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Toy Reviews / New JD Review: R4-G9 (Sneak Preview)
« on: June 6, 2005, 11:04 PM »
Astromech Droids are taken to new heights by Hasbro with this latest rendition of the little buggers...  R4-G9 (Sneak Preview) proves that Hasbro can do articulation, features, and accessories all in one little droid, and with little to no drawbacks really!

Yup, Hasbro actually improved what I thought they had pretty much perfected...  Astromechs!  R4-G9 has the aspects I like in these droids though, and which Hasbro has proven works...  Articulation.  But Hasbro also incorporated the a neat method to make the 3rd leg retract and extend by twisting the dome, the lightpipe is better than ever, and he's got an accessory that's sort of innovative...  But how does he measure up overall as a figure?

Well, short of him having more accessories (something all astro's could use to spice them up a bit), he really is quite nice, but just Click Right Here to check out the full review, and as always, share your thoughts on him if you'd like.

He's a must-have for any collection though, in this reviewer's opinion.  :)  I'd buy astromech droid repaints with every wave of figures that came out I think!

This could be where the Obi-Wan Deluxe figure with SBD comes into play too...  He doesn't really fight any SBD's in the film save the 2 on the steps during the Dooku duel, and he kicks neither.

The fuel sequence in the E3 game had it very SBD intensive...  One "new" droid was a Super Grappler BD that just was a beefier than regular SBD's and grabbed the characters.  Usually the games reflect the movies in a sense...  I could see this having a relation to a SBD grabbing Obi.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: SLAVE I CUSTOM
« on: June 6, 2005, 10:39 PM »
I don't know if they were "loaned" though...  I don't recall the game saying that, but rather that they were just the base's collection of pursuit/patrol craft incase of a breakout attempt.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Bad Star Wars mojo in my area...
« on: June 6, 2005, 06:21 PM »
That's a bummer...  I agree that there's a strong chance that it's someone he knew who knew it was in there...  Wonder if other stuff was taken though? 

I was thinking that the E3 video game sorta touched on where this scene may have been...  Anyone know that?

The model's a pretty well documented item...  So is the Destroyer from ANH...  This is one of those times that the anal-retentiveness of Tech Commentaries comes in handy because they do nail an appropriate size to the Blockade Runner (in ANH, and assuming they're the same class in ROTJ then you can cross it over I guess) by drawing comparisons agains the Destroyer whose size is known already just by eyeballing it in the hangar bay...  Then there's just so many shots of the model from ANH...  It just shows funny on film in some scenes.

In ROTJ no Blockade Runners are shot by the Death Star...  2 large Mon Cal Cruisers are though.  The Blockade Runner shot I think you're thinking of Broem (where it appears larger than a Frigate) is the camera playing tricks.  The BR's actually in the foreground of the Frigate I think (if it's the shot I'm thinking of) and it does appear larger, but that's because it's closer is all.  I'm trying to think if a new BR was even built for ROTJ or if it's the Tantive IV model reused for the shots.  I can't recall off-hand but I think it was just produced off the same "bases" that were used for the Tantive IV model which would basically put it at the exact size even if they are new models. 

I used to have a great link to a site just on the Tantive IV but I've lost it...

I think we need to put our mullets on about this one!   :-X  :P

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: SLAVE I CUSTOM
« on: June 6, 2005, 05:50 PM »
For a little background on the ship (the background that I know anyway), the ship was stolen by Jango Fett from a penal colony/planet (ala Kessel) set within an asteroid.  The story pops up in "Bounty Hunter" the video game for Gamecube and PS2. 

There are other Slave I's there and he does destroy them but for fear of pursuit.  I believe I've heard the notion that his is the only Firespray Attack Ship, but other EU contradicts that and the Firesprays are not overly common, but there's more than one.  X-Wing: Alliance for instance features a Firespray in it prominently (a character in the game that is a relation to the character you play has a Firespray as his personal ship for instance).

