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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Gregorbian's Customs
« on: May 19, 2005, 04:41 AM »
Great customs overall Gregorbian...  But I have to say that the uniform design of your whole squad you did up was pretty great.  Looked store-bought actually.

I especially liked that you seemed to include a communications dude in there too.  A must!  Very nice... 

Clones are really the inspiration a lot have taken to get back into customizing or start up for the first time.  It's great seeing lots of them out there on all different skill levels.  Some really good paintjobs are popping up though that Hasbro couldn't rival even.

I'll leave the sculpting topics to others since I find my own skills here to be completely trial/error...

With Glues, I like to keep two or three types on-hand at all times...

-Basic superglue...  I like to get good stuff, but basically I have it on hand at all times.

-2-part "Plastic Welder", which my preferred brand is Devcon Plastic Welder (in a black 2-part tube), found at most any hardware store or even Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.  Simple, but dries out incredibly fast so I try not to open it unless I have a lot of work to do...  It works well on pliable plastics such as the figure's legs/arms/heads (and now torso's even) are made of more often than not...  They're basically a PVC plastic rather than an ABS styrene, which the old torso's are made of (such as on original '95 figures and whatnot).  It's very good stuff.

-Traditional Modeling Plastic Welder...  I prefer Plasti-Struct's Plastic Welder here...  This is strictly for use on ABS plastics (hard, rigid plastics), and while Devcon does some "welding" by actually fusing plastics together (not just "bonding", which super glues tend to only bond and wear out over time), the true plastic welders for model building/ABS plastics will quickly melt the plastic, literally.

Gluing, like almost all techniques, takes some time/work to get the hang...  How long you have to work with the part, etc.  Devcon is one way, Plast-Struct is another... 

I'd say if I had another glue on-hand at all times it's a hot glue gun and sticks.  I use these more as a "placeholder" type glue rather than anything permanent.  This glue won't fuse parts, just bond them for a time, but since gluesticks are cheap as can be it's not a shame to waste it.  Other glues (or "welders") get pricey though so I tend to be more discerning in how I use them.  Cost and all that jazz....

For casting, DD's giving you some great tips so far...  A lot of casting is going to be trial and error as well.  It's the nature of that beast.  I've been doing it for some years now off and on, and it's something that can be a lot of work at times.  Depends what you go into with it.

The FFURG articles are a good start, as they're definitely words from people who have done it.  Ashley ("Delaton" over there) was cranking out casts for people at Celebration 3, and it was neat to watch him work right there at the table at the time.  He's a resin machine!

I would've leaned more to the left one since it had darker shins (in the pic anyway) and the Clones int he film often seemed to have that going on...  I can only imagine from wading in "stuff". 

Both are pretty close to each other though overall.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Modular Playsets
« on: May 19, 2005, 04:22 AM »
I've made a similar suggestion in the past...  Never seen mention of it.  I've even seen other toy lines do something along this concept, and done well, but Hasbro ignores playsets (especially if it's not tied to a film release) for the most part.  Strange.

I too thing this is the type of thing that CAN make that big Death Star playset a reality...  My concept wasn't so much a collapsable thing, but rather "box-like" environments that are both attachable on the left and right sides universally, but also stackable...  Several sets, fairly generic each, with the right figures (army builders would be ideal) and you could really do something special for a playset...  I could really envision anything from Ewok Villages that are never-ending (if the consumer so desired) to a Death STar stacked as high as the person's living space would allow.

The concept's one I hope Hasbro looks into since I'm not a fan of compacted playsets (I'll be honest, and Dan Flarida would hate me for saying it, but I think that unproduced Death Star he showed at C3 was a pretty bunk thing...  Cool for kids, but didn't tickle my fancy particularly), but the sort of "customizeable" feature here would allow for more realism I think.

Anyway, hope Hasbro takes note, it's a good idea.

As for the comment about a lack of Clone Trooper multi-packs...HELLO.  The Evolutions 3-Pack?  The Deluxe 3-packs that are modeled on the Clone Wars 3-packs?  What are those?  And once again...we're only 6 weeks into the line. GIVE IT TIME.  Do you seriously expect Hasbro to blow their load all at once?  Why don't we at least give Hasbro until Comic Con (otherwise known as the Summer Toy Fair) before passing judgement.

It's this kind of impatience that really makes the collecting community seem like a dog chasing it's tail at times.  Hasbro has the master toy license until 2018.  Let them space it out a little bit in order to keep it interesting and vital for years to come.


