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NHL 2013-14

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Two nights of watching other teams get going has my juices flowing for our kickoff tonight.  Even more than last year, we'll live or die this year with our rookies/kids.  I'm expecting big things from Brodin and Coyle sophomore years.  And we'll see what happens with Fontaine, Granlund, Niederritter, Zucker.  I'm not expecting us to win the Central with Chicago and St. Louis in there, but hopefully we'll be able to hold onto that 3 spot in the Central.

Oh and excellent news today that we were able to extend Pominville for a reasonable 5yr/$28mil.  Nice cap hit and when Heatley's $7.5mil comes off the books next summer, we'll have even more room to sign Tomas Vanek add some talent next year. :P

Yeah, I need to get some Blues tickets... I might as well see my new home team play my former home teams (Wild, Rangers).

Jesse James:
Pens tickets are INSANELY tough to get this year it seems, at least together, and for a fair price.  I'm bummed...  Got some time yet, but they're gonna be nosebleeds which I was hoping to avoid.  THey're good, but not where I wanted.  Was really hoping bowl seats this year.

I'm geeked for hockey though.  Let's Go Pens!

Everytime I see one of these videos, it reminds me how lucky I am I wasn't a good enough player to make it very far in my hockey career...

Pascal Dupuis Pulls out two teeth on Pens Bench.   :-X

Jesse James:
You never needed any toof work ever?  I didn't lose any but I had chips needing fixed :(


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