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Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC Vintage Wave 2 Images
« on: March 2, 2004, 12:25 AM »
I lightened the brightness up on it, and he's sporting a TON of articulation as far as I can tell.  As much as any SA figure from Hasbro I'd say.  

The chain is still tough to make out what it is though.  I'm very curious if it's a single plastic piece or a legit chain.  I have one to-scale and silver that I've wanted to use on an Ultimate Vader custom I had planned but this Vader puts that plan to rest for  sure.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Burger King Glasses Figures!!!!!!
« on: March 1, 2004, 03:08 PM »
Here's a sad statement to this whole thing.

I'd buy the glasses if they didn't include the figures!

Yeesh, what kind of message does that say about these?  Simply stupid, but more rehashes are good right?  That's what we are supposed to think, right?  

Meh, at least it's money saved is all I can figure.  I'm just not interested in those at all now...  The Luke did look promising at one point though.  I'll hold out hope for a Super Articulated Hoth Pilot with head variants someday instead.  :)  Always have that little glimmer of hope going for the definitive figures to roll out somewhere along the line.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC Vintage Wave 2 Images
« on: March 1, 2004, 12:41 AM »
Being that the molds are tooled though, it would actually be more costly for Hasbro to limit production on them than to NOT limit it.  If they reissued them, they'd actually be increasing profits through unit sales and clearing the cost of the molds.

On SA figures, they're surprisngly more logical to make in greater #'s than not.  

I still hold that it's 99% the "limited" packaging.  Short-run packaging can really screw up pricing, especially when it's as elaborate as this stuff's supposed to be.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Fan Choice #6
« on: February 28, 2004, 03:29 PM »
For those of us who DON'T agree that it's backpeddling (not that there's many of you hear so I'm really talking to myself on this one), the infamous MisterPL made mention at GalacticHunter that Hasbro knew as early as all other LFL Licensees (And I'd only thought of this after he pointed it out) back in November that they were releasing the trilogy on DVD.

So Hasbro's whole "Well this was a surprise to us" line is raw sewage.  

Lying's part of business, as sad as that is to say.  But as the consumers we have a right to be disheartened with a company that lies to us when we find out they do.  THey've lied about the plastics they use, and how low quality it is at times.  They've lied about other things.  It's just the way of things in business, but I guess I just get irritated at those who would blindly let this slip past without calling Hasbro on it.  Again, there's few here (if any) that I think would disagree with me, but Scum in particular has an army of people willing to jump right up and tell you to stop complaining.

If anything it's the complaining that GOT this response from Hasbro.  BS or not, it forced action on their part.  I for one say good for those of you who spoke your mind honestly about this rather than sitting there and "feeling lucky you got anything" like some would have you do.

Now if only we could get some word from them (Honest word) that the Vintage OTC figures will be released on basic cards for basic prices at some point in a "Hall of Fame" style re-release.  Even if it's after E3's onslaught.  I don't care.  I just wanna be able to BUY these things as often as I want.  They're too great NOT to pimp to the masses.  Hell, I'm buying them on the Vintage cards too.  I just want more than 2 sets.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC Vintage Wave 2 Images
« on: February 28, 2004, 03:20 PM »
Yeah, 3rd me for a thank you to Nick for the images...  They all look great to me, though Luke still is the "Stinker" of the bunch.  Fair enough since I'm happy with the other Tatooine Lukes in the small army of them we've received over the years.  I look at it as this LUke's gonna be a great piece for customizing (god willing he's available enough/for a fair price in more generic packaging).

-Lando...  I love Lando's look actually.  I have heard people question why his pants are so high, but it's actually his belt that gives that illusion.  I think the cape on the POTJ Lando's better looking though, but these are definitely not looking like production figures to me at this point so I'll reserve judgement on the cape for now.

-C-3PO kicks butt of course.  A nice clean 3PO is a good idea since it's been a long time since one's been available.  I'm guessing he's articulated well, but it's real tough to say by the picture.  I wonder if his limbs are removable as well?  Include the net then perhaps?

-Yoda ROCKS!  Best Yoda Ever, quite simply.  This, like Scott, is the Yoda I've always wanted.  A Vintage-esque Yoda who even has a SNAKE to wrap around the barrel of Luke's X-Wing laser.  That's great.  :)  

-Darth Vader also is a great looking figure, and I predict he'll be one of the hottest figures out of the lineup.  Super Articulated, and I do believe that chain's attached to the cape.  Looks great to me.  I really want one to pop a Throne Room Duel Vader head onto though, for a Rem. Helmet version (should this version not have that feature).

