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TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: November 17, 2003, 09:31 PM »
Tonight's episode was a doozie for "plot".

It answered some Q's and raised some others...  Overall it gets a thumbs up from me.  Jumping from one story arc to another sucked, but now that they're moving THIS story arc along it's cool.  The Mon Calamari episode with Fisto STILL doesn't fit, and is definitely my least favorite.

So Assajj is a wanna-be sith which I sorta figured was going to be the story.  She's turning into a pawn, which is cool, because she thinks so highly of herself.  I'm curious if Dooku's just an unwitting pawn also though?  Hmmmm

Her sabres are now the curved-hilt reds we have known and loved, so we're cookin' there I guess...  She was given them as a gift after Dooku whipped her good in battle (twice), and subsequently destroyed her old blue/green combo.

I'm guessing she is a fallen Jedi of some sort?  Trained in the Jedi arts, but her training was abandoned because of her emotional state?

It's kinda cool having Sinead O'Connor go balistic and get sabres and want to be a Sith Lord.  It's also kinda cool that she's a weakling when it boils down to it, and that she'll be punked out by Anakin probably.

Very neat episode, lots of Dialogue, and the first sighting of Lord Sidious...  Good overall in this viewer's opinion.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Best Toy Line of 2003? VOTE NOW!
« on: November 15, 2003, 03:04 AM »
I voted G.I. Joe because I think they are an improved line and they really have been around so long you gotta give them a nod for what they've accomplished.

They're not interesting to me because of the "Super hero" quality they have and the articulation isn't increased across the line like it should be, but they're getting there and the last couple years have seen this line dominating net profits for Hasbro by %.  That's not too shabby.

If I had to vote in a line in "Other" I'd either go with DML's 1:6 WW2 line which is the pinnacle of action figure perfection, or BBi's delving into 1:18 military figures on a broad retail scale.  They're just impressive sporting over 20 points of articulation each on a figure the size of our beloved SW figure's basic line.  

Hey Hasbro?  ya listenin'? :)

TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: November 14, 2003, 08:22 PM »
Chapter 6...

Wow!  Not a whole lotta movement in the overall story, but a NICE full episode to introduce Assaji Ventriss.  She rocked...  

She's got a shape-shifting ability too apparantly?  Through some force control I'm guessing since Dooku seemed to detect it/critique her ability.

She rocked all then by jumping into a great arena of gladiatorial combat.  What really got me was that I planned to do custom figures (Fan fic) of gladiator-ish aliens and such from Star Wars.  There was a Gammorrean and Aqualish which were the only 2 species I recognized.  The rest seemed to be a variety of large aliens and androids...  Not one human.  Kinda funny that Humans are a weak species of the galaxy but a "plague" upon the aliens in a way.

Anyway...  Assaji kicks everyone's ass there basically...  This little sick looking bald girl.  And makes them all look like chumps.  Her sabres are green and blue so far...  She seems like a dark jedi aspiring to become a Sith.

I wonder what her deal is though?  IS she looking to replace someone?  Is Dooku looking to off his master and become the master and this his apprentice?  Hmmm...

Dooku's voice was cool, and Assaji's was downright creepy.  Her glazed over white eyes were neat too.  Demonic looking.

Lots of death this episode too...  Aliens and androids in that arena were offed like Russel Crowe was in there doing the killing!  

A great redemption episode for the Kit Fisto episode which was mediocre.  Some of the alien designs were a bit "extreme" but I liked them ultimately.  My favorites were:

-Crab-guy with one eye
-Robot-thing that Assaji killed and his head bounced on the arena floor
-The Dog-like alien with cinderblock things on a chain (Big alien!)
-Aqualish "ninja" dood...  Long hair even.

Those were some cool characters I thought.  Like I said, some "extreme" stuff there, but for a big scene like that it seems worthy.  

I wonder what planet that was though?  Like where the hell is this underground combat event at?  Very mysterious.  It almost looked like Geonosis...  I'd liked to have seen where it was, and if ti was a Separatist thing or a public event that people just go to watch for craps and giggles.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Best Toy Line of 2003? VOTE NOW!
« on: November 14, 2003, 04:49 PM »
Damn, MOTU trouncing the competition.

Glad to see Star Wars NOT getting the votes...  Why glad?  Because they STILL need to turn it up a notch.  THey're lagging behind other toy companies, and it's glaringly apparant.

I just hpe Hasbro sees that poll.

I agree with MisterPL that it's a good guideline, but I also see Virex's point about there being little to no "adult" SW community where we give a little extra freedom to the word choices of our patrons.

It'd be nice though, if the freedom weren't abused...  That's all I'll say right now.   ;D

I'm sure we will be watching the situation here as it grows though, and make sure it doesn't get outta hand.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Hoth Soldier Possibilities
« on: November 14, 2003, 04:18 PM »
The one redeeming feature of the Hoth Rebel is his new head and skirtpiece.

