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New 1/6 Vader?

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I just couldn't resist and put in my preorder using the payment plan.  I have Sideshow's ANH version and love it so I wasn't sure if I needed this too, but it just has so many impressive features that they convinced me to bite.  Actually, my previous experience with the ANH one made it easier to bite the bullet because I know it'll be an amazing piece .  This would easily become a centrepiece item, JJ.  8)

Is it me, or didn't Sideshow just do a TESB Vader last year?  And now they're doing this ROTJ edition?  And all the while, the Lords of the Sith sub-line STILL does not have a Darth Tyranus figure.

I don't think they did an ESB one.  :-\

Jesse James:
Yeah no ESB one that I recall just this and the ANH Vader...

UGH man, I'm soooooooooo tempted.  I keep clicking on it, staring, and backing out.

... order me, you know you want to ...  ;D


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