Please calm down, nobody's in a panic or tizzy here I think since most people seem to have at least some of what they're looking for...  I think being condescending in your reply isn't a necessity, as if you know this industry inside out and the rest of us are merely outside opinions...  My point about no Clone multi-packs on shelves, as is in the context of what I wrote, was that there's NONE OUT NOW, for neither the build-up period to the film's release, nor for the release of the film itself.  The Evolutions set, the 3-pack...  They're NOT on pegs right now, and I'm not seeing TE Gunners, Commanders, or even the #6 Clone in great quantities either, if at all.

The film is here...  It's now...  Clones are a rarity on the pegs at any store save for TRU (and perhaps KB).  And even at TRU the Clones aren't what I'd call "flowing like wine"...  You're missing the point I was making.  I've been down the collecting path for long enough that I (and the rest of us I'm sure) know patience is what pays off...  You know as much as the rest of us, and I'm sure we all can see the point that Clones aren't on the pegs at the most pivotal moment for pushing a film, which is right now.  That's smart business strategy, and Hasbro is missing it, and case ratios could be at fault...  It's like there being no Vader on the pegs right now, or no main characters...  It's not a good thing.

When a 7 year old says to me that the 3.75" line basically bites because I (myself) can't find a Clone, but his Legos rock because he has a small army going, I'm not really complaining from a personal perspective...  I have amassed a nice collection.  The point is one where Hasbro's maybe got the license till 2018, but these moments of opportunity to "hook" people don't come around every day, and not having some thing so pivotal as the Clone figure available in much of any form, is not a GOOD thing when the film is here now and the rush is on...  When a kid passes on THEIR line for Lego because they don't have the product out (due to bad case ratios or whatever the case may be), then THAT is bad business.

The line has time for the die-hards, that's without a doubt...  2018's a long ways off.  No Clones on the pegs though for the premiere of the film, I can't see how that could be argued as "good business" in any way...  Who is at fault for that?  I think Hasbro can take its share of the blame, along with others.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS Screening (Been There & Back)
« on: May 18, 2005, 03:52 AM »
Bob really hooked us up here in Pittsburgh.

We had a screening at what shall remain as an undisclosed location I guess, but which was great.

I'm not going to go into great detail right now, but I left giddy and talking Star Wars with Bobafett14 on the whole ride back...  Which was a fairly long haul.

Now, onto the premiere tonight! 

Thanks Bob, and thanks to your contact for this...  It was fun being one of the first in our area to see it.  I'm loving Star Wars more than ever, and my short opinion on the film is that it's vastly superior to both TPM and AOTC, and I enjoyed AOTC thoroughly.  I personally feel that many of the gripes I've read in reviews are bunk.  They're comments made by people who would've likely bitched about Empire Strikes Back if it was the first time they saw that film as well.  I'll leave it at that then.

Thanks Bob!

I tend to agree with Dr. Padawan that Hasbro's got enough of a hand in this that they could be doing better...  There's no Clone multi-pack on the market, yet it was inevitable Clones would be the hot thing... 

Army builders aside, my gf's kids want Clones and just can't find the damn things...  they've actually focused instead on Legos since they said, and I quote, "I got Clones with this walker thing...  You can't even find a Clone!  Haha!"

Yes, a 7 year old gave me a "Nelson Ha Ha" because he got a Clone with his AT-RT Lego...  God Dammit.  :)

Anyway, I think Hasbro can do better...  I think retail can do better though as well, and they are a step in the process, but Hasbro's got the majority of responsibility here ultimately...  It's their job to make the assortment and sell it...  You'd think retail would be able to looka t their pegs and say, "ya know, we would like more Clones actually". :)

I tend to disagree with the EE Clones being such a GREAT thing though however...  I like them, the concept's as sound as it gets, but the price is prohibitive to the actual intent...  I don't know anyone going ape**** with army building with these really...  And I debate just how well these sold, or EE wouldn't have declined more I think, and the exclusive wouldn't have shown now at other outlets...  I think a lot of information on these is still in the dark, and may remain that way.

For what it's worth though, even in new packaging, by the case from EE, these sold for $6.25-ish/figure shipped...  that's what I'm paying my buddy who bought a few cases for local collectors to divy up...  EE made a profit even at $6.25 each, though admitedly a smaller margin since they were selling by higher volume.  An all -white case would've been an ideal, to ship alongside the white/officer case.

Anyway, these figures don't really cost more than the other to make and sell, and if it's a figure like Clones/Troop Builders then increased sales should more than make up every cost incurred by simple volume of sales.  The construction of a SA Clone isn't anything more spectacular than a Mon Mothma...  There's just a few more parts to snap together.  If one part of production cost more than anything it's "injection molded" pieces (the ball/socket shoulders and whatnot), but that's been a more common feature in the ROTS line than ever...  It's not an expensive process really, nor more time consuming... 

