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The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:58 PM »
I donít think Disney has the rights to Star Trek yet, or itíd be possible I suppose.

(Sorry Nick, I couldnít resist a Vong Troll. ;D )

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:19 PM »
Putting out a call for friends didnít get a lot of replies but I feel like Lukeís status as a legend and him coming back to save the remainder may bring out some of the people who let it go to voicemail.

I was kinda hoping some Wookiee or Mon Cala army would show up and help or something.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series Sales and Discounts
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:16 PM »
The Deluxe 6Ē Exclusives at Kmart are less than $6 per.  Since I donít collect 6Ē I didnít have any of this stuff so I decided to buy.  I would like more for the rocks but yeah.  I even got a Kylo in a mangled box for the complete scene.  Theyíll go on my desk or TV stand I guess.

Depending how useful the rocks are I may by a couple more.🤷‍♂️

Other Collectibles / Re: BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero
« on: December 29, 2017, 01:08 AM »
I ordered R2Q5 tonight because F it, it was only $100 at Best Buy.  And my buddy has R2D2 so I figure why not?  I wanted this for Xmas but apparently Iím too old for toys, or so Iím told.  Often.

Iím kinda curious if theyíll interact.

In the films no, but in the script, novelizarion, and radio drama it is.  That seems to be where it comes from then in subsequent materials like the original action figure.

Other Collectibles / Re: BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:45 PM »
Man I want one of those.  I got the wristband thing to control it for like $20.  Youíre tempting me on this even more. :-\

Rogue One / Re: Rogue One Imperial AT-ACT Set
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:10 PM »
I saw these at Ross but I couldnít pull the trigger yet at $90.  $50 though?  Iím keeping eyes peeled for them.  I dig that it walks and that alone would maybe lure me to get one.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« on: December 27, 2017, 01:58 AM »
Good point on Ackbar and Grape Lady...  She felt like kind of a waste to me too, and Ackbar's been at this **** since The Clone Wars.  I would've liked to have seen him go out a hero now that you mention that.  Hmmm.

Anyway, I saw the film again this past weekend...  I noticed some things I hadn't before.   It also reinforced my thoughts on some of the things I see people arguing about. 

One of the biggest fights I see is Leia's force powers, and everyone thinking she flew...  The boys and I talked about that whole thing and one of them thought she was flying too, but I pointed out the notion of simply lifting rocks, and how pulling herself to the ship is more or less the same thing as pushing something just in reverse, so why is that so tough to fathom?  It blew their minds to rethink it in a simpler matter...  I was made fun of for being a turbo nerd for about 15 minutes at dinner, but they agreed.

Overall all 4 people I took, who are passing fans at best, enjoyed the film...  even my gf liked it though and she's pretty critical.  She likes Rey a lot, and Leia.  The boys like Rey too though and that was nice to see them not hating a female character just because she's a female character.  I'm glad to know they are not that abnormal despite me warping them growing up. :)

There was a lot of discussion after this film...  We didn't talk a lot after TFA I recall, and we weren't able to see Rogue One together.  They really enjoyed this film though.  They find the arguments on social media comical (that's where a lot of it appears to be taking place).  I explained to them some of the sites with anti-Disney sentiments and they just laughed and used the term "neckbeard" which I'm still having trouble getting, but admittedly I am old.

The boys didn't like Canto Bight much, and we all agreed it was the best point to go pee if you needed to as it was sort of a midway and dull portion.  It had a few moments, but it lacked a lot of substance, and could've just as easily been time filled with established characters and perhaps even Rose herself being used as the "hacker" or whatever DJ was.  DJ was weird, not bad, just weird, and felt like he wasn't used well...  Did he live?  Did he get away?  Will he come back?  I kinda hope so because I like the actor, but at the same time I feel like he's worthless too the way they used him.  I dunno what to make there, and neither did they... 

