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Well, we did our games draft tonight (early, but only dates prior to September 15th when everyone is around). Group of nine, but I have two picks. Random drawing of names and I end up with 8th/9th pick. My reaction was:  :'(

Here are my results, in order:

Pittsburgh Penguins April 3rd (Crosby and Malkin?)
LA Kings October 6th (home opener)
St. Louis Blues December 10th
Anaheim Ducks October 6th (c'mon, Teemu)
Colorado Avalanche March 19th (looking over the young guns)
Tampa Bay Lightning January 7th (Stamkos? 'Nuff said)
Minnesota Wild November 23rd (looking for that developing rivalry)
Phoenix February 27th (I needed a February game)
Florida December 20th (ugh, I'll be in Hawaii for this one)
Ottawa Senators September 15th (preseason home opener)

All things considered (picking 8/9 of 9) not bad at all. I'll work with another guy in our group and we'll go to two of each others regular season games and then probably take each other to a preseason game as well, so he'll go to my Ottawa and I'll go to the Edmonton preseason game. One of those regular season games will end up as either the Detroit game or the Chicago game he has (November 21st) and likely the Philly game.

Here's my list...

Sat, Oct 5 Anaheim
Sat, Oct 12 Dallas
Sun, Nov 17 Winnipeg
Thu, Dec 5 Chicago
Thu, Jan 2 Buffalo
Thu, Jan 16 Edmonton
Tue, Feb 4 Tampa Bay
Sun, Mar 9 St. Louis
Sat, Mar 22 Detroit
Sun, April 13 Nashville

Happy to have ended up with the Red Wings game.  And tried to see everyone in the new Central (got 5/6 - no Avs, but that's OK since I've seen a ton of them).  Might be some swaps as the season progresses and people end up with date conflicts, but a solid list to start the season.

Oh look, you have no conflict with the Minnesota game in Winnipeg  ;)

Really wanted the Wings game but the swap ended up being for Chicago and that's still pretty cool. 

Jesse James:
I'm waiting on tickets to go on sale here to pick a set up for a game next year sometime.  That'll be my one.  At this point I have so much **** going on, I'm not going to any Steelers games this year to save money.  I won't miss Pens though.  I'm going to one game at least.

Picked up a couple of games in ticket swaps (with my Dad), so I'll be adding Thu, Oct 24 - Carolina and Fri, Nov 29 - Colorado to my list.  :)

Congrats Toronto on losing your new star player for ten games due to a stupid preseason melee (though the goalie fight was a nice touch).  Bad blood already brewing in BUF-TOR series.  And VAN-EDM has their share of bad blood stewing now too (Gagner busted jaw).


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