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Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Jedi Council sets 3 & 4
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:41 PM »
Funnier every time I see it.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: No! I changed my mind!
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:35 PM »
See my post in the VOTC thread...

Even at $10 I'm buying at least a few extras if I see them.  I'll just have to hope I can build a 100+ army like the CT army...  

I'm still going to make a hand/gun set for my CT's though and fix them up special too.  I just want these new ones for EVERY pose possible.

Hasbro, if you're reading, you can have my $...  Just make these available at some time for $5 a piece (or less in big army builder sets).

A neat idea would be a set of 6 figures like their Cobra set...  5 Stormtroopers, maybe a black tuniced officer, and maybe 1 of the Stormies with a white pauldron and the other 4 with black or something.

THAT would kick ass.  Unlikely to EVER happen, but it would be so nice.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:24 PM »
I think most would agree with you on the R2, Force Guy.  Very bland...  Include damn near every tool and a pop-up sabre, and I think people would've been impressed by it.

The Stormie's my favorite, easily.

On the Fett, I disagree with you though...  I think the detailing's amazing, and the proportions look right to me...  I think the camera angles are tugh to judge him by entirely.  The hose to his right gauntlet's awesome.

I think with his cape, scalps, and rangefinder we'll be more impressed.  He's incomplete looking right now, and with good reason I guess since he is incomplete.

Chewie is great...  Anyone else hoping for a removable bandoleir for customs?  Looks like it might be a separate accessory to me.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Madine and General Lando...
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:17 PM »
I got Saga extras from a case that Paul Mundheim here traded to me...  Felt lucky to have them (Thanks again Paul).

I'm hping to get a 2nd set and some extras of Madine and Han as well on the OTC card.  The Madine is, without a doubt, one of the better figures in the Saga line.

Lando and Han tie for the weaker figure of the wave, but they're still good.  Lando's left arm's disappoionting though, and paintjob sucks.  Great holster and blaster though.

Han's neat as an army builder if you do headswaps...  The molded-in communicator sort of bites though.

I'm a big FPS gamer too Jasper...

This is shaping up to be nice, if not a bit odd compared to what we know of the Clones and such.

The view's goiong to be weird though.  i can't get past the view....  Realistic, but I just hope I adjust to it.

Should be fun, but I STILL want a tactical FPS game based in the classic trilogy...

After a new flight sim in the classic or post ROTJ era that is!  :)

Newbies / Re: Greetings JD Citizens!
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:12 AM »
A welcome from me too...  Enjoy the place as much as we all do.

Newbies / Re: Hi Everyone
« on: July 22, 2004, 01:11 AM »

I've seen Keldor nicks before, and now I know where they come from I guess.  (I wasn't a He-Man fan if you can't tell).

Have fun, roam around, talk to people, join in conversations...  Have a good one here.

George Lucas raped me in his own Abu Gharib prison.

Steven Speilberg pointed at me as they put a bag on my head and made me stand around nude.

Is this Freedom LFL?


Revenge of the Sith / Re: Episode 3 Packaging Revealed!!!
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:45 AM »
Busy busy day...  Even without the site up.  :)

It's been fun seeing around the net all the people talking about it...  There's a handful of folks who are, for some reason, taking a nutty over the article and the images as if it smehow offended them...

The cries of "Fake Fake Fake!" in one particular place had me laughing my ass off for a while.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Jedi Council sets 3 & 4
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:39 AM »
I'm not even gonna say much on these...  First sets were fairly decent.  At least NEW figures, NEW characters...  They filled sme void.

These new sets are REALLY lame right now.  As much as I want a cmplete set, I'm going to be hard pressed to buy into them.

It's a shame because, once again, Hasbro will say "well the fans just didn't like these, they must suck", when it's not the concept that sucks but rather the execution is attrocious.

The first sets didn't sell great...  unless they limit these things in prduction, they'll go nowhere fast.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: We Need More Cantina Figures!
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:36 AM »
I've been planning my own custom Blue Snag...  So I'm mixed.

Theirs is sorta crappy compared t what I had planned, not to toot my horn.   :-\  I was gonna use Takeel's head for a more vinty look and cast some of the vinty figure's parts for authenticity, but use Zutton's body which is waht the original was based on.

Now...  Theirs is ok, but I think I'm still gonna make mine since they'll look dramatically different, yet oddly similar.