The only other gripe we all seemed to have was some of the humor was forced and went from funny to annoying.  The boys mentioned Luke brushing his shoulder as kinda out of place too (I liked it).

They started to question Luke saying see you around kid, but I told them about Han, and Luke, and how that fit so absolutely perfectly for what it was, and who it was said to, that it was almost one of those oddly emotional moments to older fans.  I saw some supposedly rabid fans who were claiming that was dumb but seemingly forgetting it's been around before...  I can't believe guys flipping out about TLJ citing that line as "dumb" and too modern and stuff, totally forget Han said it.  Just funny I guess.

If the kids on Canto Bight are something in 9, I accept that sequence a lot more.

I'd have liked to have seen/heard something of Max Von Sydow's character too...  His relationship with Luke and stuff, how he had the map piece...  People seem to have forgotten all that and now I kinda wish it came up.  Not a huge bummer but it's one of those things I'd like to know more.

The hate on Snoke's end is perplexing to me the more I see that bitch getting made...  I agree with StBrianOM on that, personally.  I mean Snoke's backstory is bound to be fleshed out more at some point.  I'm ok with that.

I do think Hux got jerked around a little too much by force users, but I can see the point being made that he's just a dude, and he's at these people's mercy, and I think he's maybe getting the hint that he doesn't have Snoke to protect him from Ren now...  His attempt to draw his pistol was pretty cool though and reinforced who his character really is too.  He'll still be plotting if he can.

That's about it.  I like TLJ a lot.  I like it more than TFA and I liked TFA.  ANH, ESB, and R1 are my top 3, but then there's a solid faceoff between ROTJ, TFA, and TLJ, with ROTS on their heels...  then AOTC and TPM bringing up the rear.  Hell even the Clone Wars movie goes up above those two for me.

Rogue One / Re: Retail Prices/Sales/Discounts
« on: December 27, 2017, 01:37 AM »
Adding some balljoints isn't too hard... I'm in I do believe.  Thanks for the heads up there Nick.

Seen very little of interest in this line for a while.  I really hope I get a few more cracks at Praetorian Guards (especially now having seen the movie), and an extra Luke for customizing.

Even Rose from that wave is gone here now, not that much of that wave ever hit here.

The others including the fabled repacks of greatness are pegwarming, Proto Boba aside.

No Rogue One figure sightings in quite some time but the odd Jyn here and there.  :-\

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Festivus, for the rest of us!
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:10 PM »
(Are we still doing this?)

 Saw Scott on social media...  so sure yeah.

Jeffís list still pretty much defines the hobby.

Other grievances appear too many to air in one day.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: December 20, 2017, 11:07 PM »
Han brags about outrunning Imperial Starships.  That would imply they are fairly fast.  The Tantive IV also cannot speed away from Vader's Destroyer despite it's speed.  I'm not a SW tech expert, but I have also clung to the idea that capital ships are faster in a straight line direction, just not as maneuverable... in the same way that a battleship could overtake a fishing boat if they're on the same path as they are here. If that's not the case, why wouldn't Han just fly away from the Empire when fleeing Hoth?

On the Hoth part, Han's outrunning the Imperial fighters, he's doing a lot of things (including finishing up his repairs), and essentially he does outrun the destroyers who are trying to pinch off between three, and they appear to be moving straight but incredibly slower compared to the Falcon, like not even close...  So I've always just assumed Han's just trying to by time, get his coordinates and repairs in place, and "go".  The destroyer's in those scenes, you can at least tell they're incredibly slow compared to Han and the Falcon.   

On the "outrunning" line from ANH, he says he's outrun a very generic "Imperial Starships", not destroyers, and he cites bulk cruisers and things then...  There are a lot of different classifications of capital ships though it seems, and that's not to different again from "real world" stuff...  Both from the old EU, new canon, and everything in between, there are tons of capital ships of various designs and speeds...  There have been some smaller, more "Falcon-ish" type Imperial ships introduced of late that give the Empire something sizable but speedy too, so maybe he's talking about fast, but larger craft we don't see?  I never really took Han's lines to imply he was gloating about outrunning destroyers (or other very large ships) which, to me, always seemed tremendously slow on screen.

