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I think itís likely perspective and stuff too but the DS 1 is smaller and the planets have similarities so who knows.  I didnít see anything definitively Endor but at the same time it wasnít like Yavin was visible.  Either way itís cool.  The entire thing was cool from the distant tie whine to the flip to the giggles to the sand bike things...  all cool.

The whole weekend was cool even from home.

Read an interesting post on Reddit about that shot of the group looking at the partially submerged Death Star wreckage, mainly the scale of it all. Granted we don't know how far away the wreck is from the cliff in the trailer, but one guy was theorizing it should have been much, much bigger.

Scaling has been an issue with Star Wars for a long time....just ask Jesse!  :D


That said are they looking at it as a DS 2 or a DS 1?  🤔

I thot the chopper was his Pitt and Imperial deco wasnít it?  I love these and the playset seems to dump the water on them too and appears to have a blue-ish gonk to boot.

Love me some Disney Droids.  This weekend was very much an overload because these sort of slipped through the cracks with a lot of folks.

The whole weekend was kind of overwhelming...  From 9's news to the new TV show stuff today, to the Fallen Order stuff, to Clone Wars stuff... it was like a tsunami of new stuff and information.  Like being on the Poseidon Adventure of Star Wars news in a matter of a few days, haha.

Forget toys and stuff too!  The Disney droids stuff and Disney park stuff, and on and on.  Yikes.  And there wasn't even a lot of TVC news out of the show, just a lot of news in general about everything.  My friends looked like they had a great time too.  I wish I could've gone on one hand, and on the other I hate crowds and traveling in general. 

But the 9 hype felt like just the beginning once the weekend was over.  The trailer is still a blast to watch and I'm kinda surprised by the ship going to what appears to be Battu there now.  Just fun stuff all around.

I just wanna have fun talking about Star Wars but man itís tough to go anywhere these days and try having a normal chat and enjoy some hype on new Star Wars.  There is always someone wanting to bring it down.

Cool if you didnít like it but jeez, when is enough enough expressing that you hate the new films?  This is why we canít gave nice things!  Lol

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« on: April 13, 2019, 08:47 PM »
Ollieís usually sucks just a heads up lol, but I was driving around to them buying ship 2-packs from the legacy line like they were going outta style.  Same with the Kmart stores that got those.  It was a good time, but not a typical Ollieís stop by sure.  The store is generally a post apocalyptic hellscape.

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: April 12, 2019, 02:03 AM »
3 toed toothy man is interesting.  Heíd also look spiffy and weird in a cantina.🤔

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: April 10, 2019, 09:10 PM »
Merman and stinkor would look at home in a vintage cantina.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2019 Vintage Collection Wave 3
« on: April 9, 2019, 11:00 PM »
Gotta admit Iím kinda sold on that R2 Card.  I love this wave.  Easy case order unless the carryovers are horrendous.

Received m figures today....not the best packing but the cards were ok.

Love the figure but it's odd that he comes with a functional holster, but no sidearm.  I'm imagining Jesse developing an eye twitch over this.

Wait wait wait theyíre including the sandstorm figs holster but not the gun?  Wtf? 

No eye twitch.  Thatís just really horse**** of them.

I was way after that and mine shipped.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Walmart VC123 Stormtrooper (Mimban)
« on: April 7, 2019, 04:50 PM »
Better late than never I guess but Walmart has put the Mimban Troopers out here and some on discount even.

Hooray!  I picked up 4 for $9.97 tonight so that was cool.  That particular store supposedly has an assload of them in the back too so now we wait.

Another store I was at had a ton out at full price.

You got everyoneís Lando!

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: April 5, 2019, 04:25 PM »
Jeffís translator worked.  Iím on my phone texting this more than half the time so I guess that comes out sloppy.

The EE price was better as I recall, but itís been a good deal longer wait compared to Hiya Direct, which didnít exist back when I ordered, and BBTS who are now moving on these.  Iím pleased these are made and all but I wish I actually could count on a date theyíd ship since itís like a $300 hit to the CC I would like to be able to plan for.  Instead, it will just be a big surprise. Yay.

The Last Jedi / Re: Exclusive TLJ 3.75" Resistance A-Wing (Red)
« on: April 3, 2019, 11:02 PM »
Thatís like yoinking away the football lol

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