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NHL Offseason 2013

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Looks like the buyouts are heading into high gear today -

PHI - Briere, Bryzgalov
MON - Kaberle
TB - Lecavalier

Not surprised about Philly since those have been long rumored, but I feel bad for TB/Lecavalier.  That has to be a hard move to dump your captain like that simply because of the $$ situation.  Will be interested to see where he ends up...

--- Quote from: Jesse James on June 26, 2013, 01:12 PM ---I was 100% for dumping him after last year, but this year he was widely regarded as our best defenseman.
--- End quote ---

Never doubt a Minnesotan D-man, Jesse.  I would have thought Alex Goligoski would have taught you that. ;)

Jesse James:
Loved go go and if anything him gone makes me think they're gonna try hard to keep Letang I just don't think he'll do the hometown discount and I (personally) feel Cooke n Dupuis r more important signs...

Rumours around Letang getting an offer somewhere in the ballpark of 8 million per?  Aside from the fact that's an absurd overpayment, who the hell else are the Pens going to actual put on the ice? 

Jesse James:
No way I'd believe that....  They're also in negotiation with duper n Cooke before 5th...  Adams hasn't even been spoken to.  I can't believe 8 at all.  He's be well beyond any dman in league I think?

Yeah I thought it more than a little insane for that pay scale.  I'm just kind of surprised at how much the Pens have thrown out of late.  Obviously you want to pay Crosby and Malkin but then you better be hoping for some real good performances from lower end guys. 

In other news it's looking like the gauntlet has been thrown in the Phoenix saga.  A decision needs to be made by July 2nd.  In spite of the massive rumours surrounding Seattle I'd place my money on Quebec City simply because they're in a position so similar to what Winnipeg was in...almost.  Their arena is a lot closer (corruption in the government and construction industries notwithstanding) and I think their ownership group is more tangible.  I think Seattle is a few years away yet and will get the expansion franchise.

On the other hand it would be better for scheduling if it was Seattle and really, how much worse than Phoenix could it be initially?  Plus you can probably get the $170M out of Seattle and then hose Quebec City for well over $200M for an expansion franchise.  Plus moving out of a U.S. market to another U.S. market would fit the little weasel's ideals much better. 

But neither location is as well prepared as Winnipeg was. 


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