The Corvette not outrunning the Destroyer in ANH always could have some easy explanations too, especially if it's somehow tracked through hyperspace and they're surprised over Tatooine.  Maybe the shots it took make its ability to outrun the Avenger impossible even?  Or maybe a Destroyer and a Corvette aren't that terribly off in speed?   I dunno.  I just never saw anything on-screen to imply to me any of the larger ships were comparable in any way at all to the Falcon, and the "slow chase" of TLJ looked about right to me, if not (at all) exciting or interesting.

In prior films, I don't think they've tracked ships through hyperspace.  They've analyzed the direction the departing ships have taken, then with some time and calculations determined likely destinations based on possible hyperspace routes.  That's more logical to me anyway, and I would guess given the rebels surprise in this movie that it's new tech. 

Leia says they're tracking the Falcon in ANH, and then Tarkin/Vader's subsequent discussion...  It seems at least possible to be done if you place something on board a ship, but yeah I do tend to lean towards the tracking in TLJ being "new tech" to some degree.  Then again cloaking was impossible supposedly in ANH, but in The Clone Wars it's possible and so there's precedent for what perceived tech is to be wrong.  I can't say I'm a fan of Hyperspace being offed as an escape narrative though, and that's something I didn't care for in TLJ.

Leia having force abilities that strong when she displays virtually no abilities prior is what I have an issue with.  When something is radically different than history has shown its a continuity bump, which is why I provided it as an example. 

There's been virtually no history shown, of Leia, till this point...  There's the 30 years or whatever from ROTJ to now that she could've filled her time learning something.  Luke said in time she would, and she was old at this point so I assume she learned something...  But I really felt like she was pulling herself to the ship, rather than "lifting" stuff or whatever.  I don't look at it as quite as radical as everyone is making it out to be.  I don't view her as "flying" or having some super power we've never seen, so much as she's just pulling herself towards the hull breach and back inside the ship to save her own life.  Just how I viewed it though that maybe made it less fanciful to myself?  But I mean, it's The Force so who knows what the hell she can or can't do, and it's been a long time she could've learned a lot.

Yoda and the lightning on the tree is a massive change in continuity.  Have we seen a force ghost impact the real world beyond their voice, ever?  Heck, I haven't see a live Jedi create a lightning streak, let alone dead a dead one.  Even the Sith have to shoot lightning from their hands.  If Yoda can impact the real world in that way, he could strike down Snoke on his own.

I see others have essentially answered this with what I would've...  Ben's "I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine", and so on and so forth...  The ghosts on Dagobah interacted physically with their surrounding (Ben moving stuff aside as he walked into view in ROTJ)...  Is it powerful?  Absolutely, but we really never see Yoda as a force ghost but a brief glimpse at the end of ROTJ.  Likewise it seems like force ghosts can learn stuff, ala QGJ simply learning how to communicate.  I mean, it just doesn't seem like a big issue that Yoda can do something to burn that tree down.  Would it be more interesting if he used matches nearby?  I guess I just didn't care about this much, and it was more about the point he's making to Luke in their exchange and stuff.

Maybe I didn't explain my issue with Luke's death very well.  I think it's absolutely okay that he dies from the strain of his force projection.  I would have been fine if the camera rolled back to him as he returned to his body and the cloak vanished.  But as I recall, he looks worn out, then recomposes himself and sits on the rock watching the twin suns, very much looking better than he did initially.  Then he vapes.  That's just poor execution.

I liked it I guess and just saw it as the opposite.  Maybe that he was making the conscious choice that he knew would kill him but would restore hope to the Resistance by giving them a chance to escape, and he accomplished that, and was dying, and poof.  I mean, Luke getting back to Yoda just in time for him to die is probably equally poor execution for Yoda's end then too when you think about it.  Is he able to hold on just till he sees Luke, then go to sleep forever?  I thought Luke's was kind of nice really, like Yoda's in a way, that he knew his time was up and he watched the suns set as he faded away.

