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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: Today at 12:58 AM »
I think even if he'd made the smart choice and tried to shoot Negan outright, the physics of the TWD universe would've dictated no hits because he had a LONG time to make that choice and never did till he decided counting down from 10 was too long.  He technically did shoot at him with Negan just standing there, and totally missed.  I think God was just on Negan's side on that one or something.

Like Jeff said, this is the "new norm".  Fact is, even at least this first year, TVC isn't going to be a focal line or anything.  It seems much more, to me, just a sub-line kind of like how it originally was, and how it currently is, with just a little wider retailer net than just Wal-Mart.  But still limited numbers.  I'm not shocked in the least that repacks are happening.

Not sure what I'll buy and what I won't.  I keep the TVC packaging, and I kinda like having all of it, but I'm not sure how much I'll want TFA figures on it.  Like Han, Leia, Phasma, Finn are not things I'm sure I'd rebuy just for cardbacks.  Rey, Kylo, and a Stormtrooper I might though, and Poe because I'd be fine having another figure of him I guess. 

Rogue One, I'd rebuy all of it happily.  I liked the movie more, I like the era more, and to me that's like OT figures really.  I'd love to see all the Rogues get the TVC treatment with (obviously) better figures for the mains including Krennic.  I'd just love to see RO figures galore really in that line.  Would love the Stormtrooper with the new pack, the tankers, AT-ACT Drivers, Shoretroopers of all variety...  And I'll gladly buy Cassian, Jyn, and more Death Troopers for the card.

I'd love some sensible repacks too though.  I think the Hoth Trooper is a good choice, and I think the Echo Trooper would be an even better one.  But I mean it's inevitable they'll slip a Vader in there, maybe TVC Han will make a comeback...  I want all new figures too, but I'm not banking on the line having more of those than repacks.  Maybe.  They pull it off now with TBS at Wal-Mart, so maybe after a year they'll get to more new.  But yeah, this is how it is.  This is how it's been, really.

I'm just glad things I prefer are going to be out again in some form, at more than one store.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Solo (SPOILERS)
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:16 PM »
I go into no SW film with anything but some anticipation and little expectation. 

TPM is ass and doesn't hold up well, nor does AOTC, but both have elements I like too.  I learned from those two movies to temper my expectations of a new SW film and just enjoy myself and the films for what they are. 

I know if I go in with my wide eyed 1999 attitude, I could be disappointed.  At the same time there was a lot of "Rogue One is gonna suck!" going on with certain sites and I didn't buy that tripe and it ranks with ANH and ESB to me.  Better than ROTJ in ways.  TFA gets a lot of **** and while the era is never as good to me as the OT, I still liked it as much as ROTS and even a little more.  Every new movie has so many new possible outcomes because of the new way of things, I don't think any of them can be judged early.

After the TLJ trailer drop I saw lots of judgment being thrown, and I just don't agree on the pre hate for a film not out.

The Last Jedi / Re: TLJ 3.75" Basic Figure Line
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:08 PM »
Whatchu talkin bout?  ???

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:43 PM »
Looking at the trailer again, Im guessing were never going to get a gorilla walker to scale with the BMF AT-AT.

lol that's like getting a to scale ATAT. :). Like completely 1/18-ish which is like a Great Dane.

IF anyone's buying one on Amazon we'd appreciate you using our affiliate link to it...  I'll provide the link below.

The Last Jedi BB8 Playset On Amazon $154.99

Every bit helps to keep the lights on and such. :)

Got the Centerpieces for $28 each, and so I'm set on those now.  They're selling out at $35 it seems, or at least Vader is.  Now that I have them, I don't look at the Vader set as nice for 4@ figures as I once felt it might be.  My gripes are the stylized design with parts of the wall missing and things.  Had at least the doorway been complete I'd have a better opinion there.

To me though I got it for its intended 6" scale purpose.  I plan to put 6" figures from the Bandai kits around it and use it as a (drum roll) centerpiece type thing since I don't really collect 6".

Now I opened Luke on the weekend and I gotta say this is 100% cooler for 4" figures.  To my eye, the foot is definitely scaled more to them.  Plus I was surprised to see two "snow piles" you snap on, but for seemingly two purposes.  One is small and the other is much larger with footprints in it.  The smaller one is great though if you're wanting to use 4" figures since it obviously eliminates the oversized footprints.

I'm much happier with the ATAT foot then.  Kinda unexpectedly so, as the Vader interested me more when these came out.

Vader is more the "centerpiece" to me though and iconic looking.  Luke is just meh.

I'm ok buying for the cardback but maybe that's just me.  I mean people wishing for more new are just burying their heads in the sand on how the line works at this point.  Black series has really been no different and it goes to show this line isn't the great resurgence of collector focused 3.75" being a mainstay.  It's a lot better than we have been getting with an "exclusive", and poorly handled at best, line that also included repacks.

And the tank is a nice "big ticket item" too as a companion to it.  Wish it had a vintage box.

I heard some are saying "OT focused is what we want!" And I don't agree.  I mean I want OT too but I like EU if it's on the table, I like some PT, and I'd love some rogue one figures!  Lots of them actually.  Likewise I'd take lots of sequel trilogy figures done this way like a nice Hux or a generic officer, a pilot or two using Poe as a base figure, good versions of any main character like Finn or whatever, resistance soldier...

It's a shame that some people really feel they speak for everyone when they do anything but.  ::)

Sounds (from what I hear) they're trying to fix the fumbles from BF1...  campaign has my attention, but short of a really good price early like some games get for black Frida and things, I'm gonna wait I think.

Do wanna play that campaign tho.  Cutscenes alone look like a fun story.

The Last Jedi / Re: TLJ 3.75" Basic Figure Line
« on: October 5, 2017, 06:22 PM »
I love the pilot from a customizing pov, but only in so much as it's the pilot we should've gotten with Atsy.   :-\

Now I hope we get a decent Resistance Soldier.  Separate skirt piece, and removable helmet.  Nothing elaborate being asked for there just a good base to add articulation to haha.

The Last Jedi / Re: TLJ 3.75" Figure 2-Packs
« on: October 5, 2017, 06:20 PM »
Finn looks fantastic.  Appears they stopped being lazy and sculpted the skirt bit separate.  Hat removable too?  Looks like it'd be useful for customizing too except for Phasma. :(

I'm picturing Disney employees giggling as they mangle the packaging then tossing it in the box.

Joe Defender / Re: Vintage 3.75" ARAH Figures
« on: October 3, 2017, 05:09 PM »
I actually think the modern SW crowd has to outweigh the vintage by a large margin?  I mean in the one or the other category not buyers of both.  I know I've more or less given up vintage Star Wars at this point.  Cost is meh, grading has become too pervasive for me.  I'm even thinking of selling off what little boxed ships I have left.

Yeah Adam was a really nice but also funny guy...  he was in the thick of it and I wound up getting to know him from some of the more grand disagreements of the past sites and forums.  He was a "big personality" to me because he was one of those guys who was outspoken but liked everyone and was always willing to talk shop, regardless of POV, and with a knack for making anyone laugh about it.

He made me laugh in a way that was genuinely funny too, nothing forced.  He was a good part of the hobby.  The kind of guy you couldn't help but enjoy seeing his name turn up.  I'd never talked with him till one of the old epic arguments took place and we both (and I'm sure many others) were involved and wound up having fun having conversations on the side about it. 

I always liked the articles...  the articles.

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