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Revenge of the Sith / Re: Future Clone Troopers
« on: May 9, 2005, 04:10 PM »
I think Clones are needing a multi-pack at this point...  Large box sets of multi-colored grunts, and an officers set too.  And ya know it'd sell like crazy.

Great topic Scott, love all the pictures and this hashes a lot out that I have been confused on.  Someone was trying to build a Commander Cody in customizing and I couldn't picture who the hell he was.  Now I know.

Feedback / Venik's feedback
« on: May 9, 2005, 04:02 PM »
Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to a new chap I just bought a couple items off of.

Venik is a great guy, fast communication, and very quick/well packaged items so I wanted to kick off his positive feedback here at Jedi Defender.

I hope Kevin's gonna hang with us here at the site and do lots of trading!

Take it easy!


Hey all, just a general reminder thread about and its constant effort to expand the customizing community.  Keep your eyes peeled here for updates at FFURG, notices of events (C4 seems most likely) we may attend, and as always the FFURG FForumsare open for those braving the new world of customizing.  The all-inclusive customizing FForum Community!

The Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide (FFURG) is your home for all your customizing questions, concerns, and comments!

KM is as much as $7.99 I think some places.  Outrageous.  I have found that K-Mart will, at times, pricematch.  They fight you on it toof and nail, but they will pricematch if you raise enough hell.

I swear they hate to see me show up there anymore with receipts or flyers from other stores, haha.

My parents are a bit older...  Like to take my mother on senior citizen discount day and get a little extra % off the figures too.  Don't tell mom I let that leak here though or she'll be PO'd.  :-X

My KM's actually put product out early and then sold through a lot of it.  Funny that they got a jump on everyone that way.  They are still pretty low on most figures and vehicles as well, and haven't overdone ordering it seems.  Maybe they will drop prices and be a good place to shop again sometime.

My WM's, Targets, and TRU's are the same as everyone else though...  $5.24 or $5.99 at TRU.  TRU I rarely go to since they shot themselves in the foot on 4/2 stuff, and aren't really giving me much reason to go there.

KB just flat out sucks.  Everything is outrageously priced.  No wonder that store is destined to be closed.  They earned it.

Toy Reviews / New Review: Dannik Jerriko
« on: May 9, 2005, 02:25 AM »
Arnold would've called him one ugly son of a bitch...  Let's face it, Dannik Jerrko (Cantina Encounter) is not winning any beauty contests!

However, and as boring as he may be to some, this guy was one of my all-time favorites from the Cantina.  Maybe it was because he WAS close to human looking (and humans from the Cantina are rare, unless they're main characters), or perhaps it was because of his very nonschelant look towards Obi Wan's demonstration of power with a big ole flashlight?  I don't know, but this guy always just looked neat to me.

I dig Dannik overall...  You'll find my review was pretty up on this figure, and really I liked the Cantina wave from Stem to Stern.  I think that this wave of figures is Hasbro demonstrating that they can "up the anty" in this line.  It's even been improved upon by many figures in the ROTS line now, as many feature ball/socket shoulders while the Cantina dudes do not.

Dannik Jerriko suffers from either the end result of some seriously bad acne, or a Hasbro flub in judgment...  OK, there is no "or" here, it was simply that Hasbro made a mistake when they decided to put the probe things on his face, and  use 2 gaping holes to attach the probes to.  They're EU, they're ugly, they add little to the figure...  I think Hasbro maybe had their heart in the right place though, so I tried to be lenient.  I still like the figure myself, but I'll like a lot when I can fix a head cast up so those holes are GONE.   :-\

Anyway, without further rambling, Click Right Here and read the full review.  As always, share your thoughts with us on this figure.  I think Dannik was one of the more "controversial" figures to trickle forth from the OTC line, so any opinion is welcome.  I know many were more down on him than I was, and I can't blame anyone one bit for that.

Newbies / Re: Newbie
« on: May 9, 2005, 02:07 AM »
Hey Jim...

Welcome aboard.  I'm a pseudo member of the PSWCS, but mostly just associate with the Pittsburgh trading forums.  Still friends with all PA collectors though, and it's nice having a neighbor from the East stop by!

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens/Predators Series 2
« on: May 9, 2005, 02:05 AM »
The heads are goofy huge, but the accessories look worth a purchase.  3.75" scaled facehuggers, chest bursters, and weapons for Predators (the Snap Kit figs) that don't go limp and need some Enzyte...  That sounds good to me for a buy or two.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS Picture Thread
« on: May 9, 2005, 01:54 AM »
And the tanks actually made it to the beaches it seems. :)

Funny that the Wookies have the spot of the Germans this go-round too.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS Pegwarmers?
« on: May 9, 2005, 01:51 AM »
I think my finds is a pretty good balance between Target and WM...  KM fights in there though, and I've probably bought as much at KM as I have at TRU if that's possible.  They just seem to get stuff in in non-movie years. 

Target and WM fair about the same with me though...  Sometimes WM is cleared out and getting in the stuff I want, and sometimes Target is the one with more common sense in their ordering habits.  That's a toss-up for me.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: May 8, 2005, 03:23 AM »
"Hey!  I hear ya kid...  Who cares about the grill, you just turn her around and do your business!"

-Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra on SNL

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Best Stormtrooper ????
« on: May 8, 2005, 03:17 AM »
Comparable, or I'm guessing potentially better, however I'm not a fan of "dirty" paintjobs.  Too limiting for dioramas, but I'll amass a nice number of that figure if I can nonetheless.

