting than a lot of other things in the line.  We got 2 new sculpts in this first wave of the Class I vehicles.  And I'm hoping for some more new Class I offerings in the next few months.

-The long rumored TRU exclusive TESB Slave I:  This one got teased a while ago, and I'm hoping that it' still in the pipeline.


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