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OK...I think I've got it maybe

Anakin's Fall has been called a tragedy...

His saying in EpII of stopping people from dying yadda yadda is deep foreshadowing...

Anakin saves Palpatine in the beginning of the movie from the clutches of Dooku, Anakin is the hero of the galaxy and his ego knows it, he is the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy...

NEW 10/10/03...Palpatine knowing that Anakin is weak asks him to be his personal bodyguard.  

Somehow Ms Amidala is killed or dies (there is a pretty revealing Webcam image for Hyperspace members that alludes to this effect that she is dead and I'm going to say she des giving birth)...this happens  while Obi and Ani are saving someone or doing something...involving the new bad guy

The Clone Army turns on the Jedi during the movie and Mace goes to confront Palpatine, being Palpatine's bodyguard Anakin is forced to defend Palpatine/Sidious and kills Mace cementing his path down the dark side.  Palpatine tells Anakin that Mace is te Jedi traitor and he was the one who has been sabotoging the Republic

OK then, Palpatine/Sidious promises Anakin that through the Dark Side people can be resurrected and having tutored Anakin for so long Anakin finally succumbs to the dark side in an effort to bring Padme back from the is the Jedi's fault he is where he is...Obi did this to him, Obi was responsible for Padme's death, Obi was responsible for his mother's death.  This leads to his duel with obi saying that Obi was reponsible blah blah blah.  obi wins, Ani is scarred and rescued by Palpatine who brings him back from the "dead" and gives him the means to an end...Having been beaten Anakin breaks and hunts down the remaining survivors and that is that...

Obi, Yoda and Bail escape with the Kids and the credits roll

Last scene is Vader on his Star Destroyer looking off into space wondering where his child (children) are

Makes sense to me :)  

Good job, I like it. :)

Darth Broem:
I like the Padme dying while giving birth idea.  To me she has to kick the bucket in some way.  I just think something bad has to happen to her to get Anakin all fired up and go over the edge.  

The only problem with this teory is that leia has memories of her mother, so how can she possibly die giving birth. she dies when leia is a small child


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