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Looks like a lotta folk bailing before years end.  It has been pretty ****** so far.

Itís hard to innovate FPS and itís risky too but like Iíve said about the last one, I felt if anything they had dumbed the gameplay down to where upgrades were so simplistic they made just jumping in and enjoying it difficult.  Classes were lame and not as familiar, which I think familiarity there helps keep the fun and balance for new and seasoned players more ďfairĒ... 

Other FPS games manage to improve the genre though and that is always in the back of my mind.  But I mean seriously just a Star Wars skin on an already familiar and popular game wouldíve been safe and kinda meh but still been more well received.

And the reviews on the SP are bad and honestly I have no idea how you F that part up this bad.  Iíve seen some video of the complaints and I gotta say they do seem like the SP was really an afterthought and nowhere near as good or extensive as like CoD even which is usually pretty simple stuff.  Hell, Titanfall2 is immersive and again you have a blueprint so why not just use that?  Oh well.

Really?  My stores have literally stacks of these things.  Some on the bottom some on the top shelf and some have them on the bottom shelf and top shelf.  Only two stores blew them out here, but they did no goofing off and really just bottomed out the price and got rid of them.

The walker is a great toy but the whole price plus this not really having a place or purpose hurt it plus it wasnít long ago it was out for less.  If theyíd released it as a Rogue One vehicle around time the movie came out it mightíve done better.

Drive is the same as the K-Mart 2-pack one that looks like Malkin.

Iím gonna wait for either cheap used or $20.  I just saw a review basically saying the campaign wasnít just short but also linear and simplistic with stuff thrown in for pure fan wank like playing as Luke and Han.  While I kinda wanna see the storyline and new characters and such, Iím glad I didnít dive in on this like I did with the last game. 

The formula for success is there.  Itís been done and all you needed to really do was put a Star Wars skin on it to be a success.  Being a little innovative with gameplay wouldíve been amazing then had they done that too, but instead they did none of those things.  EA sucks.

Eh, not sure you wanna.  :)

There are fun looks at test shots up on Facebook. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:40 PM »
I was thinking maybe the guts made him sick or whatever.  I like that Negan keeps calling Gabriel creepy.

If there's one more goddam unnecessary "I don't agree so let's fist fight" bro-down I'm gonna lose my **** on this show.  At some point, someone has to be not insane enough to let this all unravel just because they're a kook.  Same goes for Morgan, Carol, and all these other people who wander off, fight with people on their side, and other crap.  It makes sense for Savior Lieutenants to be at each other's throat, but this crap happening weekly is ridonkulous.  Add in now that apparently Ezekial will go into his emo state too, and just FFS I'd join the saviors for simplicity's sake in my life.  The dude who was in charge of the Kingdom runs was right.  You take that job because you just want life to be somewhat normal, stable, and no issues from morons.

Less than $15 right now.  I'm buying. :X

The Last Jedi / Re: TLJ 3.75" Resistance A-Wing Fighter with Tallie
« on: November 20, 2017, 09:40 PM »
Indeed.  I may scout Target for the police speeder since that thing is dumb looking.  The A-Wing is fantastic for around $20 though, pick it up if you can. 

The TLC one not terribly as far as deco goes.  The difference is that this one is more sturdy than that one, which is known to have issues where the joints become brittle and break over time.

I got a few of the new one on clearance for $15, which I had on my radar.  I had to drive cross country to EBF but got them super cheap and I'm always fairly happy to add AT-ST's to my arsenal.  The deco is bland and non-specific, and pretty much just like the Legacy walker.  The best deco is K-Mart's IMHO since it's specific to a very particular walker in ROTJ.  The problem then of course is it standing up.  If you feel like putting a lock washer into some joints, it stands just fine then.

The new one is all around superior for standing and staying that way, but goes back to a more generic deco...  I'm fine with that since I pretty much don't mind hoarding a pile of these to customize, and since I'm customizing I don't mind fixing their standing issues, but yeah, this is probably the best version of the walker they've done for standing so far.  Beyond that, it was more of the same at a higher price...  At $25 it's fantastically priced really though, for what it is.  Below what I consider even fair for it.

Hasnít been healthy for a while but man that still sucks.  AC/DC is up there with the Stones for me. 😑

Train wreck.  Iíll wait to get it cheaper to play the SP.

Yeah but that game on your phone was free!  This thing is still gonna cost ya $60!  Well, till sales anyway.  Iím officially tapping out on this till steep discount.  The SP is all that appeals to me through a friend told me the MP, besides the pay aspect, is tweaked to be a little more like Classes in other similar FPS games.

Still my only serious draw is sp and playing immediately isnít important to me like with some other games. 

Other Toy Lines / Re: Zica Toys 3.75" Sectaurs Figure Line
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:25 PM »
I wish we saw a lot more of that from all these other lines.  Marauder should just offer a bunch of hands in various skin tones and stuff.  I've always wished we had Clone hands and stormies bBds that way.  I loved the hand gestures from the limited voice clone characters in the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series.

This is "the next step" in these smaller scales I think.  Stuff like that would be fantastic with any line.

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