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Revenge of the Sith / Re: Clone Trooper #6 - Worth Army Building
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:47 AM »
I think I have to agree with earlier sentiments that I'm a LITTLE worried that the SA Clone coming out will be rare.  I've had a much higher opinion of the current Clone though and have bought a few...  Want some more but they're even drying up in this area at this point.

It's a much better figure than I was hoping, and really I'd say the one flaw I once attributed to him (the hips) really doesn't look bad at all.  Not awkward or anything, so that nixes that one.  Now I'm just bummed about the waist not turning at all...  Does tend to limit him more than I'd like.

Still, better than nothing...  better than any Saga Clone...  I'll gladly buy more.  May even go over your # there Justin, just because I am a little curious to see how "rare" the SA version turns out to be.

Other Collectibles / Re: Target SW Gift Card. You get one?
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:44 AM »
I did not get one and kind of regret not picking it up 4/2 now.  I saw one and it really is an interesting/neat little item, and a nice momento for the 4/2 experience...  I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for it I guess, but having seen one now I'd really like to pick it up.

I was so out of it at Target that morning, I didn't even think much about the card...  Didn't even look at one.  Too early in the morning for me that day.

After all the army-building goodness CHEWIE, I dunno. :)

Honestly though, the toys are only here because of the films, so the film takes priority, but every toy run I keep hoping to find those higher numbered figures right now.  Never thought I'd be really looking thoroughly for SW figures in a movie year.

I'm not making special trips to just save my car/gas right now, but I'm looking when I am out anyway, and enjoying it.  Pick up the odd Clonetrooper at the same time, or Wookiee Warriors, and just hope I find the stuff I really am looking for in the meantime.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Accessory Packs
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:39 AM »
I'd take accessory sets if the time and effort on them were both right...

I'd dig some sabers/hilts...  Multiple "EU" colors would be nice too.

I'd dig it if they tossed in some either new weapons...  Shoulder-launchers for Clones, grappling hooks, packs w/working straps, "cargo containers" like the Scanner tech's, the MicroMachines mousedroid, etc...  Lots of really ideal things they could tuck into those sets.

The thought of an interchangeble pauldron for Commtech and VOTC STormtroopers would be neat... 

If they packed an army builder in (a good one) I think the old Target concept of accessory sets would be superior to just putting a bunch of weapons in a package.  Pack a good battledroid, Clonetrooper, or Stormtrooper in and it's like gold to most people...  God knows they've got the GOOD figures around now to do that, what with the Clone Commander, C1 Clone, VOTC Stormtrooper and such.  Be interesting to see anyway... 

I could see those becoming annoying to even try and find really, if those were the figures being put in them.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Clone 3-pk ...does it suffice?
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:27 AM »
Actually, just picking up a 3-pack Clone I have nearby, it's 7 separate pices (I think they all vary though), which means 3 - 4 separate sculpts requires about (since the pieces do vary) 21 - 28 molds...  more or less, there's definitely multiple molds for the same sculpt, etc., but that's simplified for the sake of conversation...

With mold toolings being the highest fixed cost in a figure's development, I think these variances in numbers are important.  That's thousands of dollars difference between doing 3 - 4 pre-posed sculpts compared to one sculpt with many points of articulation...  That's not to say that there's not profit being made on both though of course, just really semantics that the reality is that the 3 - 4 pre-posed figures did cost more to produce than a single SA styled body. 

Whether Hasbro intended these variants and all with the thought of profit in mind, I think profit's always their motivator but I don't think people would've NOT bought a SA 3-pack over a pre-posed 3-pack, and potentially they could've made a scant bit more per unit had they gone the SA 3-pack route in the first place.  Not sure what their motivation is to go either way though because I don't see them making LESS if they'd gone the other way than they did.

I think articulation, since it is an added cost, is indeed something they've been slowly forced into.  It's a competitive issue in the toy industry in general where one company's outdoing the other...  It's rampant in the 1:6 market which has seen revolutional leaps made by one company's attempt to outdo another, right down to the patenting of some of the innovations being made by some of their creators.  I think Star Wars has moved the level of articulation in an effort to be more competitive on the shelf to comparable toy lines...  Whether that's the case or not though, who knows, but it's definitely been a gradual thing that Hasbro's been questioned on and seemingly reacted to.  I guess I maybe don't give them enough credit for being "devious" enough to plot out an articulation scheme that, for all intents and purposes, doesn't benefit them all that much to play it out to its supposed end. 