The paintjob, actually, is exactly as it appears in Episode II (Not to rain on your custom idea...  By all means, it sounds great so I say go with what you want to do).  The color pattern to it in AOTC is that of a Republic "Police" ship (or Republic Standing Military perhaps) which is what it basically is I guess...  Jango just hasn't painted it up yet.  And of course Boba paints his to match his armor.

The planet's dreary, but it's still a Republic controlled instillation so there's an element of military "cleanliness" as well.  It's a great game with the full story that explains Jango's background and how he came to be the choice for cloning....  I recommend playing through it entirely just for the storyline.


BTW, Airbrushing sounds fantastic...  I'm curious to see how the paintjob turns out then...  For insignias, I'd almost lean away from painting (if you're using sorta "known" emblems like the Imperial one or anything like that), and instead print the insignia (often can be found online somewhere) out on sticker paper, or water transfer decal paper...  That way the painting detail is minimized a bit.  Kill markers would be really neat on it too I think (just a thought).

Other Toy Lines / Re: Terminator Toy Line... 4" Scale.
« on: June 6, 2005, 12:54 AM »
Wonder what's up with these?

I saw some Terminator figs at Suncoast recently, but they didn't look 4" scale nor articulated.  I didn't have a ton of time so I didn't get to check the manufacturer.  The only 4" definite I saw was an Endoskeleton that was like a little statue (walking on skulls and stuff).  That was it...

Hope these are still on tap, as I'm pretty curious how good they'd be for fodder.

Holy Macarole Matt!

Within an hour of me, I can hit maybe 5 Targets...  That's total.  I'd have to go 5 different directions to hit each.  Not that shopping is bad around here, it's just spaced out.  No wonder you guys find this stuff first. ;)

Without a doubt, I agree.

I'm not a fan myself...  I think Tech Commentaries make a nice resource, but he's someone who I've learned doesn't care to be contradicted or have other suggestions pointed out.

I agree that some walkers from comcis are (IMO) probably only an artist's interpretation of something...  I tend to ignore the umpteen different walkers that all appear to serve the same purpose but are all different "variants" notion myself.  Some I try to include though here and there...  The XT's design will stick, and being that it was so close to the AT-ST in design (at least for what its intended role as a piece of armor on a battlefield would be anyway), then I see it as being a good "in universe" design...  Something maybe that opened the way to a fast, light, but well armed Walker design that could take moderate punishment, could be used for multiple roles, etc... 

I agree wholeheatedly that some things are best left alone though...  Comics are something I've always looked at with a grain of salt as to what looks like what...  For instance, the Spacetroopers of the HTTE series comics are vastly different from their RPG counterparts started by West End Games.  The comic versions aren't even really physically possible given that their weapons come from where the man inside's forearm would be.  The RPG version is much more logical, much more "real" looking, and looks like it actually wuold cost so much you couldn't outfit every trooper in that super armor, just who you trained to work Zero-G combat like that.  Classic instance where an artist's interpretation in a comic is null/void in my opinion.  I just pretend that "spacetrooper" doesn't exist in Star Wars, and the ones in the story were the RPG design (I love that one, it's just so neat looking!).

More goof-ups...  One says the PT's rare, one says it was successful and common.  ;D  Classic SW EU!


What I see there, and I'm disregarding the AT-AP Databank entry all-together at this point (Whoever wrote that is clueless I think), is that the AT-PT was "rare" compared to the RT...  It doesn't come out and say it, but that implies to me the RT's been in service longer, and still being utilized due to speed issues.  The PT could just become popular and "flourish" then as time wears on because anti-infantry support for troops is a growing concern for the Empire...

The AT-XT from the CW game DOES, basically, show up in EU over time...  There's like a 1000 (I'm exagerrating, but not by a lot, haha) different 2-legged styled Walkers throughout Comics, Games, etc...  I know that Tech Commentaries does a half-assed job of categorizing them as best they can, and some do look like the XT...  They could all just be a large variety of "armor" in the walker class that see service both public and private across the galaxy for long periods of time...