Cross off the ship where an investor has money in both rebel and imperial tech.  It's not that big of an issue for me - just another example of changing what we had previously known.  There are back stories on the designers for these ships and where they come from, but I forgot that's all Legends material now that Disney took over.

Actually I think it's back in canon after Rebels, but I already had my opinion on that with the manufacturers or whatever...  I didn't read a ton into it ruining established EU stuff I guess, and the Incom/Sienar background has always been something I enjoyed too, for what it was.

The point with BB8 was that it was just over the top.  If droids are so good at piloting ships, then why not man the rebel bombers with droids or have a fleet of droid-flown X-wings?  They were supposedly not on par with human skills or improvisation, which was a major plot point of an earlier movie.  Making this droid so much more adept than a platoon of armed, trained troopers just flies in the face of that.

Can't really disagree with this opinion.  I just looked at it as a hero droid doing hero droid things.  Like R2 does heroic things...  But it was kind of crazy.  It wasn't crazy enough for me to care I guess maybe.  I don't think AT-ST's are absurdly complex things really but at the same time, can BB8 just hop in one and drive it?  He can precision open up a billion little hands to plug bad resistors, so I don't know if driving an AT-ST is beyond him, but maybe it should be.  I was more meh that 3PO and R2-D2 do nothing and I can't see Star Wars rolling on with just shelving these two characters completely.  That just bugs me more maybe.

I can totally see the sum of all these things, if they annoy you, influencing opinion on the overall film...  I never really thought about any of these things as bad, myself, obviously.

My gripes, and I found them minor...

-The humor...  While I appreciate DIsney trying to bring humor to a more modern age and audience in Star Wars, I found some of it a little too much.

-Canto Bight...  Again, this was a long film (152 minutes I think?) and CB was such BS for the most part.  It was reinforcing a broader point and all that, and unless there's some expansion upon that in Episode 9 in some way, I don't see the entire thing on Canto Bight as mostly pointless.

-DJ...  I'd have rather seen Rose used as the character that somehow gets them on the Destroyer with Finn's help and again, truncate the CB stuff.  Save the $ you paid Benicio Del Toro to basically have a cameo to stutter and make a point about war profiteering them fly off to nothingness.

-CB should've had Lando...  If you're gonna give a Lando cameo he would've been nice to see on, or related to Canto Bight in some way.  Maybe they contact him for the outside help, whatever.  I would've liked to see Lando appear in some way.

I have my complaints but they're minor I guess, and the things I see fairly often as complaints by others I feel like those are things that aren't a big deal.  I don't really feel like The Force has established parameters though, and that seems like a major sticking point for many people with TLJ.  I feel like, since Clone Wars, Lucas and LFL were setting it up that The Force has more to it than we've seen, and we're now here.  I dunno though.  I'm going back to see it Saturday with the kids and gf, so I'm kinda curious how it is upon a 2nd viewing since it seems a lot of people have to see it twice to form more solid opinions on it.  I'm kinda curious if my thoughts are going to change much after a 2nd round of TLJ.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: EE Exclusive: Astromech 6 Pack
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:46 PM »

I wish they'd been the build-a-droid sculpt they used on this newest R2-D2.  That sculpt just was ok, but the new R2 BAD would've been ideal.   I'd have bought a ton to swap with Disney parts and things.  New droids are always good news to me though.  And extras for backgrounders always works for me too.  $28.50 is aweomse!

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:15 PM »
- Space Battles are fought with gravity bombs and hyperspace kamikazes

I guess the Visual Dicctonary covers the bombs in some capacity, but without that explanation, what about the TIE Bombers in the asteroid field dropping bombs?  I think this is fairly easy stuff to explain away with just saying they're pushed out and inertia carries them even.  I've seen this come up in other complaints though as a general complaint regarding the new movie(s) though and my first thought was ESB with the TIE Bombers. 