Revenge of the Sith / Re: When will the clearances begin?
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:08 AM »
I think confusion between "Sale" and "Clearance" is important to address too.  I think we'll see multiple sales...  "BOGO", "2-for's", and the like...  I think that'll be a common thing up until a clearance.

To address why there wasn't a Saga Clearance, technically there was...  First though, there was a "buy-back" situation though, and then there was actually a 2nd "buy-back" situation.  Hasbro did that once I believe with Episode One though, and later in the line's life. 

After the buy-back the figures wound up at KB in droves...  Or so the story goes.  Hasbro did a lot to make TRU  and WM happy during the Saga glut though...  I remember people boxing those figs up in droves at WM.  One day they had a wall of useless stuff, the next they had nothing, or even had semi-new stuff out.  Some of that though, as I recall, was even "old" by the time it got out to the shelves.  Target was more conservative, as always, and avoided that situation.

With this movie, it's tough to say if Hasbro will bite on taking any of it back again...  The line is theirs to sell after this film, not the other way around, so I'm not sure how they'd handle appeasing retail shoudl ROTS see massive gluts.

I wouldn't say things are flying off shelves here though, by any means, they just are doing better than Saga did...  In my neck, people werne't in aisles, kids weren't interested, and Saga tanked...  ROTS I'm seeing different things, but that doesn't mean I'm not seeing lots of figures on the pegs, or that I'm seeing stores restocking constantly.  If I was, I'd be able to find those later #'d figures that are aggrevating the **** out of me.   :-\

I will say though, that for an initial push, this line's doing better than Saga did I think.  I've seen stores restock since 4/2...  I didn't see that with Saga in its first week or so...  Hell, the WM I frequent most restocked once since 4/2, but with Saga the only thing they restocked was the TIE Bomber they held off on putting on the shelf till MM...  The rest just clogged the pegs for months.  It was really quite sad. 

They're stuck now though with the typical stuff every other store has.

I will say if you're wanting to army build, don't wait.  Clones, RG's, and even the basic battledroid are moving.  I find C1 Clones sporatically with BD's, but that's about it.  All that other stuff is hot property at the moment.  Toy Show had Pilots, Commanders, etc., for $15 - $20 each.  Pissed me off to see all the scalping sacks of dung selling what I think I can rightly assume is my area's supply of the figures I wanted the most...  And lying through their sporatic, yellow, gnarled chicklets they call teeth about these being "limited run" items, "variations", and "rare"...  Buncha dickheads.

Not a bad idea really Justin, but my plate's incredibly full with the basic line.  I'm behind as it is after getting semi-caught up in January.  I think adding customs to the list could strain things that much more...  I've got a lot of catch-up to work on after C3 (and my semester) are over... 

I think general reviewing of customs is a great idea for everyone to do though, and offer criticism too...  All-too-often it's overlooked that customs aren't "perfect" and constructive criticism is great for not only novices but vets in the hobby too.

I think customs talk is better suited to customs section though, and I can't see myself adding customs to my "official" duties here right now...  At least not till I'm caught up with basic things I want to review, and considering we're into ROTS now I think that'd be a ways off.  The suggestion is a good idea though CHEWIE, just not really in the cards at the moment.  Thanks though for the faith in me on it, that's appreciated.

Toy Reviews / Re: New Review: Myo
« on: April 14, 2005, 08:24 PM »
Hey Bob,

thanks for the kind words...  Fun figure to review, definitely.  I gotta get on the ball with the other 2 of the wave after my finals are over.

