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Chris M:
Jesse, maybe this will make you smile.  I finally got my lift put on my Jeep.  I got a Teraflex leveling kit, which brought the front up about 2.5"  and the rear up about 1.5"  I've got a Rugged Ridge stubby tube bumper due to be delivered this week.  The pic is kind of crappy but it's the best I've got for the moment.

Jesse James:
Nice Chris.

Mine's got a slight brake leak too so it's going in the garage tonight and my car's coming out of our shop soon.  I'll drive one of the others till then.

My gf bought a 2012 Chrysler 200 I mentioned above.  I drove it around this weekend...  VERY nice car.  Roomy, handles nice, peppy but nothing insane.  Love the heated seats, and all the little doo-dads inside.  Remote start was well worth it.

Anyway, love this car already, and am already thinking if I buy new I'm leaning towards Chrysler.  I'd test-driven some others with her over the Fall, but not this.  We drove a Dart though and it was pretty slick too.  This is a nice mid-range car to me though.

We took it out last night for NYE and it was just so great walking out to a warm car.  Goofy but I loved it.

I Am Sith:
Any of you catch the article on Yahoo! about all the Hurricane Sandy flood salvage vehicles?

I browsed the site for about an hour looking at everything from boats to exotic cars and construction vehicles.

Anyone ever purchase a salvage vehicle with water/flood damage?  A buddy of mine picked up a Chevy Tahoe years ago that was a flood salvage vehicle and has never had anything wrong with it beyond normal wear.  Curious to hear if he was just lucky or if others have also purchased flood damage vehicles and had no problems.

Jesse James:
I caught the article earlier too.  Some cool cars there.

I'd describe him as lucky, personally.  It depends if it gets into the more sensitive electronics.  Electronics can dry out, but a car's computer can be fried and you're talking a boatload to fix something like that.

Not to mention potential long-term damage one might not see...  a car may get flooded, and sound-dampening foam that was intended to never see water, gets wet, and rots the car inside-out.

Then you have to figure, should you wish to resell, I believe it's illegal to not disclose the damage on the title.  It will probably be on it forever through your state's DMV.

Some of the older cars, like the article mentions the packard, those are far less likely to be damaged...  They're less complex and so less sensitive stuff can be damaged.  At the same time, some of those cars are worth parting out alone for the prices listed...  I mean, a solid body on some of those cars, alone, could sell to a chop shop to make a rod out of it, or whatnot.  A lamborghini or ferarri can be parted out quite easily, from door panels and fenders, to any piece of the engine that's survived...  knowing how to even dismantle one might be tricky for the average grease monkey though.  Cars like that, I live by the motto that if you cannot afford a brand new one, you simply cannot afford one, period. :P

On things like a 65 Mustang, you can part it out, but is it worth your trouble?  You could try rebuilding it...  But you can find ones that won't have the issues that one almost inevitably will for a fair price too.

There's a lot of "what if" with water damaged cars unfortunately.  I'd not recommend them to anyone without a good garage and a bit of car knowledge, plus the ability to take a bath on something being unfixiable, personally.  :-\

Now if I had an almost-restored car and they had one for a fair price, might totally be worth picking it up for the parts I needed, should they be parts I can be relatively sure are safe, or salvageable.

I think some people will salivate, then realize rebuilding some of what will inevitably need it, is far beyond their abilities.

Chris M:

--- Quote from: Jesse James on January 28, 2013, 11:19 PM ---

I think some people will salivate, then realize rebuilding some of what will inevitably need it, is far beyond their abilities.

--- End quote ---

This for the win.  I thought about looking around for an older Jeep to build up.  Then I decided my pocket book probably wouldn't be able to handle what my ego said I could do.  So I decided to pass on a salvage vehicle.


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