That Databank entry for the AT-AP/AT-PT is terrible...  First, the AT-AP is F'n big.  It's not a light anti-infantry weapon, it's not even on 2 legs, it sports a number of weapons including one big-ass gun...  Hell it looks like the front end of an AT-TE really. :)  I don't see a correlation between the AT-PT and AP besides them being "walkers" really.

To me, the AT-AP doesn't even remind me of anything in the OT, nor even EU really...  It's its own thing as I see it right now.  It's cool though...  A 3-legged walker, fair-sized (larger than a Scout Walker by a bit, and it seems to pack a bigger punch too) was a nice deviation from what we were used to...  So's the Juggernaught for that matter.

The EU that highlights the AT-PT's use in the Empire was a couple games at least...  In the Rogue Squadron games, AT-PT's act in support of larger armor to snuff out Rebel infantry which pose a substantial threat to the larger walkers (IE: Luke's ability to trash an AT-AT himself).  Some RPG stuff's elaborated on it as well, and then the Force Commander game also showed them in use extensively for perimeter defense, probing enemy emplacements, scout/patrol work, and simple staggered defenses utilizing armor.

I've come to just sorta ignore Zahn's comments ont he AT-PT other than the Katana Fleet had some on board the Dreadnaughts for planetary invasion work or whatever... 

The AT-PT's become one of my fav EU vehicles I think.  I'd kill for a Hasbro AT-PT, especially after the RT turned out to be such a nice toy (the walking feature blows, but it's got poseable legs and all, so they did it justice).

No, if anything, it was the other way around, since AT-PTs were present on the Katana Fleet several years before the Clone Wars (later put back into limited production during the Empire). In fact one of the ROTS guides mentions the RT's connection to the earlier PT.

The PT's existance in EU's sort of contradictory over various sources...  Some say it's not in service during the Empire, others say it's a highly utilized anti-personnel walker the Empire employs in staggered armored columns.  I choose the latter...

I think it may have been a Clone Wars era design though, to keep it in line with the OTHER view EU has on it, but I view it as the RT coming first in the Clone Wars (we just see it in ROTS...  nothing to say it didn't exist as a military vehicle even prior to the existance of "Clonetroopers" in a Republic military), and the RT perhaps evolved into the enclosed PT we see to some extent, but still served as a Recon Transport rather than a frontline walker whereas the PT does frontline duty in combat situations due to its enclosed cockpit...  And as a superior design the PT has a long life into the Imperial era, or perhaps both could survive into the Empire's service even (their design just seems semi-redundant to me, a bit, and the PT a much superior design due to the enclosed cockpit really).

EU's botched the AT-PT over the years though, bouncing the backstory on it all over the place...  I stick with the notion of it being a heavily used walker in the Imperial era, despite Zahn's writings that say otherwise.

The Original Trilogy / Re: The Meeting
« on: June 5, 2005, 03:10 AM »
I think it's fitting.  Calm behavior between advesaries (in battle) inspires the notion in me personally that there's a burning hatred under that calm that is immeasureable.

Basically, I look at the exchange as almost creepy in how calm it is...  They're so focused (one in his self-sacrifice, one in his hatred) that they're not going nuts on each other.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Jedi After Episode 3?
« on: June 4, 2005, 01:19 AM »
No doubt Anton...

Qu Rahn's my favorite...  He discovers Kyle Katarn, befriends his father Morgan...  Dies tragically after the battle of Endor though, and that just sorta sucks.

He's a guy a few adventures should be written about or a prequal type game to Jedi Knight should be made about...  Maybe how Rahn escapes and goes into hiding even.  I'd take that game right quick.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS 's PG-13 rating justified ?
« on: June 4, 2005, 01:10 AM »
The last time I watched the film was on a Saturday with my gf and her sons...  I saw it with about as "general" an audience as I have so far...  Random people, many who decided to go see it on a whim I figure.

The one scene people kinda gasped at, and what I think earned the PG-13 rating, was Anakin burning...  I was sort of taken aback by the people around me and how they reacted.  I heard some kids start murmurring, one little cried a little... 

The chopping, slicing, and dying was kinda played down, but Anakin's part I think is what earned any PG-13 rating.

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