His other parts are useless...  :(

I'm hoping to make a decent one someday that's ultra articulated, but for now it's on the burner...  Maybe Hasbro will do a real one someday, like they should've?

Beyond that, this figure looks POTF2 all over to me though, and I'm gonna just wait to see what else may come out before working on a heavily produced series of ultra-articulated custom Hoth Soldiers.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: G.I. Joe PSA Remixes
« on: November 14, 2003, 02:08 AM »
"how 'bout a body-massage?"  


That was a weird site...  I was ridiculed for linking it to my buddy Dan.  He wasn't into G.I. Joe I guess...  

Eh, they're still funny...  if not a little haphazard, poor quality, and slow to download...  But weird/funny.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: What the heck do you want?
« on: November 12, 2003, 11:38 PM »
Hey guys,

You're really too funny with the praise.   ;D  I needed the ego boost today, haha.

It's appreciated...  I just hope Hasbro takes heed and does some of the stuff we'd like to see.

For Dave, my answer would be a big negative to the animated stuff.

Not that I begrudge anyone else what they want mind you, but I just don't dig the animated stuff.  I'd even just as soon see the animated figures in a 4 or 6" scale instead of smaller...  The ships I'd rather be "movie-like" with a 100% true-scale accuracy and just a solid sculpt.  Features like moveable wings and working landing gear are the only "features" I'd really want.

I'm not an electronics or action feature kinda guy for ships.  Just proper sized which is within Hasbro's grasp, but they unfortunately skimp out on it often.  That Republic Fighter full-sized though would just be such an impressive toy...    ***drool***

Post your thoughts though on what you'd like guys...

I'm planning on throwing some ponchos on ultra clones when I get a good army of them going.  A silk-like piece of black cloth should lay limp enough on the figure to make it really look like it's hanging as well as soft-goods can be on a figure this scale.  I really liked those Clones in ponchos on a rainy planet!

I've thought about doing stuff like that for other army builders from the classic era, and it's neat seeing an "idea" I had translated over in an EU story...  Cool beans!

TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: November 12, 2003, 09:47 PM »
Tonight's episode was unique...

Durge was pretty badass, as expected, and while I still wonder about the character choice I think he's turned into one of the best figures Hasbro ever made (The deluxe one).

The little droid gang he has under his command is neat...  I wonder if they're his or created by the Geonosians in their droid factories?  Hmmm...

The whole "lance" idea's a little goofy...  It's ok, but I mean, come on...  The lancing of the AT-TE was a bit much.   ;D

I liked seeing the banking clan guys all snivvling in their command center, and Durge did show some coolness there (And when he did his victory grunt/noise thing).

I liked seeing the leveling of some of muunilist's city that's under seige too.  That was a pretty neat part I thought...  The Clones were made look like chumps tonight though after they were built up as super troopers last night.

I'm not as wild about Chapter 4 as the prior 3, but I'm still geeked to watch Chapter 5 which is going to have Kit Fisto for the first time. :)  

I'm also a bit curious about that space battle going on in Muunilist's orbit because they really are just skimming over it.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / What the heck do you want?
« on: November 12, 2003, 04:50 PM »
From the Clone Wars line? :)

What more could we be asking for?  I start this topic because, having seen 3 chapters of Clone Wars, I'm geeked to see more and want more toys from this line now.

Here's my wishlist right now:

Basic Figures

-Clone Pilot...  Utilize the Ultra Clone body, and add a new head.  Include the blaster pistol/assault rifle (tiny clone gun) for him incase he gets shot down. :)

-NEW Red Battledroid...  New sculpt with, if possible, more articulation.  I've seen customizers do it.  Use a sturdier plastic, make them in clean and Batlle-damage versions.  Include a rifle and a shoulder-launcher.

-Battledroid COmmander...  Reuse the above sculpt, give him the smaller commander backpack, and a pair of macro-binoculars ala OOM-9.

-Basic Battledroid variants...  Green, Tan, do all the variants of the basic infantry droid.  I know, not seen in the CW toon yet, but they have been seen in other forms of EU, so I'd dig it.  And the tan of course are from E1/Trade Fed.

-New ARC sculpt...  Utilize a lot of the Ultra Clone pieces (As many as possible) and then just retool a little for a new ARC with a soft-goods skirt.  Give him the twin carbines and working holsters with a pair of macro-binocs.  I'd take him in red, blue, and even some other colors if they wanted to offer him up that way.  The more the merrier, cuz I'm not limiting my ARC army to a dozen or less. :)

-Republic Soldiers & Officers...  Yeah, not CW at the moment but there HAS to be sentients running the scenes...  Lt. Faytonni's a good example of that.  Let's see these guys put out en-masse.  A new body sculpt would be great, leave the Faytonni arms and legs as they are.  Just redo that goofy torso.  

