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Was digging around on the internets last night about these lines and found some interesting stuff. I guess the Prometheus line isn't doing all that hot and NECA has announced that the Fifield/Shaw wave is on hold now. :( But they can still manage to get 2 more holographic Engineers into Wave 3 cause THAT will save the line. Huh?

I'm one of the few people who actually liked that movie I think, and I'm still on the fence about jumping in. They're too expensive and noone but TRU carries them around here. They had that one sale a few weeks back but since then nothing.

The Aliens line still looks cool but noone seems to know when these are supposed to show up. I've heard everything from June - August.

Not Neca, so feel free to move this post.

It looks like Super7 will want around $20 each for it's Kenner retro 3 3/4" figures.

SDCC Alien Exclusives

Absurd price for a 5 point of articulation figures based on 70's toys, albeit unproduced ones.

Yeah, maybe, but I SO want those. I would have gone nuts for these things back in the day. I'm more geeked about those than the new 6" stuff.

Jesse James:
I'm probably out then...  I'm guessing very small production runs is part of the pricing on them.  They're neat, but I don't really collect Alien/Aliens stuff as much as I like it integrated with my Star Wars shelf somewhat, which makes these a little obsolete looking.

I more wanted the space suit one...  The other two, meh.

I like them and plan to pick up the set.


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