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Sometimes I think the scalper thing is overblown, especially by some other sites pushing for a headline, but to me the 90s were a time of woe for that crap.  These days, a single guy can clean out a store for sure.  That said, when Rose is the only one left, and I can't speak for all collectors but when a wave hits I get the figures from said wave and not skip one as some kinda gamble, yeah I dunno.  That's not quite right in my mind.

Then finding the guard and Luke, but only 1 each of those and with quite noticeably damaged boxes...  everything else gone, but Rose?  Hmmm yeah. Smacking of lameness.

I think there is some uptick.  I think the limited nature of exclusives is driving it...  Walmart stuff has certainly been hit and miss, and so IF I see it, I see it there.  Never see the same stuff as much at Target or TRU.

Noticed it on FF2 though, that guys were clearly looking for the exclusive 6" stuff and buying specific 5POA figures that were rumored "rare" like Luke or whatever.  Rey wasn't too easy to find either, but I noticed at the start like the Chewbacca variant porg was driving some goofy questions too like "which is more rare" and stuff.  ::)  Probots were going too and just happened to be the lesser packed one?  Shocking.  ::)  Meanwhile Rathtars galore haha.

Oh yeah, I do stay up too late sometimes haha.  I had an emergency repair for someone's car last night so I was out in the garage till after 1 here.  Then I had some news to post (Q&A with Hasbro that we piggybacked with needed posted).  Nothing ever goes smooth on a car repair in the northeast, haha.

Want to add in an extra nod of endorsement here.

This line's shaping up to be pretty special.  This is the direction collecting has gone to the "adult" market, and you gotta pay to play, more or less, but if these companies are making AMAZING toys, it's worth it to me.  The Chicken Fried Toys Dime Novel Legends line is a labor of love by the line's creator/dreamer, and it shows in the details on these. 

Who here DIDN'T love cowboys and indians in one form or another?  Now you have a collector-focused action figure line for said boyhood daydreams. 

These lines being pushed BY like-minded collectors, is what it's all about to me.  Toys the way you want them...  I've been shunting an increasing chunk of my toy budget to this kind of stuff, and I'm never disappointed I did so.  Star Wars still gets some money from me, but these get a lot of my $ because they're just amazing, they're collector-focused and driven, and they're making well rounded amazing collections unto themselves.

I backed this kickstarter too, and will be picking up some extras with the pre-order.

Disney Parks Droid Factory / Re: 2017 Droid Factory TLJ BB-unit 4-Pack
« on: September 12, 2017, 02:09 AM »
That's interesting IS...  I wasn't real familiar with the sculpt they did, but I like the idea it self balances or whatever it is they did.  I didn't realize they even had interiors.

Over the weekend, I have a long drive home from the boy's football games, so I decided to hit some Wally's along the way...  One on the western side of Pittsburgh had 3 Roses, nothing else.  This smacked of someone gobbling stuff up to resell to me, but maybe I'm jaded.  Either way, I grabbed 2 Roses thinking I'd help a local out if he needed it and one for myself.  No issue checking out, though I did nab a Rey and put her on top of the pile so she got scanned first in a hope that it was late and the checkout lady wouldn't give a poo and just push them through however she had to.

OK so my night was alright...  I'd hit a store nearer the school and it hadn't had anything but this one near the city did, hooray.

On the way home I hit one near my gf's place and rounded the corner...  They had Cassian Andor and the Scarrif Trooper.  One each, but for the first time I've heard out here in the East, they had figures from this wave!

Now, is this a thing that we'll see more of?  I dunno.  But I was a happy man even to find one.  Someone had gotten the rest and left a Death Trooper too, which I also bought, but yeah.  Cool beans, this made my night.

But I decided to press my luck and drag my gf with me to the store beyond her town...  not far, and I was pushing for no whammy's.  I round the corner and I see old Luke, Rose, and after some digging a Praetorean Guard. 

Again, many more Roses than the others.  No Executioners, and 1x each in damaged boxes Luke/Guard which once again smacked of someone perhaps there to resell stuff.

I hate crying scalper but I have noticed an uptick in the telltale signs of douchebags creeping into the hobby more.  Especially with the 3.75" TBS line, and things like the Probot, basic old Luke, etc.

So I had a pretty solid night as toy runs go, and then my buddy Jim nabs me the Executioner and our other buddy the rest of the wave...  I have an extra Rose now, and I'm ok with that.

Some thoughts on the figures...

-Praetorian Guard...  He's probably my favorite due to the army buildability of him, and he's a solid figure overall.  Sculpt, articulation, range of motion of said articulation, paint aps (such as they are), and so on and so forth.  He's pretty simple in a way, but he's a good figure all around.

-Executioner...  Don't have him in hand yet, but he's basically a new deco and a new weapon on an old figure.  It's a figure I like, and it's not as army buildable as the original trooper is (I'm assuming they don't have 100 executioners running around in TLJ), but I'm guessing he's just an old figure with a new deco.  Ok, nothing amazing to go nuts over. 

