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Snively Bandar:
But the prior sets (with an extra figure, or two) were $45, IIRC, so hopefully these smaller and more recycled sets won't be quite that much.  These sets are definitely going further and further downhill each time now.  Which reminds me, I still haven't even picked up the two prior sets.  Are they still available at the park/Downtown Disney?  I was going to order them through that Disney Delivears #, but they wanted to charge like $30 to ship them - insane!

Yup. They are still there. So is the big Star Speeder.

Jesse James:
Yeah Disney stuff seems to not hurt in terms of availability at least.  Thank god for a friend who goes to WDW often or I'd have none of those astromechs, haha.  I've found even with the price, I kinda dig having that kind of astro diversity going on.

So, I forgot to buy these.  Mostly, because I didn't want to.  But, complete set and all...

Are they long gone at this point?

I was wondering the same thing, actually. I am heading down to Disney World later this week.  ;D


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