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--- Quote from: McMetal on February 11, 2013, 12:14 PM ---What'd they show? I haven't seen the highlights yet...

--- End quote ---

check it all out here:

Wow, thanks...those are incredible!

I wonder how many figures they will ultimately release, I would like to get in on these but have limited space.

Saw David 8 and Deacon today at TRU for the first time. Actually not quite as impressive up close as I'd expected. I noticed the previous figures and 2-pack were on sale though, so this may be a good chance for me to jump on board...

New comic "Genocide" 2 pack coming out in June:

August release for Hicks and damaged Warrior 2-pack, October release for Hudson and other damaged Warrior 2-pack. NECA responded to my tweet and said these will all be available at TRU.

very smart imo to spread them out - I think they will get more purchases that way

From Neca's Twitter page - Happy Easter.  Hopefully this isn't an April Fools joke since they posted this yesterday.  Maybe we will see in this in Series 2?


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