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AT-RT Pilot
« on: October 9, 2005, 04:20 PM »
I just purchased a AT-RT Pilot at Target so I'm doing a review. The AT-RT Pilots were seen doing some wholesome wookie huntin' at the end of the Battle Of Kayyshak. I'm pretty sure some were also ground troops during the battle.

Sculpt: 3.9/5
The sculpt is pretty much dead-on from what I can tell. The torso, arms and legs look much like a grunt clone. On his back he has a cool Scout Trooper-Esque survival pack thingy. The helmet looks very distinctive and features a cool antenea much like Bacara's. His belt looks similar to an Imperial Officer's, or AT-ST Driver's belt. It has a couple pouches on it and a couple clips are sculpted near the belt buckle.

Articulation: 4.9/5
This Pilot meets The Big H's standard of SA articulation. This can make him be put in a variety of poses, from piloting his AT-RT or BARC Speeder to getting his ass kicked by Yoda and Chewie. His legs however, are very hard to get to stand and he fell over a couple of times.

Paint: 5/5
His paint is a very good for a Jungle Ops Trooper, and It was'nt sloppy, at least not on my version.

Accesories: 4.9/5
I very much like his accesories. They include:
- DC-17 rifle
- Removable armor
- Missile-firing DC-15 (For the Kiddies)

His cool EU rifle looks exactley like the ones the Clone Commandos brandish in the XBOX game Republic Commando. The removable armor is very cool, and it sports battle damage to boot. This is how they should make General Veer's armor when he hopefully comes out in SAGA 2. This Pilot also has a Mongo Huge Missile-Firing DC-15.

Pricing: 5/5
$6 at most places.

This is a very cool Imperial Trooper, and can be used as a Jungle Ops Clone, Turbo Tank Driver, Or the said AT-RT Pilot, and can be made with or without the battle damaged torso. That's the great thing about Hasbro, they give you options.

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Re: AT-RT Pilot
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2005, 01:11 AM »
I don't know if I would have given it such a high review, but I agree with yours.
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