Great stuff all around, and I still love the 3 from Toy Fair as much as the day I saw them.

Again, if Hasbro makes these so limited nobody can find them, and they're not available within the basic line, I think it'll be one of the single biggest mistakes ever made with this line.  There's already huge outcry for people to get 2, 3, or more sets of these...  Customizers are buzzing about wanting extras at a fair price.  These are easily the best versions of these characters, and should really see some re-release status.

Great stuff.  Can't wait to see the final 4, who I think will make up the hottest wave of all.  Stormtrooper and Boba Fett?  Fuggeddabout it!  Those will fly off shelves, even at $10 I believe.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Fan Choice #6
« on: February 27, 2004, 07:11 PM »
I'm gonna wager it's backpeddling at this point.

Otherwise that's a pretty stupid, and large error.

I think they saw the 99% negative feedback about it and rethought the concept.  I do agree that they wouldn't get a figure out in a years time if they held a poll for one, but who cares?  Hold a poll and make it a 1.5 years from now then, or whatever...

I don't mind the idea of asking us what to repack.  By all means, do so in an email format like their other market research and things, but don't pi$$ a Fan's Choice Poll away on reissues.  

And for god's sake, I wish people would stop with the "Hasbro doesn't owe us anything" BS I've read at some forums...  You'd think they worked for the damn company.  

Hasbro DOES owe a lot to its consumers.  That's business.  They SHOULD be kissing our rears, because it's us who makes this line profitable for them.  That's business.  

You utter words like that over at this same thread in Scum though, and you'll have umpteen people up your butt claiming you're "whining" too much.

I hope yoou're right Matt.  The Q&A didnt' seem to elaborate much on the recarding of this wave which was the SINGLE question I wanted answered by Hasbro.  Why they glossed the issue of these figure's availability, I don't know, but I'm antsy with having to "worry" about getting figures I want in sufficient quantities.

I know I'd buy multiples of each,  if I were able to.  Even at $10 I'd consider doing multiples for custom possibilities.  Hasbro has me actually SCARED that I won't get figures that I want.  :(

It'd be great if this R2 had it all.  Every appendage and tool, including the opening dome.  That'd be just a great idea...  I'm curious to see if the droid figures and Yoda are as sharp as the first 4 figures seem to have been.

I was sort of sad to see the Han removed for a Stormtrooper.  I want a Stormie army for sure.  No doubt there, but a SA Han Endor had my interest piqued for sure.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Beer
« on: February 27, 2004, 12:36 AM »

This is a tasty little brew I had in a bar in "The Strip District" in Pittsburgh one night.  It's 8.5%, and from Scotland (Don't let the Viking fool you into thinking it's a Scandanavian brew).  

I liked it a lot, but it ran in at like $6 a bottle I think...  Bit pricey for me to get drunk on.

Skullsplitter was mild enough to chug easily, but had a distinct taste of fizzy whiskey.  It was unique...  I liked it a lot personally, and the neat graphic just made it all the more manly to drink I thought.

My friend tried Golden Monkey at the same time, which is a PA brew and tasted similar to Skullsplitter actually.  Very strong whiskey-ish taste.  I dug it too...  It was 9.5% I think.

Since my partying days aren't what they used to be, I tend to enjoy trying the microbrews now instead of just drinking to get drunk on whatever's cheapest at the time, so I'm finding some nice stuff in Pittsburgh.

Here's Pittsburgh's most famous brewery I'd say (next to the Rolling Rock brewery I suppose), and this place is a must stop if you guys are in the city ever.

This is the Church Brew Works in the St. John's Church in Lawrenceville.  It's like 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh if there's no traffic.  Just right up Liberty Avenue...  You can go in the church and just sit and drink for hours, eat a great meal, whatever...  Lots of fun.  It gets real busy and is a fun atmosphere (Pittsburgh has a funny habit of converting churches into nightlife, don't ask me why).

The regular microbrews they carry are:

Celestial Gold
Pious Monk Dunkel
Pipe Organ Pale Ale
Bell Tower Brown Ale

And they have specialties that vary with the seasons and things.  There's a coffee beer that's really got a strong espresso taste to it and pretty decent if you're into coffee as well, and my personal favorite is a blackberry ale that REALLY has a strong berry flavor to it and is just a great beer.  I couldn't imagine what getting sick drunk on it would be like though.  I'd assume it's like getting sick on wine which is a big mistake if you've never had that experience (trust me).