The packaging I tend to ignore.  If there were a significant variant like the Han Hoth figure, I'd touch on that as it transcends packaging, but I'm not a good reviewer for packaging...  I tend to just ignore it for the most part.  I'll likely mention it on the VOTC, but only because I figure it factors some into the price.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: When will the clearances begin?
« on: April 14, 2005, 08:21 PM »
I think ROTS is doing better than Saga's initial launch did...  There's noticeable difference.  I even see people in the SW aisle at every store I stop at, even kids, looking at figures.  I didn't see ANYONE for AOTC, and that coupled with not seeing product really move seems telling to me...  even if it's just a personal observation.

I think we'll see clearances later on this than with AOTC's launch, but I think we'll see them nonetheless.  Some stuff just isn't moving, especially the Col. 1 figures and stuff like Mothma, Bail, etc... 

Other Toy Lines / Re: Terminator Toy Line... 4" Scale.
« on: April 14, 2005, 06:19 PM »
Yeah, this camera is old, but she gave it to me for free since she got one to replace it that's much superior...  I can't complain since I was camera-less.  :)

I wanted to just show how compatible the Hot Toyz figs are with Star Wars figures really, not going for any "diorama of the year" prize there.  I just threw my portfolio binder open real quick for a background (innovative?  Eh) and voila... 

The alien seems around the right scale to me though people have debated that with me.  I recall seeing production of the Aliens movies though and guys inc ostumes were often used, so the Aliens aren't huge.  Only certain ones would be bigger than the average person.  Plus the alien CAN stand taller than a human, but it's not HUGE. 

Predator figs stand about right too.  The guy that played the Predator in the first Pred movie was from Pittsburgh actually.  He's a big dude, but still in the realm of a basketball player or "Wookiee" type height.  The Preds seem ok then to me.  They're bigger than most SW figures.

I'll snap grainy pictures of a pred with some sw figs and of the "Chase" alien too, which is what I'm just assuming this is at this point.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Terminator Toy Line... 4" Scale.
« on: April 14, 2005, 03:25 AM »
Oh man, these pics suck, but htis was my lame attempt at showing an ill-fated Stormtrooper patrol on an alien-infested world...

Toy Reviews / New Review: Myo
« on: April 14, 2005, 02:32 AM »

Coming back atcha with another review, and this one's kicking off a doozey of a wave of figures...  The Cantina Wave!  And more specifically, we pick apart Myo in today's review...

Myo is point man then, and he's no slouch folks...  Don't let the drunken stagger and the frosty brew in his hands fool you. 

None of this wave is really bad either, but of course nobody is perfect, even one-eyed green freaks with big "Ambrose Burnside" muttonchops!  This figure still ranks as one of my favorites in the modern line though, as does the entire wave, so I'm gonna give this guy lots of praise.

So READ RIGHT HERE the full review, and of course feel free to share your thoughts/opinions with us on this figure as well. 

Gotta love those freaky background aliens.  This is the type of thing Hasbro puts out that makes collectors giddy to find in the aisles of their local retailers!

Feedback / Re: pmundheim's feedback
« on: April 14, 2005, 01:37 AM »
I just got more stuff from Paul today...  Now I gotta pay him, haha.


Obviously Paul's a great guy to trade with...  He's an asset here at JediDefender, we're happy he's on board with us!

Other Toy Lines / Re: Terminator Toy Line... 4" Scale.
« on: April 14, 2005, 01:31 AM »
I'll take a "General Hicks" figure in Star Wars!  :)

Be nice if they cranked out a lot of those though...  Generics would be fine too, if they didn't wanna piss around with "Vasquez", "Hicks", and the like...  Be nice if they did though.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Thoughts?
« on: April 14, 2005, 01:29 AM »
I'm all for canon over EU mostly, but I think the VD just interprets canon (the films) differently...  That's where things get fuzzy.  I think canon's indisputeable in instances of, say, the scale of an SSD being larger than the "EU" established 11km or whatever it is...  That's canon because there's film evidence that can prove that and no real reason to dispute it... 

The whole Vader/Force Lightning thing...  Sounds like a Lucas retread on some level, but I can also bite that it's just another person's opinion of how the force works... 

I'm not sure where I stand on Vader's ability (or lack thereof) in using the force lightning...  I just haven't thought of it too much.  I see credence to both arguments.  Lucas has changed the Force from the classic films to the prequals though.  I know my view of it was a little shattered after midichlorians, haha.

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