And for these guys they get a unique ship.  More on that in the ship section! :)

-Astromech 2-pack...  get the 2 Astro's we saw scrambling with Clone Pilots for their starfighters.

-New Anakin...  I hate the CW Anakin sculpt...  I'd take a new one, with soft goods, more articulation, and a more neutral pose.  One that can fit easily in his fighter and will look good outside it too.

-New Yoda w/Mount from the opening chapter of Clone Wars...  Cloth cloak, sabre, and include his whatever the hell he was on.  :)  A Deluxe perhaps?

-Battledroid Sniper...  Just use the above battledroid's new sculpt/plastic and give him the visor accessory and the rapid-fire sniping blaster they used in Chapter 3.

-Clone Weapons Pack...  Include one ultra-articulated clone (Multiple color variants, NO WHITE clones in this set, just green, blue, red and yellow, and perhaps an EU color like the ARC blue-grey shade).  Includes 2 carbines, a soft-goods ARC skirt/belt, 5 of the long assault rifle (that everyone wants) shoulder-mounted RPG used in Chapter 3 last night, and a sensor/scanning unit.  Grappling hooks would be neat too. :)  I'd put out $10 for all that!  Good way to get us our Colorful clones too, and get us our weapons for our white clones.  

-Quarren Soldier with Trident & blaster...  Simple, articulated, definitely use some soft-goods though so these can pose well!  Clear stands for them to lay on like they're "swimming" would be ideal as well.

-New Super Battledroid...  Reuse most of the April 23rd sculpt/design but retool the right arm so it's articulated to swivel.  That'd suit me fine and I'd built a huge army of those figures.  I already have 20 of them, but I'd take a lot more.

-Neutrally posed Clone with Removable armor...  I dunno why I want that, honestly, but it'd be cool to have one.  It'd be neat to have clones at ease after heavy combat, just chilling and trying to relaxe.  Hell, pack-in the cup Lt. Faytonni had.  They're even having cocktails. :)

-Mon Calamari Trooper...  Just a nice "grunt" Mon Calamari soldier to help out old Kit Fisto.


-Republic Starfighter...  Come on, this needs done!  To-scale, poseable wings, retractable landing gear, and include the Republic Ground Crewman with maybe a refueling thingie with a hose that connects to a port on the fighter.  THAT would rock.  I'd take the ground crewman as a deluxe figure even though.

-Republic Starifghter 2...  If  I could post this thing's picture I would.  A chap at REbelscum was asking me what it looks like and I can't get it scanned. :(  It's in the Clone Wars Sketchbook, and is a hybrid Y-Wing off-shoot.  Looks like the cockpit with the nacels just stuck on the back.

I've dubbed this the "Koensayr Republic Interceptor" since it looks like it'd be in the family of the Y-Wing (looks like same designers made it) and its smaller size but still large duel engines mean it's gonna be fast.  I'd love to get this ship to-scale with a Republic pilot...  Not a Clone Pilot, but a unique Republic sentient pilot ala Lt. Faytonni's character or something.  If any of us can scan/post that ship I will just so you guys can see it.  It's a nice one! :)

-Republic Tank...  The "Jedi" hover-tank (due to its speed I think of it as a speeder more than a "tank") from the Clone Wars video game would rock.  I'd dig filling it with Clones though.  :)

-AT-XT...  The 2-legged walker from Clone Wars would also make a doozey of a toy for us to have some separatist forces blow apart. :)  I'd take a to-scale one with poseable legs and a full cockpit.

-Underwater Droid thing...  Whatever little scooter they're cruising on when they get to Mon Cal would be a neat addition.  Include a BD pilot and it'd just be great.

-New Speederbike...  I'd sooner see a smaller/to-scale one done, and one that's a lot more sturdy.  Include a clear stand like our esteemed Dave did with his speeders so it looks like it's hovering and add a slightly retooled Ultra articulated clone (Add a ball/socket joint at the hips as well) and he'd ride the thing perfectly, be posed right...  I'd buy those bikes en-masse I know.

So anyway, yeah, I'm liking Clone Wars a lot...  Enough to actually want all this oddball stuff, which I'm 99% sure most won't get done, but some of it would be nice, and it's fun to dream (Hey, can always put it on my "to-do" list for myself).  

Feel free to add to it what you want...  I'm thinking I'd take resculpts of all the Jedi in more articulated and more neutral poses with soft-goods, simply so I could pack them all into Jedi Fighters at some point. :)

So is anyone else loving the series enough to want this much junk and go broke?

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: my custom speederbikes (kinda)
« on: November 12, 2003, 03:28 AM »
That's a good idea Dave, but I didn't buy a ton of the sets to get the stand you speak of...  May take one extra if I have one though and cast it...