I personally loved this idea of "heavy bombers" compared to fighter-bombers from the OT we were used to.  I'd always wondered if there was such a thing in Star Wars, or if it'd ever make sense, and for me this was a good example of how the concept could work.  They're somewhere below capital ships but above fighters in size.  I liked it a lot.

Regarding the hyperspace Kamikaze, it was visually great, but it does open some questions like why it wasn't ever used before.

- Huge capital ships used to be faster than smaller transports, not now

I'm not sure what you meant here...  In Jedi, capital ships are painfully slow.  In the opening of ROTS, capital ships are again painfully slow.  They're the earth equivalent of large battleships.  I never got the impression from the past films that the Destroyers and Mon Cal Cruisers could outrun the old Rebel Transports, or even smaller class capital ships like Corvettes necessarilly, Hammerheads, or whatever.  It's even a basic building block of most of the video games that surrounded space fighting, that smaller ships are generally somewhat faster than larger ships, or at least can keep pace.

The entire "slow speed chase" thing I thought was maybe not the most exciting for the big screen but it was also similar to naval warfare on Earth, and I thought the notion of gun range was interesting too and added to it.  It almost felt like Hux was toying with them by letting them run out of fuel because they didn't have options but to run.

- Hyperspace travel can now be tracked, instead of a major route of escape

I was with you on this except someone I know mentioned to me Vader tracking the Falcon to Yavin IV...  It's similar, unless the Falcon went sublight all the way to Yavin IV, but I was pretty sure canon says it didn't.  I'm not too sure on that though, but I kinda agreed on this.  I didn't like them doing away with hypering out as a good way to get away.  Likewise I was thinking, how did the Avenger track the Tantive IV...  Tracking through hyperspace has happened before, somehow.

- Jedi have all new powers like flying through space or projecting themselves to other planets

Is it "flying through space", or did she, rather than "lift" something, instead pulled herself towards something (IE: the cruiser)?  Leia having some force ability was interesting I thought, and this establishing it beyond being able to connect with Luke across the galaxy was something I actually kind of enjoyed seeing.  It seemed like in TFA she didn't have any force ability. 

- Force Ghosts can impact real-world changes instead of just being a guiding voice

I'm thinking you meant the tree and Yoda, but I can't say that upended much myself. 

- Jedi can randomly choose to become one with the force instead of dying from a wound or old age

Maybe at Luke's age, the battle did kill him...  maybe it took too much out of him and he knew it would end that way for him?

- Siener TIE Fighters and Incom X-Wings are now made by the same company

This popped into my head too, but both Sienar and Incom had many factories, and assuming a galactic conglomerate is not much different than a big company on Earth contracting factories who work with other companies making competing things...  I think this is totally believable.  Just as one example, Ryobi and Craftsman, and DeWalt power tools can and often are made in the same factory.  It happens. 

Maybe the guy who owned that ship made their repulsor units, or a circuit board both required even?  Who knows.  It could be more or less complex than it appeared.  I can't say it really bothered me much, but I noticed it too.

- Droids were inferior to human fighters, now exponentially superior (BB8)

Maybe AT-STs aren't hard to control...  Chewbacca drives one pretty easily, assuming he never has before.  Granted he's not a droid, but droids fly hover tanks and other things in the prequals, and I assume BB8 can fly an X-Wing (R2 could).  I dunno.  It was a "BB8 saves the day" moment and again that's ok by me.  It didn't make all droids vastly superior to humans, at least not to me, when I watched it.  It's like R2's escape from the SBDs or whatever.  Droids being heroes and doing unlikely stuff.  Poe did call him one of a kind, I guess.   :-\

I'm not arguing that a lot of that stuff isn't different though...  This movie was different compared to the past, in many ways.  In other ways it was also very similar...  I see people's points on it being different and new, for better or worse depending who you talk to of course. 

