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Jesse James:
It's like jumping into any new hobby.  It's gonna cost ya, but what you know about it (or don't) will wind up costing you more possibly.

Problem with cars is, if you don't know what you're doing, and you have to pay to have things done, you're really into a lot more money unless you have friends.

Going to check out the dark grey, 2014, limited Crosstrek this weekend.  I think we're buying one next month.

EDIT:  Put the deposit down.  The car will be here around July 10.

Congrats on the new purchase Rob, it looks pretty sharp.

I'm pretty proud of our new vehicle purchase, a 2013 GMC Sierra.  The cool thing is it's a hybrid, so it actually gets better gas mileage than my previous SUV (Hyundai Veracruz).  We're going camping next week, so the timing couldn't be better.

Pulled the trigger on the Crosstrek this morning!


I bought this last year and absolutely LOVE it...getting almost 36mpg on the highway.  I can't recommend a Hyundai and the Sonata enough


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