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New 1/6 Vader?

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Jesse James:
Sure seems that way...

Yeesh I'll want this one.  I passed on the first. :(

Kinda glad I did wait though as I'd want a removable bucket one...  I'm just dejected at the inevitable cost it'll be.  I can't see this one being even $150 to $180, but it's the one I'll want as a "centerpiece" type item in my collection.

Jesse James:
Reeeeeallly tempted on the new Vader but hoofah is that a hell of a pricetag.  :-\

$249.99.  Ouch!  But it's certainly an impressive figure with a lot of accessories and features.  I have the ANH version, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to jump on this one for the preorder on Thursday.

Jesse James:
All that light-up stuff, man...  I want a center-piece Vader figure of sorts for my collection.  This seems like a good way to go despite that price, but that price is very high.

Jesse James:
Jesse, where are you with this?  I'm mulling...  a lotta mulling...


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