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Darth Broem:
Yeah, he probably is THE best starpilot in the galaxy, a great warrior, etc and it goes to his head.  He probably won't get the respect from the Jedi Order he feels he should have.  Obviously he's going to get sick of the Jedi if not already.  Palpatine is there to feed his head full of stuff.  

I guess Kenobi is the one sent to find the New Villian instead of Anakin.  I am guessing the really ticks off Anaking as well.  Now I just wonder how Padme fits into everything.

Wow...2 years before the movie and I nailed that one pretty much spot on with some minor details needing tweaking.   :P


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--- Quote from: fumblemonkey on September 23, 2003, 03:29 PM ---The only problem with this teory is that leia has memories of her mother, so how can she possibly die giving birth. she dies when leia is a small child

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that detail.  

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That's easy - she is just remembering Breha Organa, not Padme. That's how I like to think of it anyway.

I think of it as a version of flow walking.

What the heck is "flow walking"?


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