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« on: December 18, 2017, 06:47 PM »
I wasn't able to catch it till Saturday with some old school buddies and that was kind of nice in a way, not forcing myself out in the middle of the week to see a premiere...  at the same time I didn't want to get spoiled on social media so that was something of a dangerous adventure.   :-\

I tried to read through everyone's thoughts and things...

Me, I loved it.  I thought it was fantastic.  I'd not been as attached to the ST as I was the PT and even more so, the OT.  This film was able to take the ST above the PT for me in overall hierarchy, and that was what I was hoping for kind of.  I don't hate the PT but it's not held up as well for me and I'm ok not watching it when it's on TV.  I'm not compelled to flick it on for some reason.  I felt TLJ improved on TFA, and made it a better film with more depth.  I felt that wait paid off.

That said, some sort of separated thoughts...

-The Battles...  Crait, Space, etc.  I loved them all.  The Ski Speeders as a holdover to the OT and even the PT era was great.  Poe putting his foot through the floor of his?  c'mon!  That was funny.  Maybe you have to work on rusted out POS cars semi-frequently to enjoy that?  I dunno, but I've literally had that happen in a vehicle, and so I actually lol'd at that moment.  It was funny to me.  Plus it made me appreciate Hasbro's work on that ship more too.  That thing's pretty damn nice as Hasbro vehicle toys go, especially these days.  Glad I got that while it was super cheap on Amazon.

-Kylo/Rey Force dynamic...  I loved every scene they were sharing across the galaxy with one another.  It took Leia/Luke's or Vader/Luke's connection a step further within the force.  I loved it, and Driver is the (no pun) driving force of acting in this series I feel.  He's their Ford.  He plays Kylo Ren perfectly, every scene.

-Subtleties...  Hux trying to draw his blaster, the FO ship commanders, the crewmen dialogue with Kylo...  Even the humor, which I'm seeing a lot of complaining about.  It's a more modern take on humor I think, trying to move this series out of the Lucas era.  I think it makes sense when you're making a new movie for a new audience in a way.  Some of it can feel meh, and I remember the same basic sentiments during Poe's "who talks first?" lines with Kylo Ren in TFA, but to me even if it's not something that resonates with me as much as maybe the kids or younger audience, it's better than Jar Jar stepping in ****, or forced rehashed lines from the OT so you remember it's Star Wars and everyone says the same joke over and over.

-Porgs...  I loved 'em.  From Chewie's first interaction with them, sadly, all the way to his adoption of a ton of them.  I was more than happy.  I was happy to see them establishing an eco system in general for Ach To...  It was pretty cool how they did it.

-The Force Weirdness...  I loved everything from Kylo/Rey talking, to Rey's journey, to Luke's change in demeanor from ROTJ, to Yoda's appearance, to Leia having some ability (finally) beyond talking telepathically, etc.  I though the Force was taken from the Lucas PT-era science class back to its roots as a mystical energy.  I liked that they went to old words from Yoda/Luke to get that aspect of Star Wars back on track and off midichlorian counts.  I felt this was a much more "spiritual" film that way, like how ESB felt for many younger viewers when it was out.  That's just me maybe, I don't know, but I really enjoyed that it felt like The Force was back to how I grew up with it, and not how the PT kind of took it.  Lucas was going to this mystical area sort of with The Clone Wars, and then after the buyout I think they expanded on it further, but this film did a better job of resetting it than I think anyone could've hoped for that missed that aspect of it after the PT.

-Snoke...  I thought it was edgy to do what they did.  I hope there's answers as to who/what he is/was. 

-Praetorian Battle...  Fantastic.  Best saber work in any film IMHO, and was an epic scene.  I feel like it was one of the more iconic scenes in the saga, at this point.