The food's great at this place too.  Wood fired pizzas, sandwiches, dinners...  It's just great.  I had a pulled pork BBQ there that was amazing.  

If anyone's around town, you gotta hit this place up.  It's worth it, trust me.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Hardest Video Games To Beat
« on: February 26, 2004, 05:14 PM »
"It's like your aunt Edna's ass...  It goes on forever and is just as frightening"

I too need to put in a preorder I guess.  Not that I want to, but if I missed out on these figures, I'd kick myself forever.

If they do wind up being some of the more sought after short-run figures from Hasbro then I'll never forgive the company personally.  To me Hasbro will have solidified itself as making some of the stupidest decisions for a toy line that any company has ever done.  

With that said, they've given me cause to do a preorder which I haven't done since the Rebel Fleet Trooper wave of POTJ's run, as I anticipated a shortage of that wave at the time.  Sadly, it seems these Vintage OTC figs will be (at least for a time) difficult to find, even at $10.

Some have said that the pricetag will make them available in good quantities, but I recall 300th Fett moving pretty well, and he wasn't shorted in his production run that I know of.  These may prove much the same.

Power of the Force 2 / Re: Opinions on Rebo Band and Rancor
« on: February 25, 2004, 08:40 PM »
I actually have an extra Rancor (loose, no Luke or bone though), and a Max/Doda pair carded.  If you're interested, I'd sell you both Mosnab.  Just let me know.

My opinion...

The Rancor's definitely close, if not dead-on in its scale with the 3.75" figures.  The figure's main flaw is that its joints aren't strong/stable.  The arms are, but the legs aren't capable of holding the beast's weight up.  It's possible to balance the rancor with one hand on the ground and the legs so that it stands well though.  I have mine holding a Gamorrean in the one hand, chomping on an extra Wicket I had, and Luke standing before it with the bone.

The Luke figure isn't great, especially considering the new one out there, but it wasn't a shabby figure either.  The bone was kind of cool as an accessory too.

They even got the earring in the Rancor's one ear down, which is a pretty minor detail, but a noticeable one in the movie.

The Rebo band pairs were some of the finer sculpted figures of the POTF2 range I thought.  Max/Doda were the best IMO, and the biggest value given Max's organ thing, and all.  Doda's a really nice sculpt (Max is too), and they look great.  

I felt that the Joh/Droopy 2-pack was the least attractive, but it was still a decent set.  Sy and Bar'Quin were cool too...  Those two sets were the only ones plentiful around me, and the Doda/Max set was non-existant here, but I hear it was plentiful elsewhere so it was hit & miss.  I got mine in trades/sales some time ago though and only saw them on shelves one time around here.  Kind of like the MMC 3PO.  I never saw that thing once, and had to barter for one to get that kickass 3PO.  Yet, at the same time, I hear that 3PO was a shelfwarmer some places.

They're all worth owning if you ask me.  The Bantha's a superior beast to the Rancor (And sold better as a result) but the Rancor still rocked.  The "lifelike" feel of it was kind of cool compared to the vintage Rancor.  Vintage's one advantage though, was that it had the chomping jaw that looked just awesome, and worked well to boot.  I remember my vintage Rancor eating G.I. Joes left and right.  He went from being Jabba's pet to being Cobra Commander's bio engineered experiment.  Good times.

So hope that helps...

Oh, and there were instruments for Joh Yowza, and Sy Snootles sold through Raving Toy Maniac's I believe, BUT I'm unsure if they are "legit" repros, or not.  I've heard that these 2 figures were originally intended to include an accessory for each.  A guitar for Joh and a microphone for Sy...  Both are sculpted as if they are to hold something anyway.  RTM sold these things for like $3 a set, and they look great.  Not sure if RTM still has them up for sale or not though.  They're worth picking up if they do though, legit accessories or just customs.  They look cool and add a lot to the otherwise more "bland" characters.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New List at Rebelscum
« on: February 25, 2004, 06:25 PM »
That's a good point Mainland...  A neutral Shaak Ti is needed.  Now I wish Alya Secura, Barris Ofee, The other one that looks like her (name suddenly escapes me), Nikto Jedi, and Coleman Trebor were all getting a new NEUTRAL figure as well.  They'd be appreciated by me at least.  :)

I am  not a fan of the wild action poses of many of the AOTC Jedi figures.  I've been devising a way to do SA customs of them with ornate softgoods, but it's pretty rough going even just in visualizing how I'd go about doing it.  Hasbro didn't give me much to start with either, as most of the sculpts are very "specific" as well, with open mouths or other things frozen in time.  