-Rose...  Shockingly love her.  She's very poseable, very easily holds her weapon with 2 hands, one hand, lots of cool poses...  I like the aurabesh text on her jumpsuit.  She has customizability with the genericness of the costume.  She's a pretty cool figure and just very well done.  Is she important?  Does she do a ton?  Does she deserve this many figures immediately?  No clue, but the figure, as it is, is great.  Kind of a shame she's the Finn/Old Leia/Jyn/Lando of this particular wave...  She deserves better.  Her initial basic 5POA 3.75" figure should've been a different costume ala her 6" exclusive or something.

-Luke...  Here's the one that I'm torn on.  I didn't look for a 5POA Luke because I didn't see the necessity in it with a 3.75" SA figure.  Like Rose, I knew what I wanted, and it was articulation...  and I got it!  However, Hasbro (in its infinite confusing mixed message stuff they do) decided they'd super articulate his lower body while putting stiff plastic robes over it.   ::)

The sculpt is great.  The deco is great.  Having Old Luke there to stand and stare angrily, I love that...  BUT WTF!?  No way this figure should've had plastic robes.  Cloth cloth cloth!  That's the point of this line!  The ability to pose these figures, and I'd like to think Luke could still whip some ass if he wished.

So I actually love-hate this figure...  I'd add too, that his cloth cape needs some tweaking to make it lay right and look correct on this figure, but they've done the "skirt" piece in cloth so well before, especially with Jedi, and this one they just really **** the bed with the plastic robes.  You can literally get a 5POA Luke with plastic robes that you can't pose dynamically, for less money, then you can pay more and get a Luke you can pose dynamically so long as he's standing there kind of plainly.  But either way, whatever, it's a cool figure to (finally) have.  I like it.  I just am left scratching my head.

Scarrif Troopers...  I had one already I got online for a fair price factoring in the shipping, and knew I loved it.  It's a figure that is up there with my all time favorites, right beside the Death Trooper actually.  And Cassian...  And Jyn...  Can you guess I enjoyed Rogue One?

The Vintage Collection / Re: TVC Rogue One Imperial Assault Tank
« on: September 8, 2017, 12:25 AM »
I love that they took the blow up cut away ICS image of it and basically made that a toy.

They've done really awesome stuff before that's not just a toy but a movie accurate one at that, but not terribly often or with something larger than a Speeder usually.  This effort but on an XWing or YWing would easily get me to shell out big $.

I cannot stand these things.  They look bad to me in every way.  But, they sold well as they began popping up and FF seemed to sell quite a few of them too.  Don't know who but somebody bought a lot locally at all stores.

Not a sniff here and right before, literally like 2 days before FF, some stores here got more of the old Han TFA wave.  Ugh.

Yeah my list of what I'm behind on is pretty epic right now.

I need the new BB unit 4-pack, I need this 2-pack, I need the holiday droid.  I need the R2-BOO17 and I've yet to get a protocol droid from the build-a-droid shops at the park.  ::)

I'm very behind.  Very.

Good pic posted...  Very nice deco on this one.  Maybe my favorite for not being quite so overtly holiday looking.  I'll put it on the "holy shiznit I'm behind on droids" list.  ::)

Anyone planning on a park trip anytime soon?  :-\  Feel free to PM me.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Favorite Line(s) of All Time
« on: September 5, 2017, 10:28 PM »
Star Wars (general) has to be up there but some of my best memories as a kid were with my GIJoes.  My brother and I had all but like 3 things (Sears playset, USS Flagg, and Defiant).

Honorable mentions to MASK, Starcom, Lego (medieval), and Playmobil...

Starcom is the most underrated toy line in history.

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 4
« on: September 5, 2017, 10:23 PM »
the spiders were always canon.

Holiday draws.

Other Collectibles / Re: BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero
« on: September 4, 2017, 09:33 PM »
I don't know much about the sphero stuff but the Jedi wrist link thing was only $20 at Walmart this weekend here.  1/4 retail isn't bad so I got one.  🤷‍♂️  Maybe I'll buy a droid some day.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: September 4, 2017, 09:31 PM »
Seems accurate what Scockery said they are.  I'd forgotten Neyo was a TBs guy.  The Ani I believe came single carded and part of a 2-pack so could be either.

The Trooper is tricky but my guess is he's from the Dewback release if he has the pack slot on his back or he's the  lack Series figure which puts him in line with Neyo.  Is the slot for the backpack on the back.  I didn't think the TBS fig had it.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: September 3, 2017, 08:31 PM »
Oh yeah I buy 1/20 model kits and because some of those are fair sized (scale for Star Wars figs) they're $30-$60 and that's before they go outta print which eventually will happen.  Good stuff though if you dig the scale.

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