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I guess the other choice would be that Padme and Bail make a dash for it and Padme is killed while Bail escapes with Leia...being force sensitive Leia may have memories of her mother that way

Hopefully the story will not have to rely on Leia's force sensitivity allowing her to remember. That's just too much retroactive conditioning for me. Maybe one of the handmaidens takes Leia, and that's why Leia seems to remember her mother. I mean, Padme really wasn't important to the OT anyways, so it wouldn't exactly cheapen it.

Darth Broem:

--- Quote from: fumblemonkey on September 23, 2003, 03:29 PM ---The only problem with this teory is that leia has memories of her mother, so how can she possibly die giving birth. she dies when leia is a small child

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah, I forgot about that detail.  


- Since so much time is wasted debating on useless theories, I'll try to put it to rest. Padme dies. More interesting is how and who is involved.

New ideas added based on some new Spoilers at ;)

Anakin is now Palpatine's bodyguard (which fits with my theory on his ego being huge)


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