I'd suggest drilling a hole in the bottom maybe rather than gluing though.  more "permanent" in the hole, but it's on the underside and not too noticeable.  You could always remove the stand then too, if you wanted to admire it away from the stand or whatnot.

And I agree, Durge rocks with that bike...  Damn near the best figure Hasbro's ever made as far as overall value and even overall quality.

Go figure that it's all been used on Durge, a side-character from an EU project.   ;D

TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: November 11, 2003, 09:17 PM »
Indeed, the Red ARC's rock.

They're squad leaders, if anyone's curious, as Obi-Wan addressed one as "Sergeant".  I really honestly think this is a good sign t hat the supposed color structure to the standard clones is a bit of a myth as well perpetuated by an ill-informed EU writer in the Visual Dictionary.  

Anyway, besides the EU stuff I was thinking of...

Tonight's episode rocked all. :)  Great footage of the various useful little gadgets ARC's use.  Who are the "basic" white clones with ARC's though?  I wonder if they're support or lowest level ARC's?  I'm guessing support troops personally.

Their equipment rocks...  I want clone Grappling hooks, Clone RPG/shoulder launchers, and clone hand-held sensor probes. :)

The Battledroid snipers also rocked the party with their neat visors and repeating blasters.  I'd take that as a figure!  

We NEED this stuff...  These cartoons are as big a tease as the last date I went on...  :)  Definitely leave ya wanting more!  

It's amazing what direction the SW universe is capable of taking...  With the right people running it.


Pretty nice figure's overall Dressel, and more Jedi are always nice to see.  I think I like the Ithorian the best personally, though action poses aren't my cup of tea usually.

My one critique I'd make is to dirty up or alter the color of the Weequay's uniform, as it's very "clean" in the photos, and almost white looking.  Some variety in color there can set the outfit apart from being just an Obi-Wan body and make it look like more unique and such.  A dry brush over whatever color choices you make then will bring out the sculpting detail, which for a figure in 1999 or so was really quite nice.

TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: November 11, 2003, 07:34 PM »
I had a blast with last night's episode.  Full of great action, and the intro of the ARC's.  The red arc's a squad leader or officer of sorts which is neat to know.  Shows a hiearchey and excuse for the colors/dots.  

I love the voices personally.  I'm hearing around the net that people disliked Anakin's and said he was too whiney, but I think that's important to his character, and that his voice was pretty close to Christensen's.  I like the "Snotty" aspect to his character where he feels held back and that others are jealous of his quick adaptation to the Jedi lifestyle, and mastery of the Jedi arts.  He's cocky and arrogant, and that plays well to the character overall I think.  Whiney dialogue and all.

The only complaint, if it's even that, which I had for the toon is, and this is an EU complaint overall.

Once again, the EU have said basically F it to the established continuity.  My case in point this time is the Republic Gunships which seemingly were dropping from space.  These ships, in the FILM even, are established as not having doors that cover the cargo/troop deployment area.  Only the 2 doors that swing out and back that cover the rear most portion are there, and actually have a small missle rack mounted in them.  

Why the Clone Wars writers opted to make these space-worthy craft instead of simply repulsor-lift atmospheric craft, I dunno.  They contradicted the film though completely because you can see inside the Gunships in E2 pretty clearly, and see there's no doors to cover it.  It's also a contradiction of the Incredible Cross Section.

Either way, it was great and that's all just minor stuff, but it's a thing EU does that is frustrating to some.  I mean, just do a little research, ya know?  Would an Acclamator Class cruiser coming into the Atmosphere to deploy the Gunships been that bad?  Oh well...

Overall, great, and here I am at 7:35 anxiously awaiting chapter 3!  This is great, and I hope and pray I'm able to get all of them on DVD somehow so I can watch them all in order and not have to worry about all this downloading crap online.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Rebel Fleet in the OT
« on: November 10, 2003, 09:41 PM »
Small, but I mean check out the medal ceremony at the end...  They were packed with troops, and were capable of handling themselves...  

I'd say a small front line force able to wreak havoc on Imperial shipping, supply, and any other aspect of their infrastructure.  Communications raids, shipyard raids, assassination, etc...  They had enough pilots there to be pulling sorties left and right across the inner-rim territories where the Empire had dominance, and still race back and hide.

Unless the Empire had developed a way to track them without physically placing something on a vessel, they'd be at the mercy of these guerilla raids in space.

For instance, our current situation in Iraq's much the same.  Small pocket's (In comparison to us) are pulling the little hit & fade junk left and right.  Terrible way to wage war, but it's always how the small guy does.

BTW, this is the fun stuff I love about talking here...  You guys know what I'm saying, and I know what you guys are saying, and it's civil.  There's a first time for everything! :D  Wish there were more like you guys (Especially with the military background interest) invovled in our little niche. :)

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