At C3, it looked good to me though...  Maybe even better than the VOTC Stormie.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS Pegwarmers?
« on: May 7, 2005, 04:48 PM »
Haven't really interjected here yet...

In my neck of the woods, this is what I see:

-TONS of droids...  SBD's, BD's...  They are pegwarmers extrordinaire out here.  If the SBD were just the AOTC basic one with a more poseable right arm, i'd have bought it.  I actually liked that figure but just wanted a poseable right arm.  Greivous' guards also sit, however I too noticed they sold well at one point.

-Collection 1...  Guys like Tarful, Chewie, the main Jedi (Yoda, Obi, Ani, Mace), are all warming pegs in every store.  They're subsequently the worst quality figures int he line it seems as well, so no surprise there.

-Collection 2...  Really only the Jedi sit here.  Even Prego Amidala isn't TOO overly common.  Of the Jedi, I see more Plo and Sae Sae than anyone, and really Aylya and Agen Kolar have all but dried up.  Luminara and Shaak Ti are sort of on the in-between level, or as abundant as Plo/Sae are.

-Bail Organa is a pegwarmer, and that sucks.  He's a good figure.  Along with the C2 Jedi who are sitting some, Bail lingers.  He's boring, it would happen.  Even I haven't bought one yet, and he really is a quality looking figure.

-Figures are MOVING slowly.  Even "pegwarmers" I've noticed are moving somewhat slow but steadily.  My Targets have an endcap at the registers of figures, and just watching them dwindle down to fewer figures EVERY time I'm in the stores here, that tells me that the kiddies are getting their attentions wrapped around SW again.  That endcap at my nearest Target is almost dry of figures now.  Sneaky of them to put that at the registers like candy.  A nice impulse purchase thing for the parents to shut their kids up.  Oh that's shrewd!

-Clones are GONE...  I'm lucky to see a #6 at this point, much less a Commander, Pilot, or whatever...  Clones are the HOT figure, there's not a doubt about it.  The Guards are also long gone, both blue and red.  These are hot items.  Even TRU is out of the #6 Clone and they used to have him in semi abundance at one point.

-AT-RT's are only now starting to sit, as is the ARC-170.  Used to be that these two vehicles were impossible to find.  The Boga, Greivous' bike, BARC, and Jedi Fighters have sat from day one though...  THe surprise ship of the line then?  The Tri-Fighter which I have seen only once, didn't buy, and now wish I had one.  See, quality does outsell its lesser competition!  :)  The AT-RT still moves, which is good, but it's starting a little back up now.  That's expected with vehicles I suppose.

-I've yet to see a Mustafar playset.  They're out I was told, just recently showing up at a local WM for the first reported time in my area, so it's tough to judge there.

-Attacktix is surprisingly picked through at Local Targets.  I notice how it's always a jumbled mess, even after I know it's been fixed.  I think it's selling slowly perhaps.

-Board Games = Clearance.

-Playskool Figs don't seem to be moving...  Those big figures.   I see the same stuff every time.

-GalacticHeroes have hit the wall and are sitting right now, but that may just be the selection.  That line has weird popularity. 

-No Darth Taters in sight.  I've yet to see this, and now I actually sorta want it.   :-\

That's Pittsburgh in a relative nutshell...  I'm sure I forgot a figure here and there like 3po (not all that common in my area, actually), or Dooku (again, 2, maybe 3 on the pegs at any given store, but that's it).  If I forgot to mention them, they're likely selling and not something I see rifling through the pegs.

Yoda is perhaps one of the all-time pegwarmers in ROTS.  An irony that will perplex Hasbro and retail since he was the "hot" figure in AOTC's launch for some time.  His figures suck though, and 2 at one time seems not such a great idea anymore.  I'm not surprised at a lot of the Collection 1 stuff sitting then.

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: New Poll?
« on: May 7, 2005, 02:07 AM »
The "All of the above" would've won by a landslide had it been there.  :)

I know that's what I'd have voted for.  I think these Evolutions assortments are among Hasbro's greatest ideas ever.  I'm hoping these continue till the line's death, personally.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: May 7, 2005, 02:05 AM »
I dont' think it's hard to guess who I voted for...  The Rebel Troopers all need done this way in my eyes, and army builders are an ideal format for these 3-packs of "definitive figures" if you ask me.

That said, I didn't see a character on that list I WOULDN'T want done in this Evolutions series.  To me, this is something I hope that Hasbro continues till everything is done this way.

I'd dig another set as well, for classic Imperial troops...

-Imperial Stormtrooper (basic)
-Imperial "Hoth" Storm"Snow"Trooper
-Imperial Scouttrooper

I'd take that evolution assortment in droves.  I can only dream of what the Snowtrooper would look like too, with the softgoods.  That would kick so much ass, I can see it now.

My dream from the list is the Rebel Troopers set though...  A new Endor soldier would suit me fine, the Fleet Trooper I'd of course like to see redone that way, and the Hoth Trooper was an abysmal failure in the Saga line because Hasbro copped out on him so much.  All 3 would be an ultimate army builder assortment to me if they put as much heart into that as the Clone set that is coming up.

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: New Poll?
« on: May 6, 2005, 10:01 PM »
Good choices too Matt. :) 

I really would take ANY of those sets, however I'd replace the Empire Luke with a Hoth outfit or Snowspeeder outfit I think, over the Bespin Duds...  Though the Bespin Duds are worthy.

Luke really needs 2 Evolutions sets when you think about it.  Or more even!

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