Oh well, all in good time.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Hardest Video Games To Beat
« on: February 25, 2004, 06:14 PM »

I swear to God, that damn game had no ending.  Everyone said they "knew" someone who beat it.  Nobody ever beat it.  It never ends...  It just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on...  Jumping scorpions, climbing up and down ****, swinging on vines, jumping on alligators...  

It's neverending.  I always wanted to see what the hell he was running around doing.  What the purpose was that Harry was loose in this jungle.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New List at Rebelscum
« on: February 25, 2004, 06:05 PM »
Some cool stuff coming in from Rebelscum there....

My Thoughts so far are:

-Screen Scenes...  That's a hell of a lot of 3-packs there.  Granted, the base isn't costing them anything to make practically and I wouldn't doubt that half those figures are rehashes rather than resculpts.  Still, it's a LOT of figures it seems.  I dunno where I'm gonna display this thing because it's gonna be big ultimately. :)  

I hope the figures are "up to snuff" as it were.  poseable, soft goods, hopefully with lightsabres, and decent articulation.  I was a little disapopinted with some of the figures in the previous two sets.  The Mace needed some work for sure.

-Toy Fair/Convention figure...  Ugh.  :(  The thought alone is depressing.  I just hope the Fan Club offers it.  I think a 3PO or Stormtrooper makes sense, vac-metalized and all.  What Say Ye?  

-Sandcrawler...  Eh, I guess I'm the guy that just isn't interested.  I could've never seen this released and I wouldn't have cared either way.  It's way underscaled (obviously) and just not interesting to me.  I'd rather droids from it be focused on, or a nice playset of the interior with interchangeable droid parts, ala the vintage Droid Factory.  To me that would've been much cooler.  A working "vacuum" tube to suck droids up would have been a neat action feature on it...  I'd dig that.  A massively underscaled toy of the entire vehicle just doesn't appeal to me much on any level really though.

-TIE FIghter with new Wings & Pilot...  Freakin' finally!  The annoying thing though, is Hasbro eeked that LITTLE extra out by basically screwing Kay Bee over in offering their craptacular exclusive last year.  And to me they jerked the consumer around too some.  

If they DON'T include the accurate pod with this TIE, then it's a blatant attempt at Hasbro getting you to buy two to make one decent one.  That would suck, but I wouldn't put it past them, and it's the type of thing that warrants massive organized negative feedback to the company if you ask me.

-Y-Wing...  I'm hoping for a new sculpt...  A whole new scale ship.  It could be done easily enough.  One with pop-off nacells would rock too!  Imagine a "battle damage" effect like the TIE fighters have had?  Anyone else thinking that'd be cool for this ship.  I mean, Y-Wings dropped like flies in the movies, so I'd dig a new to-scale version of the ship with pop-off nacells.  It'd make it look normal parked next to a Y-Wing and the new X-Wings too.

-Slave I...  Well, I can't say I care much about this either.  Unless the Fett's an impressively poseable figure, I'm disinterested in this.  I'm sure they'll not create a new larger sculpt and likely will just use the E2 one.  I'll only be picking this up if the figure's any good then.  

A more poseable pilot Boba may be cool though, so we'll see.  I think a Boba was listed on the Vintage OTC list though, so that will likely be a better version anyway.  May just go with that instead.

-Naboo Final Conflict 4-pack...  Eh, ok...  I wonder if it'll be kitbashed armybuilders like Panaka, Royal Guard, Footsoldier, and Ric Olie?  Or what?  I could squeeze more than 4 figures into this pack, but none of those figures really seems all that exciting.  And what large accessory could they possibly pack in there that we don't know of yet?  Or haven't already gotten.  I'm curious, but the way the 4-packs have steadily declined in quality, I'm not really drooling with anticipation.  Could be cool if Hasbro went the extra mile and did some retooling instead of just repackaging, but what's the likelihood of that at this point?  Slim to none, and I think I just saw Slim with his thumb out along the freeway.

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