The Ponda Baba though...  [Eric Cartman] Come on here Hasbro, you're breaking my balls [/Eric Cartman]

And the Obi's just as bad.  At SDCC he's pictured as the freaking POTF2 figure, seriously, and Hasbro's more "official" shot has the Flashback figure which isn't even accurate (had his hood down in the sequence).  Dare I say I'd almost rather have had a Tatooine Luke?  :)

If I had to pick though, and had to stick to Hasbro's "head up your ass" standard, I'd go with 2 of the 3-pack Aliens and just paint them better...  Added leg articulation even optional, but like Nabrun Leids and Labria with cooler paintjobs wuld've been nice.

Dan Curto and myself have both mentioned how EXTREMELY nice a Bannis Keeg Kitbashed figure would've been though, and not cost Hasbro a dime to make more than it will to rehash and Obi and Ponda.  And people would've actually said "hey, thanks Hasbro!" instead of moans of hatred to boot!

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:31 AM »
Random thoughts...

-Vader = near perfection...  Short of a removable 3-piece helmet, removable hand with visible wiring stump, and a real chain for the cloak, I couldn't think of him being better in the slightest.  Just GREAT figure.

-C-3PO = Eh...  This figure hasn't got any redeeming feature to make me say "Oh yeah!".  No extra articulation, no pull-apart feature even (and he's packaged on ESB card, what gives?).  Sadly his counterpart is just about as interesting.  And the search for an articulated 3PO goes on, and on, and on.

-R2-D2 = Eh...  Just like 3PO, R2's pretty bland.  What he DOES have going for him is a nice datalink and buzzsaw, and they do look like spiffy sculpts.  His dome's chrome though, which isn't exactly accurate considering his helmet's a duller silver color.  He's a basic R2 though...  I guess that's cool, but better for $5 than $10.

-Boba Fett = Where's the rest of him???  He seems like he's missing smething...  Wookie Scalps and his rangefinder!  Hmmm...  I dig him, though I really hpe for real braided hair wookie scalps.  If that's the case, he's pretty darn near perfect in my eyes judging by the articulation.  He's everything POC Fett isn't.  What's cool though is POC Fett's blast effect is going to rock with this Fett, and POC Fett's a little better purchase now with his action pose, now that I know something more universal is coming.  Bring on an ESB version withs ome slight retooling and a pistol holster.  :)

-Stormtrooper = Awesome!!!  Everyone must be disillussioned with the hobby, or by the $10 price, to not be going ga-ga over what everyone's asked for for ages!  A finally, truly, super articulated Stormtrooper!  Even at $10 I want at least a handful.  At $5 I'll take an ass-load, and if they do a 4-pack for under $20 I'll take what I can afford and just go on one hell of a diet for a while.

This should be a figure that sees SUPER wide release for the life of the line.  Period.  

If Hasbro came to me tomorrow and said, "Jesse, you'll only ever get figures this good if we package them in these special cards, clamshells, and bubbles, and you'll always have to pay $10 for them...  But we're willing to do every main character in every "action" outfit they wore as well as army builders", then I'd say I'd pay the $10.

The level of quality on the Han is just that good...  I'd take it.  I'd gripe about the $10, but I'd take it.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: TRU Naboo 4-pack
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:19 AM »
5 words...

At Least Its Army Builders...

That's 5 right?  1... 2...  Uh, yeah ok.

So yeah, it's 5 semi-army builders.  Good droid, good Gungan, nice Kaadu w/Tarpals (or random Gungan cavalry if you wished it) and then that Naboo Guard who I think sucks, but that's just my opinion.

They'll get my $20 for that...  Not the POC, or Endor sets, but this one they will.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Episode 3 Packaging Revealed!!!
« on: July 21, 2004, 01:17 AM »
I hope they carry the specific backgrounds over.  More costly I'd assume, or at least more time-consuming to someone who is saddled with desiging them, but it is what really stands out n the OTC ones to me.

I like the Lava though...  I can just see it getting old, like previous cards have after the films are gone.  

Toy Reviews / Re: NEW Review: "Bar2-D2"
« on: July 21, 2004, 12:36 AM »
Thanks Dave!

Yeah, R2 was one of the better figures this year I think...  Or at least as good as another R2 could be.  They're really milking that character at this point.  He's the new Tatooine Luke when you think about his many recent renditions.

Funny thing is they can do more still...  A pop-up saber version and "w/tools" version that are better than pervious attempts could really be pulled off well.

I'd sooner have a new R5 though than another R2.  After VOTC I'm spent on R2-D2 for a while.  R5 would rock, as would some astro repaints.  :)

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