What really can cost on a SA style figure are the fixed costs like mold toolings and such, which are expensive, but which depreciate as more and more of a figure is sold...  For every Clone put out, that cost is a little less, and the margin of profit isn't so narrow.  Costs are incurred to produce more, but the price of a sale always covers the cost of production (+ a retailing MSRP/profit factored in) otherwise none would be made or sold.

The EE Clone set still just irks me that its very purpose (to army build) was dashed by overly expensive packaging, and an unnecessarilly high price per figure if you wanted only white Clones...  I personally can't justify more than the couple sets I got, and only then because of their coming from cases bought by friends.  :-\  I'm a guy with 100's of army builders, and sadly this one it looks like I'll not have too many of.

Nice figs DD...

I like seeing the Rodian from JO just because it's a Rodian from JO...  not an every day figure you see...  Very cool use of something most of us have one or two (or a dozen) of.  I like the sheer diversity in all the Rodian figures Hasbro's done over the years (all the Greedo's anyway) since they really alll look like different guys.  I stick one with a gun drawn on Han, and that's Greedo.  The rest are just thugs.

Anyway, the R5's good too, late bloomer or not, it's a very unique paintjob, not the norm to see a dark, but not black, paintjob on astro's.  Very good...  Lots of good damage marks on him too.  I like what looks like a black starburst on the bottom lip of his dome.

The mask you're working on for SaeSee should be interesting...  I've been a little perplexed how it'll be done to seal the head...  Can't just go hopping into space with skin exposed.  I'm anxious to see that final item to polish the figure off.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Science of Star Wars
« on: May 16, 2005, 11:28 PM »
Hey Matt, thanks man.  I am personally intrigued by the military episode on the 18th.  Gonna tape that I think if I can't catch it.

Appreciate the link for that, I didn't know that was on.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Re: XBox 360
« on: May 16, 2005, 11:13 PM »
Excellent [/end Emperor or Mr. Burns]

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS news article thread
« on: May 16, 2005, 09:03 PM »
I have to say, even without having seen the film, I'm so tired of reading reviews that cite dialogue as being what effectively (to them) "ruins" the film for them...

I think it's one thing to acknowledge a flaw, but dialogue hardly ruins the films...  I believe Ebert said it best that the it's never been good in SW, and never will be, and you have to look past it to see what a good story is there.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Re: XBox 360
« on: May 16, 2005, 08:47 PM »
I think that depends then more on how much you LIKE the old games than the backwards compatibility feature...

Like I still play N64 Rogue Squad, Shadows of the Empire, and other games that appealed to me for story or whatever...  That's kind of where backwards compatibility plays a part for me...  I'll want to play Rogue Leader and Rebelstrike on the new Nintendo should I get it, or my XB games I enjoy immensely like Full Spectrum Warrior.  For some people it's that "comfort" of knowing you can if you want to, but for me it's practical because I DO want to play those old games sometimes.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Re: XBox 360
« on: May 16, 2005, 06:18 PM »
Is it important?



I would give my X-Box to my gf's kids in a heartbeat if i knew I could play my old games on the new system...  I do like playing my old games, and I do like minimizing the # of systems I have on one shelf.  With an N64, Cube, XB, and potentially any one of these new systems, the entertainment stand needs all the room it can obtain. ;)

So yeah, I'd like backwards compatibility a lot...  My old games get as much wear/tear (the ones I really enjoyed anyway) as my newest ones do, so long as I have the time.  Beyond backwards compatibility though, if this system is indeed making MP gaming their focus, that's a bigger issue to me and if the games are catered to that same mode of thought it's more than enough reason for me not to get the new XB.  Like everything else, I'll look at everything before I buy and get what bets suited me.  Back in the day it was the Cube for me, and when XB came down in price it suited me as well, so I'll see what Sony/Nintendo offer and pick which one I want the most and get it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: May 16, 2005, 04:39 AM »
Not that I'd roll her out of bed, but Trish just never did it for me.  I don't like women with shoulders broader than my own.  She's a stocky thing.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: SA Arc Commander from CW toon
« on: May 16, 2005, 12:32 AM »
Again, lots of praise on that figure Redgek, very nice.  The subtle arm details are nice given how the original ARC's looked from teh CW line with the big forearm gauntlets.  I'm not sure they were bad, but I think they could've been improved over big silver things.

I like the Katarn Bryar pistols but they seem a bit big...  The Bryar's actually a sawed off rifle, more than a military gun, but the Bryar's seem to match up to the cartoon (while still having a realistic sculpt figure) very well...  They don't fit in the holsters though, huh?  That's a bummer.  I think I'd probably have gone with the COmmander pistols just to utilize the holster I guess.

Anyway, great figure...  I wish Hasbro would get on doing this figure up like this, actually.  E2 Clones are just too rough to come by yet for me to wanna try this.

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