-Luke/Kylo Fight...  Again, same as above, I felt it was an iconic moment.  Luke's death was as perfect as they could've made it too, I think, and I do hope we have him back...  some more Yoda would be nice too.  Hell, a lil Kenobi sprinkled in, I'd appreciate as well.

-Rey's parentage...  I'm with others who don't quite believe Kylo on that.  Plus apparently Snoke was manipulating the whole sequence too.  I can take her parents being nobodies, her being born of the force, whatever.  I feel like this isn't a closed storyline just yet though.

-Poe's dynamic with BB8.  Like a boy and his dog, I appreciate it even though it's a seemingly minor/side argument.

-Chewie/Rey showing up and lighting up TIE Fighters.  I loved that whole sequence, and Kylo's reaction was fantastic.  Just as his assault on Luke from the walkers was great too.  But the Falcon showing up in the nick of time is what the Falcon does, no matter who is flying it.  And again, I loved the Porgs.  They're not the most elaborate or complex humor but I thought they were funny.

Not a ton I didn't like, and nothing that I really hated or loathed...  I will say, Canto Bight was fairly pointless.  I mean I can see the end result, the kid with the broom, the way wealth is built from war and oppression of the weak...  And there are similar stories throughout the entire saga.  Jyn's past, Luke's past, Anakin's past, Han's past, slavery, Ewoks, The Old Republic politics, and so on...  You can find these things blatantly, subtly, and in between throughout.

But Canto Bight was long, forced into an already long film (152 minutes I think?), and not really a necessity to get the same point across.  They could've used established characters and not needed "DJ" to get the same effect really.  And saved money on Benecio Del Torro's contract.  Which he felt like a huge waste but it was interesting that he was just a dude and got his money and left.  That was interesting and I'd kind of like to hear what their intent was with his character overall.  Whatever though.

Phasma is the Boba Fett of this series and that's kinda lame?  I guess as lame as Boba is anyway.  Which to a lot of people is not at all, but yeah, just lame use of her.  The fight with Finn was cool, but it was still brief.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the "slow speed chase", but for me that's just naval warfare in Star Wars (and really it worked similarly on Earth)...  Lando tells Ackbar to engage destroyers at point blank range, Ackbar acknowledges they won't last long, so there's some establishment that distance matters.  Likewise other things have sort of established the same can be said of fighters being father out from heavy guns and closer to them they're more effective and less prone to getting hit by them...  So the notion of the slow speed chase (we'll abandon for Crait, hold out for help, etc. since hypering out is pointless) made sense to me...  The hypering into a ship creates havoc seems kind of difficult thing to reconcile with past battles and issues though.

The opening battle with the bombers, I see people complaining about the physics and science and such, and I'd agree if they hadn't already established TIE Bombers dropping bombs on asteroids in ESB.  "Bombing" is still a thing in space...  I hear one of the companion books to the film explains how the Resistance Bomber fleet works, but they're clearly not a "fighter" and much more of a large ship, not maneuverable, and devastating if they get to a target and knock it out.  Hell all they need to do is drop stuff with a shove out into space and it should just get to its target on inertia.  The complaints there to me are unfounded.  I can buy it. 

Poe feels like his character has no real direction...  except maybe a leadership role without Leia and now the Vice Admiral?  I don't know.  They're down to like 8 people left in the resistance though, so maybe he's just there by default now, but yeah I feel like his character is not driven by much of a point right now except some comic relief and the Han dashing/daring/super pilot fun thing.

Lacking more 3PO and R2 sucks...  I'd like to see them be more included in the new trilogy.  If anyone/anything should be more heavily used that are a carryover from the OT, it's these two.  It feels like they're really just there in scenes to remind you they're still alive.

That's about all I can think of...  It was a lot to take in, digest, think about, and remember so I'm sure I'm not remembering a lot of stuff...  I'm going to see it a 2nd time on Saturday with the kids and my gf. 

I loved it though.  I really had a great time seeing it.  Hell my only really angry outcome was that the figures are meh.  I want better toys for this trilogy now.

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